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The Sheik’s Sensuous Trap(2)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox


It wasn’t a smile filled with amusement though. It was one of triumph. “Change of plans,” he said to his guards and flipped open the phone again. When the person at the other end answered, he said, “Tell the prime minister that an urgent matter has come up and I’ll have to reschedule.”


To his guard, “Follow the woman with the long black hair. Don’t let her out of your sight and let me know if she moves to another club.” One man instantly nodded and then stepped from the car to walk discreetly across the street, immediately blending in with the crowd walking about the sidewalk as they waited to gain entrance to the dance club.


“Get me back to the penthouse immediately,” he said to his driver. His mind was already working through the details of his plan as his eyes took in the slender beauty laughing with her friends. His smile was almost feral as the car drove away.


An hour later, Rashid stepped out of the car, ignoring the two other black SUVs that pulled up behind and in front of the limousine. Several other body guards stepped out as well and instantly formed a perimeter around him although to an onlooker, it would seem like they were just a crowd of men with no knowledge of each other.


Rashid walked into the dance club, now dressed in a casual pair of slacks and white, open necked shirt. He didn’t wait in line like the others since the owner had already been called and warned of his arrival. As he walked through the club, he found the guard who had been left behind earlier. He was off to the side and nodded inconspicuously toward a corner area where the four women had settled.


Rashid nodded and moved toward the bar area, ready to get a drink on his own. Once he had his drink, he moved away, finding a strategic place to watch and wait until the moment was right.


It wasn’t such a hardship, he told himself. The woman was more than stunning, having an aura or something about her that drew more than his own gaze toward her laughing persona. Rashid noticed that several other men glanced her way more than once. Her long, black hair fell softly around her shoulders, ending just under her breasts. The tresses framed a lovely face dominated by her smiling brown eyes which had the exotic, almond shaped eyes prized by models and actresses alike. Her hands were even pretty he noticed as she lifted her drink to her mouth. Her long, slim fingers ended with short, tapered nails without any nail polish on them.


Ah, and that mouth! Those lips were every man’s fantasy, he smiled. They were full and red, pouting until she smiled revealing straight, white teeth. Her movements were soft and feminine, and definitely considerate of her friends’ feelings. He was too far away to hear the conversation but he could see that she was only slightly amused while her friends were overcome with laughter. She faked it well.


The thought forced a grim smile to his face. He’d make sure she never had to fake it with him, he told himself. His body reacted to just the idea of holding her in his arms, watching that luscious mouth as her body came to fulfillment. The image in his mind had his body reacting quickly and he had to take a sip of his watered down whiskey, subduing the grimace of disgust at the poor alcohol.


Rashid waited on the sidelines, watching his prey as she talked and laughed. Patience was all that was needed, he knew. With patience, an opportunity would present itself. It always did.


His opening came sooner than he’d hoped. A man walked up to their group and introduced himself, then turned to face Alea, obviously asking her to dance. She shook her head to decline, but her friends all overcame her objections, literally pushing her out onto the dance floor with the strange man.


The music was loud and the bass thumping so powerfully it could be felt in the beaten wooden floor under his feet. He watched them for a moment, his eyes cold with fury as he noticed the man move closer than what she was comfortable with. The stranger didn’t take the signals she sent off too well either.


It was odd that he was so possessive of a woman. Especially one he’d never met before. No female had ever engendered those feelings in him prior to now. Women were soft and lovely, but had a very specific place in his life. That place definitely didn’t include emotional commitment. But then, no other woman would factor in his life as this tiny one would be doing, very soon.


Regardless of the reasons for his anger, he was determined to resolve the cause in the most expedient way possible. He put his drink down on the low table and moved in, his eyes glowing with fury when the strange man began touching what Rashid already considered to be his. He had no doubt in his mind that Alea would be his by the end of the night. He was a man used to strategy and had never lost when his goal was determined.


Alea wiggled and turned, trying to make a little space between herself and the obnoxious man she was dancing with. Eric, he’d said his name was. But this mighty Eric was just a boor and she was about to step painfully on his foot in an effort to get his hands off her. She was raising her foot to do exactly that when a deep voice interrupted her, mid stomp.


“Perhaps I might be of assistance,” the man beside her said. “I’m probably more effective than that foot which will only irritate the man.”


Both Alea and the obnoxious Eric turned to face the deep voice. “Who the hell are you?” Eric said belligerently, his chest already puffing up in the “fight” stance.


Rashid turned to look down at the man who was several inches shorter than he was. “I’m the man who is going to save you from a lot of pain. If you’ll excuse me,” he said and took Alea’s hand gently in his own and swirled her efficiently out of the man’s reach.


He continued to hold her hand as he danced her farther away, putting her back toward the body guards who immediately moved in to intercept and subdue Eric and his need to throw a punch. She smiled up at him and he forced himself to smile back. “I hope you don’t mind,” he said softly, pulling her along in his wake but keeping his hands to himself after that.


Alea was relieved to be away from Eric’s annoying hands but trying not to show how awestruck she was by this amazing specimen of masculinity. “Not at all,” she said a little breathlessly. Smiling in an effort to hide her nervousness, she asked, “How did you know I was about to inflict my heel on his toe?”


Rashid laughed softly, enjoying the way her pretty brown eyes kept drifting lower, obviously trying to look at his body without him realizing it. “I saw your intention in your eye a moment before your leg moved. Putting two and two together, I figured he didn’t deserve to be standing next to such a lovely lady if he was going to abuse her trust, so I stepped in and rescued both of you.”


She laughed herself. “Very perceptive of you, sir. I’ll consider you my knight in shining armor,” she said and gave him a mock curtsy.


“My name is John,” he lied, putting out his hand to shake hers.


“Alea,” she replied, placing her smaller one in his.


Rashid smiled as he felt the shiver travel up her arm. Good. The chemistry was not one sided, he said to himself. It would be so much easier that way.

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