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Author: Anya Palvin



Italy is really one of the most beautiful places here in planet. She’s effortlessly beautiful especially during fall season, when the weather is windy and gloomy but that's what makes it so captivating. The ancient historical buildings which hold more than just a story to tell seem more like paintings at this time of year.

They stayed at Hotel Quirinale, a 4-star hotel in Rome where her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle paid everything including their hotel stay and travel expenses as a prize for her becoming a doctor. Hotel Quirinale is one of the most distinguished hotels in the area and is known for its great prestige and reputation.

"Ci, room service!" Danny shouted from the living room of their 2 bedroom suite. A towering Italian waiter entered the room pushing a dessert cart. Danny passed over to him, and opened the cart. "Hm…this looks good, huh." Danny scoops in, stuffing his face with chocolate cake among other sweet things. The waiter leaves the cart behind and heads back to the door.

Danny is the son of an international investor, thus having the best things in life is too ordinary for him. He's a Caucasian, having 5"10 in height with an average body type. He has a deep blue eyes and a black short hair.

His boyfriend Tom is also best friends with Ciara. Tom is a six-footer model and he already had posed for Calvin Klein, Movado, Dior and Macy's, thanks to his pretty face and good body. Actually, it’s not just your ordinary ‘pretty face’ for he looks like the younger version of Brad Pitt---a total replica of his character in the movie TROY. Well structured, bulging muscles, shoulder length blonde hair, tantalizing eyes, and sun-kissed unscarred skin---a complete work of perfection.

"Is there a coffee cake?" Tom asked stickinghis head out from his room. Danny winks at him. "Why are you asking for coffee cake anyway? You have a photo shoot next week, and you’re not allowed to stop by on gym for our last night here in Italy." Danny takes a huge bite of a 3 layered red velvet cake with cheesecake icing. "I'll eat and sacrifice myself for you." He says with his mouth full, and Tom rolls his eyes. "Where's Ciara?" Tom asks looking around the suite. "I thought she was in her room." Danny says shrugging, unconcerned. "She didn't come back yet? It's already 8:30. How long does it have to take to go to that library or museum or wherever she’d been and get back here? Are you sure she didn’t lose her way?" Tom worries, and Danny laughs out loud. "Calm down, I'm sure she's fine. Ciara's been here before on numerous timeswith her parents. Trust me, she's not lost." He convinces Tom. "Besides, isn’t it a good thing she’s not back yet?" He winked again, but this time it's followed by a teasing smile curved on his lips. Tom smiles, and without hesitation, he lifts his white T shirt over his head, and makes his way over to Danny.14


The National Roman Museum is the most visited museum in the world. It was founded in 1889 and inaugurated in 1890, the museum’s first aim is to collect and exhibit archaeological materials unearthed during the excavations after the reunion of Rome to the Italian Kingdom. This isCiara’s third time and it still fascinates her every time she sets a foot in here.

She's standing in the middle of a showroom admiring a piece by a British sculptor Anish Kapoor. Ciara is a sweet 24-year old brown-eyed brunette having born with a golden spoon in her mouth. They say she has a good fashion taste for her outfits seems to be always perfect, but little did they know, it was all thanks to her gay best friends and their keen fashion sense. Chanel riding boots, Levi jeans, Calvin Klein tank top, Burberry scarf, and a Moschino leather jacket. Her hair is up in a tight bun, with a light makeup but heavy mascara on, her eyes look absolutely beautiful right now.

She went to Penn State University and now she's a doctor about to open her own practice in New York City, and the head doctor for rounds at several hospitals across the country. Many admire her for that and some asked why she bothers to do all the study when she could live and not be bothered by stuff.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please? The museum closes in 10 minutes. Thank you so much for coming." A soft girly voice with a French accent says over the intercom. "Ugh, already?" Ciara’s reluctant to exit the building when she realizes she's the only one left in that showroom.

"Must I do everything myself?" Choker angrily shouted as he madly glared at the four hit men standing in front of him. They're in a warehouse owned by Choker and his father. They both run and deal away guns and bombs to several countries including the American army, the US Navy, and the Russian Army. But occasionally, there are always some messy unexpected mishaps, and they didn’t call him Choker for nothing. He won’t let a single mistake be passed and any reason is just an excuse.


Choker stands 6"3 with dark chest length hair tied down into a low ponytail, and savage green eyes. He's in great shape, he's incredibly handsome, but he's also impatient, ruthless, selfish, arrogant, dominant, and dangerous. He clothed himself only designer’s clothing, especially on his suits. He's wearing a dark blue Versace suit right now looking absolutely delicious in it if he’s not only too dangerous to touch. His mother is British, Cuban and Russian, and his father is Italian. So it’s safe to say he encounters no problem with the language barriers. He speaks several languages fluently, but he has a British accent since he grew up and spend most his childhood and teenage life in London. His father handed him his father’s company two years ago on his 25th birthday, and he did greater than what was expected from him. He's a cold-blooded manipulator, an incredible negotiator and on some occasions a pretty good date to women who are turned on by his unusual lifestyle. He detests the idea of commitment and promises, and distances himself from anything or anyone that may convince him otherwise.4

"I'm sorry, boss. There were too many civilians in the restaurant, and he left with hostages; a woman and her child." A blue-eyed muscular guy says in a deep brute voice with a Russian accent. His head’s down and too afraid to meet Choker’s angry eyes. "Do you know what I think right now?" Choker asks with his eyes narrowed and clenched teeth. The four men in suits frozen on their feet with their head still bowed deeply down, ashamed and afraid to look him in the eye,unsure how to respond to the question, not wanting to upset him more.

Against better judgement, Sammy the only Italian in the group decides to respond. "Boss, I don't see any problem with it. We may not able to do it today, but we can stilldo it tonight."

Bad move Sammy----at least that's what the other three guys had been yelling at him in their minds, after he idiotically shows himself with such unwise words in front of a still upset Choker.

Choker walks calmly from his desk over to Sammy and brushed his shoulders with his straight face; the other guys quickly stepped back. In a flash Choker grab the cable ties from his pocket and quickly wraps it around Sammy's neck forcing him to his knees, pulling as hard as his muscles would allow. Sammy gushed and gasped for air, his eyes dark and dilated with fear and his whole flesh tremble furiously.

He lets go of the cable ties after roughly calculating it’s time to let go and release Sammy’s already dead body to the floor. "Anyone else have something to say to me?" Choker asks looking at the remaining three men but no one said a word. "Answer me!" He yells like a mad man, his voice almost scares the wall. "No, boss" they answered in chorus. "Good. Now go put a bloody bullet in that fucking rat's head. Don't come back until it's done." He orders and they all leave his office quickly.

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