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Beneath These Shadows (Beneath #6)(7)
Author: Meghan March

“Come on.” I wrapped a hand around her arm and pulled her toward the service door that led into the parking garage under the hotel. She stiffened but followed.

I inhaled the combination of exhaust, brake fluid, and gasoline that finally drove her scent from my nose. Better that way.

Inside the garage was a door that led to the hotel, and I reluctantly released my hold on her before pushing it open and gesturing for her to enter ahead of me. We made our way through a maze of hallways until we reached the lobby.

The desk clerks looked overworked and underpaid as they dealt with drunken partiers and answered the nonstop ringing phones.

I caught sight of Leon and joined his line. The girl hung back, which was fine by me.

Leon, a client of mine whose ink was completely hidden by his uniform, smiled when he saw me. “Hey, man! Didn’t think you would actually take me up on the room and let me pay off a little of what I owe you.”

“I appreciate it, brother. How many nights did you block this one off for?”

His eyebrows went up and he checked the computer. “It’s blocked until Wednesday morning, but only comped for two nights. I can’t comp it the whole time without getting fired.”

“That’s no problem.” Her voice came from beside me as she slid a credit card across the counter. “You can use this for whatever you need to charge.”

Leon looked from the girl to me and then down at the card before swiping it. “That works for me. Thank you, Ms. Madden.”

Ms. Madden. Now my curiosity was beating at me because I needed to know her first name but I wasn’t about to ask in front of Leon.

After he returned the credit card and slid two room keys across the counter, she stepped away. Leon smiled and winked at me. “Enjoy your night. I know I would if I were you.”

“Thanks, man. Consider us even.” I didn’t address his comment because I was sure he figured I’d be fucking Ms. Madden six ways to Sunday in the room tonight, but that wasn’t on the menu.

As I followed her to the elevator, I got my first good look at her from behind. Long blond hair tumbled over her shoulders to the middle of her back, and her ass filled out those jeans in the best way possible.

If she were on the menu, I’d fucking devour her.

My dick jumped in agreement, and I had to force myself to think about something else. Like the fact that hooking up with a girl like her would lead to nothing but trouble, even if she had been throwing out the signals that she was interested, which she wasn’t.

Even better. I was picturing her ass cupped in my hands while I lifted her up against the wall of the elevator we stepped into, and she was trying to pretend I didn’t exist.

Heavy silence hung in the air as she stared at the floor and I pressed the button for the third floor.

The mirrors told the truth, though, and she sneaked more than one glance at me before we stepped out.

Ms. Madden started down the hall ahead of me.

Ms. Madden. Way too frigging proper. Gave me all sorts of ideas about teaching her just how improper she could be.

Not happening.

“What’s your name, girl?” The question came out more like a bark, fueled by frustration with my inability to lock my shit down.

She jerked around at my harsh tone and nearly tripped over her own feet on the carpet.

“Uh . . . E-Eden,” she stuttered, and then shut her mouth so quickly her teeth clacked together.

Once again, I reached out to steady her, but was slow to drop my hand from her hip.

“Watch yourself.” It was as much a warning to me as it was to her.

“Sorry. It’s been a long day.” Her gaze met mine for a moment before dropping away.

I reached up, and she froze as if expecting me to touch her again, but I pointed at the wall behind her.

“Looks like we found your room.”




The first time I needed to give my name on my new ID, and I totally choked. I was the worst mobster’s daughter in the history of mobsters’ daughters.

I spun around and faced the door to the room, hoping to hide the panic at my mistake.

Bishop reached around me to slide the keycard into the reader, and the heat from his body radiated against my back. I held my breath, wondering if he’d press against me, and then gave myself a mental slap for even considering it.

He was a perfect stranger. A dangerous stranger. Who found me a place to stay when I would have otherwise been out of luck. It didn’t add up.

But the puzzle of Bishop poofed into a cloud of smoke when he pushed open the door, and I took in the scene before me.

Two women. Naked. One spread-eagle on the bed, and the other licking and sucking a path down her body as her fingers pumped in and out between her legs.

Oh my God. Live porn. Right in front of my face.

I tried to back away but slammed into Bishop’s chest. “Uh, wrong room?” I turned toward him, desperate to get out.

His arm wrapped around my waist, stopping my attempted flight. His chest rumbled as he murmured, “Fucking Leon.”

“Hey, baby. We were wondering when you were going to show up. Don’t worry; I’m getting us both fired up for you.”

My gaze darted up to Bishop’s face but all I could see was the hard set of his jaw, which didn’t look very excited at what had to be most men’s fantasy laid out before him.

“Did Leon tell you I wanted you here?” His tone didn’t sound welcoming, rather the opposite.

I turned slightly, as though I couldn’t hear her answer just fine without seeing her. Mistake.

The girl on top withdrew her fingers from the other girl and sucked them between her lips.

Oh. My. God.

“Of course. Who wouldn’t want us here?” Her attention landed on me and the arm Bishop had around me. “You don’t need her, baby. We’ll take care of you all night long.”

The girl on the bottom finally opened her eyes and spoke. “I’ve been waiting for that big cock of yours, Bish. Kitty’s fingers just don’t fill me up.”

Kitty scooted off the bed and stood. She was built like the girl who’d slammed her way out of the tattoo shop. Tall and slim, with legs that went on forever and boobs that defied gravity. The girl beneath her looked to be of a similar and equally unfair build.

Where did all these girls come from? He’d turned down the one, but what guy would turn down this? Another thought followed. Is this his type? If it was, there was no way I could ever compete.

Why was I even worried about competing?

“Not tonight. You need to go.” Bishop’s tone was devoid of hesitation.

Kitty—what the heck kind of name was that, anyway?—looked at me with derision.

“Because of her? She looks like she’s got a stick shoved so far up her ass there’d be no room for you in her cunt.”

My mouth dropped open at her rude and incredibly coarse words. Wow. Just . . . wow.

Bishop’s entire body stiffened behind me and his arm around my waist tightened. “Get your clothes on and get the fuck out. I don’t know what made you or Leon think this little party of yours was a good plan, but you were both dead wrong.”

She huffed, and the girl beneath her sat up. “Don’t talk to her like that.”

“Both of you. Go. Now.”

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