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Taken by The Billionaire (Sold to The Billionaire #3)
Author: J.L. Beck

Chapter One




I watched the blonde dance before me. She worked the pole like she was riding a dick, and as much as I liked staring at the slut in front me she wasn’t her, my sweet angel, Taylor.

“Do you like what you see?” She twirled around on her four-inch heels, her eyes sparkling in the overhead lights. I could tell she was on something but did I really care? I could have her on her knees in a second, her warm mouth sucking me off to the image of Taylor.

I shook my head. “No actually, I don’t. I’m here because I need a lead on something, someone…” I narrowed my eyes at her, all the lust draining from my face, seriousness overtaking my features.

The little whore stared me down, her bottom lip protruding out in a pout. If she was trying to look cute she was failing horribly.

“Whoever it is you’re looking for ain’t here, sweetheart…” She shoved from her bent position against the stage. If she thought she was going to get away with talking to me like that, she had another thing coming.

“Excuse me, but we aren’t done here…” My fingers sunk into her warm flesh reminding me exactly why I had let Taylor go in the first place. I was too violent, too careless, too heartless to be with a woman.

The stripper turned on her heels, her eyes filled to the brim with fear. The guard off to the left of the room made a step toward me but stood down once he realized who I was.

I pulled the woman against my chest as her body slammed into me with more force than I had expected. She had no idea the kind of man I was, the things I could and would do to her if she failed to listen to me.

“Let go of me.” Her lips trembled, and I knew she was finally feeling real fear.

“No can do, sweetie. I need answers, and you have them.” I held her tighter against my chest, moving in the direction of the more private VIP lounges.

She struggled of course, making this ten times harder than it really needed to be. All I needed were a few questions answered and then she could go on with her miserable life.

“I don’t know where she is,” she growled, furious with me, I was sure.

“Funny you know exactly who she is…” I released her with a fling. Her body landed against the soft cushioned couch as she twirled around, her fake tits bouncing up and down with every movement she made.

“I understand why she didn’t want anyone to know who she was now,” the blonde spat like I was the asshole in this entire situation. Taylor had been on the run and hiding from me for the last three years, since I made the horrendous mistake of letting her go.

“Here’s how this works…” I ground out, crossing the distance that separated us in two strides. My hand snaked out, my fingers gripping her by the chin, forcing her to feel the seriousness of the matter. “If you know something you’re going to tell me, or else...” I leaned into her ear, making sure she could hear the warning my words held. “Or I’ll kill you myself, right here, right now.”

As I pulled away I could tell she got the gist of what I was saying but just in case she didn’t, I pulled my gun out smirking as her eyes grew wide with fear.

“I don’t know her… I swear…” Her voice wobbled as she stumbled over her words. I slammed down on the couch next to her, my patience wearing thin. I pressed the barrel of the gun against the side of her head and watched as fresh tears slipped from her eyes. If she wasn’t going to give me the information I needed then she was a loose end, and loose ends always lead to trouble.

“See if you don’t want to help me, Ericka…” I tilted my head at her, trying to shove away the part of me that said I didn’t have to do this. “That is your name right?” She nodded her head up and down, a sob ripping from her throat.

“If you have no information that you’re willing to share with me, then you’re a loose end and loose ends die…” I hissed.

“Okay, okay, she told me she was on the run. She never told me who she was running from, and as soon as she got the cash she needed she was gone…” The words rushed from Ericka’s mouth and a smirk pulled at my own lips as relief filled my belly. The last thing I wanted was another person’s blood on my hands.

“Good… Do you happen to know where she ran off to?” Tracking Taylor to this strip club was hard enough. The woman left no trails, and it was out of sheer luck that my private investigator got a tip from someone that Taylor had been seen here a time or two.

Ericka shook her head no, tears still falling from her eyes, as her life teetered in the balance.

“She never… never told me anything like that.” My teeth ground together in frustration as I dropped the barrel of the gun from her head.

“If she shows her face around here again, you send her my way. Do you understand me?” I ordered, tucking my gun back into the waistband of my dress slacks. The bitch nodded her head up and down, her loud sobs echoing through the space. I needed to get the fuck out of here.

Walking out of the VIP room I headed straight for the exit. My fists were clenched and my body was filled to the brim with pent up aggression. It had been two years since I left what was left of my family behind. I prayed like hell that it was worth it to go out and find myself when in reality, all I had done was spend a year and a half killing people.

I pushed through the exit door with more force than needed. My blacked out SUV was parked right where I left it. I squeezed my eyes shut, a vein in my head bulging. Taylor knew I was looking for her, she had to know by now. As soon as I let her go I realized the mistake I had made and just who her father was.

“God fuckin’ damnit!!” I turned on my heels, slamming my fist into the door I had just come through. Pain raced up my arm, the sound of bone connecting with metal filtered into my ears. I wanted Taylor for numerous reason and not just because I had paid a pretty penny for her.

She had something that belonged to me, something that I would relish in taking from her. The little cherry that resided between her legs belonged to me, as did her body, and I had every intention of making her mine, even if it meant that I had to hunt her down and bring her back to me kicking and screaming.

The pain that filled my veins was nothing compared to the pain that I endured every single day. I was a living reminder of my father’s legacy, and if I didn’t find suicide to be the coward man’s way out I would’ve already offed myself.

I stared at the dent in the door before landing another punch against the cold metal. I simmered in the pain as blood dripped from my hands. I was a monster, the devil in disguise, and Taylor was my last chance at good.

The ringing of my cell pulled me from the hazy rage that consumed me. Shoving my bloody hand into my pocket, I pulled the device out and swiped, answering it all in one movement.

“We’ve got her spotted,” the investigator on the other end of the line spoke. A million different emotions could’ve jumped out at me, everything from fear, to elation but one emotion seemed to stay rooted, digging deep into my dark depths of my soul.


“Stay put. I’ll be there in a few,” I ground out, hanging up before he could say anything else. My intentions were the same as they were the day I bought her. Taylor was mine and I was going to show her just how true that statement was.

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