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Wife Me, Alpha (Billionaire Boss #2)
Author: Sylvia Fox







The first day of a new job is always nerve-wracking for me, but it’s especially so when I walk in and find out my boss is the sexiest man in all of Manhattan. Maybe even the world. But then, to add to the nervous belly-ache, my boss is not only as hot as the sun, he’s a man I’ve very much met, one I certainly never expected to see ever again.

It was two years ago and one drunken night in Vegas. The only one-night-stand I’ve ever had in all my twenty-four years of life…mostly because I found out I was pregnant three weeks later.

Yep, that’s right. My new boss is the father of my babies.

Babies he knows absolutely nothing about.

Because the other thing about that night? We only ever exchanged first names. No numbers, no Facebook profiles, no nothing.

Needless to say, my feet are frozen to the floor and my heart is pounding at the pace of a techno dance song.

Adrian stands slowly from his desk when I enter his office, his eyebrows shooting to the top of a forehead that’s smooth and tanned even though he’s pushing forty. He’s aged extremely well, to say the least. His mouth drops open, accentuating the strong and manly shape of his stubbled jaw. So, he recognizes me, too, then. I wasn’t sure if he would. It was just one night a long time ago, after all, and he probably goes through women like he goes through taxi cabs. A new one every time he’s in need of a ride.

“Becca.” He clears his throat and straightens his tie. It’s the same damn move he did when we met. I thought it was ridiculously sexy then, and I think it’s sexy now. Only now I’m so gobsmacked by running into him like this, at my first day at my big new job, that I don’t respond with a sexy little move of my own. Instead, I just gape at him.

“I, ah…well, this is certainly a surprise,” he says when I continue to stare at him dumbfounded.

Little does he know. Sure, when I got the job offer, I knew I was hired to be the personal assistant of the billionaire CEO, Adrian Michaels, but I never in a million years dreamed he would turn out to be my Adrian. Because that’s how I’ve thought of him these past two years. As mine. Because, in a way, he is. He’s my babies’ daddy, and I see him in their gorgeous dark brown eyes every single time I look at them. My own eyes are a bright and sparkling blue, so I know they got that from him.

“Why don’t you sit down?” He gestures to the leather chair across from his desk, smoothing the front of his perfectly-pressed suit. Despite the fact that my whole body feels like breaking out into a run, Adrian doesn’t seem fazed at all. He seems calm, cool, and collected, the way he came across that night in Vegas. Like nothing in the world could ever get in his way. Not even his random one-night-stand walking through his door to work with him day in and day out as his new assistant.

I perch on the edge of the chair, crossing my ankles and wishing I’d worn a longer skirt. My whole outfit feels far too revealing now that I’m sitting in front of Adrian. Even the slightest hint of my thighs seems like too much.

Because he knows what my thighs look like. And I know what his chest feels like. I can remember every ridge, every curve, every dip in his muscles. He felt strong and powerful and rock hard as I caressed my fingers across his skin. And his chest wasn’t the only thing that was memorably hard.

I swallow, still trying to find the words inside me to make this awkward moment go away. But “thank you” is all I can manage.

His lips quirk. “Listen, Miss Silver. Or can I just call you Becca?”

“Becca’s fine,” I say, even though I’m not sure it is. Something about it only reminds me of how he whispered my name as he made me come so hard that my ears rang from the loudness of my screams.

“Good.” He sighs and shakes his head, that same easygoing smile donning his lips. “I know this is a little surprising for the both of us. Serves me right for not interviewing candidates myself, eh? But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I’m sure we can agree that there’s nothing stopping us from working together like responsible adults.”

In any other circumstance, I’d say yes. If Adrian Michaels was merely a one-night-stand from my distant past, there’d be no reason at all why this had to stay so awkward. Well, maybe it would still be a little awkward, but I could get past it in time.

But things aren’t that simple. I can’t say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Because Vegas followed me home in the form of two beautiful baby girls. And how the hell am I going to tell him that now, after all these years? Yes, he needs to know. I want nothing more than for my girls to have a father figure in their lives. But this isn’t something I can just blurt out. Especially not on my first day at a new job.

I need to find the right time. The right words.

“But,” Adrian continues with a frown when I don’t respond, “if you’d rather resign now that you know who it is you’ll be working for, I’ll understand.”

“No,” I say, almost too quickly. Problem is, I need the job and the money that comes along with it. I’ve struggled to find a part-time position that would pay me well enough to take care of my girls, and I thought I’d hit the jackpot when I got the call with the offer. If I quit, I’ll never find something this good. The right hours, the right wages, the right location in the city.

I thought it was too good to be true.

Turns out, it is. But I can’t let this complication ruin things for me, not now.

I’ll work for Adrian Michaels. And I’ll find a way to tell him that he’s the long-lost father of my babies. But for now, I just smile and nod, like nothing is the matter at all.









My new personal assistant is Becca. My Becca. The girl I’ve been fucking pining after like a lovestruck teenager for the past two years of my miserable life. Is luck finally throwing me a pass, sending her my way after all this time? Or is it the opposite of that, some kind of twisted fate that throws what I’ve wanted for so fucking long right at my door, only to keep me from having her the way I really want.

Because even though she’s here, I can’t do anything about it.

I’m her new boss, and that means she’s off-limits, even though I’m the CEO of the whole company. I can’t mix business and pleasure. It’s a rule I’ve had for as long as I can remember, and it’s why I’ve gotten to where I am now. Fucking where you eat only leads to trouble. I’ve seen my peers taken down because they screwed the wrong woman in their company and got slapped with a sexual harassment suit or god knows what else. Money gone, secrets shared.

I can’t touch her. Not if I’m her boss.

So, when I ask her if she wants to resign now that she knows I’m her boss, a part of me hopes she’ll say yes. Because then I can get her number and take her out on a real date just like I should have done two fucking years ago. And what’s more? She looks good. Really damn good. She looks even better than she did the day we met in Vegas. She was gorgeous then, but she’s practically glowing now. Her curves have filled out in all the right places, giving her the sexiest hourglass figure I’ve ever seen in my life.

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