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The Sheik's Unfinished Business
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Elizabeth Lennox - The Sheik's Unfinished Business

The Sheik's Unfinished Business
Elizabeth Lennox



Chapter 1

The sun was hot and the humidity within the city was oppressive. The moist air caused the traffic pollution to mix with the scents of the restaurants and the other odors that were distinctly city oriented to hover in the air, pressing down on the occupants as if it were a heavy blanket with no hope of relenting any time soon.

Just like that first day, Victoria Phillips thought to herself. The horrifying thought startled her and she stopped in her tracks, terrified of those memories. “No!” she said out loud and shivered, not wanting any of those feelings to come back into her mind now. “This is ridiculous!” She pushed herself harder, walking as if a demon were on her back in an effort to reach the school where she was a guidance counselor for an elementary school.

Why was she thinking about that day again? Five years ago, she’d worked hard to eliminate all that pain from her system. Why was it coming back now? She was late, she told herself, just like that morning so long ago and she was rushing. Victoria looked around, searching for a long, dark car that would indicate that the past was going to repeat itself.

When she saw the car parked in front of the school, her steps faltered and her breath caught in her throat. It couldn’t be! Blinking hard, she opened her eyes once again and stared in front of her, sure that her eyes were playing tricks on her. But the elegant limousine didn’t disappear. It sat there, ominously mocking her as if it were a giant snake about to reach out and attack her with a venomous bite.

She almost dropped her bag and ran the other way. The pain ripping through her heart was almost as intense as it had been that day five years ago.

When a tall, dark man with a muscular frame got out of the car, she gasped as the painful memories came flooding back to her. Sure enough, there he was. And, impossibly, he was bigger and more handsome than she remembered him.

Five Years earlier

A taxi sped by, his horn blaring at some perceived offense, then drove past, leaving the smell of exhaust permeating the earth in its wake. Victoria pulled her thick brown hair off her neck, wishing she’d taken a few more minutes that morning to pin up the heavy curtain of soft, brown curls. But after spending most of the previous night in the library studying, she hadn’t wanted to wake up early enough to take the time to do anything more than shower and change before heading off to her morning classes.

Her green, almond shaped eyes looked up at the sky, noting the red disk of the sun. That was never a good sign, she thought. She remembered her father’s saying, “Red sun at night, sailor’s delight. Red sun in morning, sailor’s take warning.” What warning they would take, she wasn’t sure. He never went farther than just quoting the phrase. She suspected that it meant they would have a hot, humid, awful day. Just like today was starting out to be.

She pulled her hair over her shoulder, trying to give her back some relief from the heat. Since she’d been so rushed earlier, she was paying the price since her hair was sticking to her neck and her sundress, which had seemed such a pretty, lively and more importantly, cool, choice earlier in the day. The dress was unfortunately covering her legs which could be the grateful recipient of what little breeze was available if she’d chosen her normal choice of shorts and a tee-shirt.

Hefting her heavy bag of books more securely onto her shoulder, she hurried on to her class, wishing she didn’t have to travel so far through London. Unfortunately, her tiny dorm room was on the opposite side of the campus from her class and there was nothing to do for it but walk faster or be late.

She was hurrying with her head bowed low in an effort to keep the sun off her face and out of her eyes so she didn’t see the limousine pull up beside the tall building. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a door open and a tall man get out, surrounded by other men who were shorter, but scarier looking. Unfortunately, even those nebulous thoughts didn’t enter into her mind quickly enough. She was walking too fast with a book bag that was too heavy, leaving her off balance so when the men started walking into the building, she wasn’t able to stop herself fast enough.

As if in slow motion, Victoria saw her bag slip from her shoulder, then the arm swing wide, knocking her chin and tossing her to her knees.

The sudden burst of pain came from several directions all at once. She could feel the cement dig into the soft skin of her knees as she slid across the rough surface, then the pain entered the palms of her hands as she tried to keep her face from a similar fate as her knees. Both palms were subjected to the same rough surface but even that wasn’t her primary pain. Her jaw was suddenly aching as if it had been lit on fire, then the throbbing told her that she’d been hit for some bizarre reason. Her confused eyes looked around, trying to identify the source and reason for the strike but nothing in the world made sense to her pain-fogged brain.

As all of these sensations were tallied in her brain, a distant crying sound penetrated and that was the only issue she was able to deal with at the moment. Looking around, her eyes searched for and found the little girl who was now clinging to her mother’s leg. Victoria stood up, ignoring the pain that shot through her hands, knees and face with the effort. Going over to the little girl, she smiled, battling the sharp stab of pain from her jaw and bent down to the child’s level.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” Victoria said calmly. “I’m okay. Are you hurt?” she asked.

The mother also bent down to reassure her daughter and after several moments, the two of them were able to calm the child enough so that she was smiling again. “What’s your name?” Victoria asked, when the child had overcome her crying.

“Lucy,” the girl said.

“Lucy, I hope you have a very nice rest of the day and I think you are sweet to be concerned for me.”

The little girl, who had to be no more than five or six years old, reached out a chubby hand and gently touched Victoria’s face. “Does it hurt?” she asked. She noticed the little girl looking over Victoria’s shoulder shyly but she kept her attention solely on Lucy and her anxiety.

Victoria wasn’t sure who was behind her and hid her curiosity well from Lucy, preferring to deal with one problem at a time. “Not really. I’m made of pretty tough stuff,” she said, grinning broadly for Lucy’s benefit.

The mother smiled at Victoria, then at her daughter. “See? Everything is okay. Are you ready to go home to see daddy? He should be back by now.”

Lucy smiled, eager to see her father and obviously relieved that no one was hurt. The child took her mother’s hand and continued with their walk home, obviously eager to tell her father about their incident of the day. Victoria heard the small child chattering away but the only words that she was able to understand were “scary men” before she was out of hearing distance.

Victoria stood up and all the pain she’d been pushing to the back of her brain came rushing forward. Her knees, palms and especially her face were suddenly on fire and she wanted to melt down into the cement and lean her sore body against the building. But she knew that the little girl wasn’t the only one that needed reassurance and she forced herself to find the inner strength to face the other audience.

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