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Irish Billionaire's Revenge
Author: Destiny Davis


Denora’s lips pressed in a tight line as she unfolded the note.

Everything you need to know is in the flash drive.

I love you honey.

Her heart hammered as she reached into the envelope and retrieved the small red flash drive. The metal felt cold against her hand. Denora felt apprehensive as she turned it around her fingers. She wasn’t sure she even wanted to view it now. She sat at her desk and buried her head in her hands, wincing as he remembered the look of raw disgust and hatred on his face. There had been a lot of arguments, a lot of angry words that night, but somehow the disgust had hurt her more than anything.

“You’ve got his blood, Denora.” His usually handsome features had been unrecognizable under the mask of rage. “His dirty, murderous blood.”

Denora wasn’t the kind of woman who cried easily. Before she’d met him, the last time she’d probably cried was at her mother’s funeral when she was seventeen. But as much as she’d wanted to keep her composure in front of him, the tears had won when he’d thrown those words at her. At twenty-eight, she’d spent over a decade of her life trying to escape the stigma that came from being born in the notorious James family.

But he knew her well. He knew where to hurt her.

The soft knock at her office door jostled her out of her thoughts.

“Miss James?” Her secretary poked her head in. “You ten o’clock is here.”

“Thank you, Tilly.” She forced a smile. “Please show him to the conference room. I’ll be here in five.”


Denora forced the thoughts out of her mind as she leaned down to retrieve a folder from the bottom drawer. She froze as her fingers brushed against the small antique box. For a split second she considered taking the necklace out again. She had no idea why she even kept it when she could have sent it back to him. She’d never been the type to hold on to physical memories anyway. Her fingers shook as she grabbed the box and set it down on her desk.

His dirty, murderous blood.

On impulse, Denora grabbed a fresh envelope and shoved the box in. She slipped the flash drive in too. She couldn’t care less about the proof, but he would. He needed to see it.

She sealed the envelope and turned it over to write the address she now knew by heart. She tucked the folder under her arm and left the office.

“Tilly, can you do me a favor please?” She set the envelope down on her secretary’s desk. “Can you FedEx this for me? Use the company charge card.”

“Yes, sure.” Tilly glanced down at the envelope. “Ireland?”

Denora briefly closed her eyes. “Yes. Ireland.”



Chapter 1


Denora giggled as her best friend, Grace, fixed her with an incredulous gaze. “Are you sure you want to do that? I mean, didn’t you just dye it red?” She morosely lifted a strand of her Denora’s reddish locks.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Denora slapped her hand away.

“Girl, I’ve known you for years and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with the same hair color for more than six months.” She checked her watch. “Anyway, I have to run, I’m late.” She glanced at Denora again. “Caramel? You’re sure?”

“Just go to your meeting, Grace.” Denora laughed. “I’ll see you this afternoon.”

Denora’s full mouth pulled in a smile as she watched her friend walk away. She’d first met Grace when she started working at the magazine three years ago. They hadn’t exactly been friends at first, and it wasn’t until they were sent on a joint assignment to France that they’d finally gotten along. They’d been inseparable ever since. As someone with no family, Denora was even more grateful for Grace’s presence in her life. At least she no longer had to spend Christmas or Thanksgiving alone.

Denora checked her watch as she pushed through the usual midday New York crowd and hurried towards her favorite beauty salon.

“Hi, Gail,” she said breathlessly to the receptionist. “Is Tim in? I have an appointment.”

“I’m here.” The short, skinny man walked over to her, brandishing a pair of scissors. In true Tim fashion, he was dressed in a flamingo colored shirt and turquoise pants. He took her wrist and guided her to a chair. “Sit.” He pushed her down. “So, what color will it be this time?”

“I was thinking blonde. But not a bright yellow Barbie blonde,” she hurriedly added. “More like a soft caramel blonde.”

“Ah. We want be Beyoncé now?” He tied the overall around her.

“Of course not,” she said loftily. “I want to be Denora.”

Tim laughed as he got to work. Two hours later, Denora emerged from the salon with golden caramel hair that beautifully complimented her black skin. She glanced happily at her reflection in a mirrored wall as she hurried back to the office.

“Ouch!” Denora suddenly bumped into something solid.

Two powerful arms wrapped around her wrists, steadying her before she lost her footing. “Are you okay?”

She brushed her hair out of her eyes and looked up. “Yes, I’m…” The words died on her lips.

Standing in front of her was easily the sexiest man she’d ever laid eyes upon. White, with thick black hair and deep blue eyes, he towered over her by several feet. The dark suit that he was wearing did nothing to conceal his broad shoulders and equally broad, powerful chest. A light stubble covered his square jaw. His full lips pressed together in concern as he looked down at her with confused eyes.

“Miss? Are you okay?”

His deep voice was punctuated by a thick accent that Denora couldn’t quite place. “Yes. Yes, I’m fine.” She winced at how breathy her voice sounded. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and…”

“That’s alright,” he said with an easy smile that showed off a deep cleft in his chin. He peered closer at her, recognition dawning in his face. “Excuse me, but aren’t you Denora James?” He hesitated. “I’m sorry for asking but you look a lot like her. Except for the hair…”

“Yes.” She flushed. “It’s me. I just got my hair done.”

“Max Greenheart.” He held out his hand and she shook it. “Pleasure to meet you, Denora. I’ve read your columns of course. Great stuff.”

“Thank you.” Denora felt uncharacteristically shy as she looked at him.

Max hesitated. “Look, this is going to sound really strange, but I was wondering whether you had time for a cup of coffee or something? I mean, I know I’m just some strange bloke and you don’t have to but—”

“No,” she interrupted. “I would love to have coffee with you.”

He flashed her another panty-melting grin. “Great. You Americans love your Starbucks right? Apparently there’s one right around the corner.”

She quickly checked her watch. “I have half an hour. Let’s go.” Denora smiled brightly at him, trying very hard not to think about the lecture she would probably hear from her boss.

Max lightly placed an arm on the small of her back as he guided her through the crowd. She shivered as her body automatically responded to his touch.

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