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The Sheik's Dangerous Lover(8)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

She arched into his mouth, silently begging him to continue.

“More, please!” she begged. And he gave in to her command by moving to the other breast, his hands pushing the material down to her waist.

Her fingers were working themselves. When her hands encountered fabric, she considered it very rude and pushed his dinner jacket off of his shoulders. But still unsatisfied, she almost ripped the buttons off of the expensive material of his shirt, desperate to find out what lay underneath. When her hands encountered his skin, she sighed with happiness. But then his own hands obliterated that satisfaction by moving down her body, sending shock waves as his mouth moved to her other breast, nipping and biting, sucking hard until she screamed out with the pleasure that shot right down to her core, causing the ache to intensify to an almost painful level.

“Make it stop,” she pleaded with him even as her own hands moved down his body, her fingers flexing against the rippling muscles on his flat stomach.

Malik shook his head slightly, but it didn’t help clear the haze of lust that was pulsating through his body. Looking down into her eyes, he knew that he couldn’t stop. Not with her writhing like this, her eyes begging him to take her, make love to her.

He stood up and ripped off his pants and boxers. And it turned him on even more when she lifted her head to watch him, her eyes wide with fascination as he revealed himself to her.

Her mouth dropped open with awe and his body hardened even more. Malik was in pain, desperately needing to plow himself into her but he held back, wanting to make this first time last. His hands efficiently dispensed with her night gown, smiling when he saw the lace underwear underneath. It occurred to him that she hadn’t been wearing anything to support her breasts during dinner and he was glad he hadn’t known that earlier. She’d been hard enough to resist.

And now, he wasn’t going to any longer. With a desire he’d never before experienced, Malik bent down and kissed his way from her breasts, giving each generous attention, and down to her stomach, laughing when she tried to slip away but his hands grabbed her hips, not letting her try and hide from him.

“Open up for me, Shanelle,” he coaxed, raining kisses along her stomach, hips and thighs.

“I don’t…”

“Trust me,” he said softly, moving up her body and kissing her once again. She kissed him back with everything she was feeling inside of her, showing him how much she needed him. Even while his body moved between her legs, pushing her knees apart so he could nestle between her thighs, exactly where he wanted to be. “Trust me,” he whispered as he moved from her mouth to her neck, then back down again. When he was right where he wanted to be, Shanelle sat up, trying to push his shoulders but he shook his head. “Lay down and enjoy this, Shanelle. I’m not going to stop.”

“No,” she countered, trying to scoot back on the mattress. “This isn’t right,” she said.

He laughed and gently bit her finger, then sucked on the end. “Oh, it’s more than right,” he argued and pressed her shoulders back and moved back to his goal.

With his hands holding her down, Shanelle couldn’t move forward or backwards but when his mouth covered her core, she couldn’t do anything. She could barely even breathe. His mouth was so hot, so delicious and she screamed out when his fingers moved inside of her, pressing, exploring, moving in and out of her all the while, his tongue flicking against the center of her. She wanted to scream out, but she couldn’t get enough breath in her lungs. She wanted to pull away, but found her hands in his hair, holding him in place.

And when her body splintered apart in the most amazing, shocking and mind-blowing climax, she could only lie on the bed and revel in his amazing touch while her body shuddered over and over again.

She had no idea how long she lay like that, but she slowly came to the realization that Malik was hovering over her, a light in his eyes and a satisfied smile on those talented lips. “What?” she asked, feeling painfully shy all of a sudden.

“You’re beautiful,” he said. Then she felt his hands on her knees, lifting them up so they were resting against his hips. “But there’s more.”

She started to push him away, positive that she couldn’t take anything else from him at this point. But then his mouth found her neck and the nibbling there made her body tremble once again. “I can’t,” she gasped and tried to slip away from him. Those new and scary feelings were building again and she wanted to run and hide, embarrassed that she’d so completely let herself go only moments before.

“You can,” he countered as his hardness probed lower. “And you will.”

Shanelle gasped at the feeling and instantly, it was almost as if she hadn’t just experienced the most mind blowing feeling of her life. She needed him again, just as intensely. Possibly more!

“This isn’t possible,” she said and her hands changed from pushing him away to pulling him where she needed him to be, where that ache was building up to intolerable levels so quickly that it made her bite her lip to try and pretend that it wasn’t happening.

“It’s very possible,” he said and moved deeper inside of her, closing his eyes as her tight heat wrapped around him like a tight, hot glove. “Maybe a bit uncomfortable initially,” he said as he came up against her barrier, “but definitely possible.”

Shanelle closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. This wasn’t as nice, she thought. “Malik, I don’t want…this isn’t…” she wasn’t sure what to say. The ache was still there, but he was too big. “You don’t fit…” she said but then he pushed all the way inside of her and she arched her back and screamed out with the pain of his invasion.

Malik held very still, holding himself above her while she adjusted to his size. Every muscle inside of him wanted to move, to feel the friction of her body but he waited. He wasn’t sure what she would do, but he knew that he’d just hurt her and that hurt him.

His hands moved up to her hair, soothing her with soft words and tender caresses while her body shifted underneath his. “Don’t move,” he commanded with a voice even he didn’t recognize.

“I can’t help it. I don’t underst…” she stopped and gasped when he moved slightly and she grabbed his shoulders tightly. “Don’t do that,” she demanded.

But he did and she arched against him once more. “Again,” she pleaded, moving her hips slightly and shivering with the feeling that movement generated within her. “Don’t stop,” she ordered when he slowed down.

Malik thought he might have laughed at her demand, but he wasn’t sure. All he knew was that her body was gripping him with a heat that he couldn’t endure for too long. He lifted her up, moving in and out of her with whatever control he could find within him. And when that didn’t help her, he shifted his hand and pressed it against her nub, bringing her faster to a climax.

She started to grab his hand, but when he obviously hit the right spot, she pressed his hand there and he knew he was doing it right. He couldn’t believe it when she once again shattered in his arms but he didn’t have time to revel in her release because his own just about made him pass out with the intensity of his orgasm.

Chapter 4

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