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The Sheik's Dangerous Lover(9)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Shanelle opened her eyes, looked around and then sat up with a gasp of horror. Clutching the satin sheet to her chest, she looked around, her eyes taking in the enormous room, the decadent luxury and the fact that this was not her own room in her own home. As the sun slowly woke her up, her mind remembered the previous night. The previous long, sensuous night. Over and over, Malik had made love to her. It was almost as if they couldn’t get enough of each other and every time she touched him or he touched her, their bodies just went up in flames until she collapsed in his arms once again.

Shifting around, she was relieved to see that she was alone. At least she didn’t have an awkward first moment to deal with.

She threw the covers off of her legs and dashed into the bathroom to shower. She scrubbed her body clean, trying desperately hard to ignore the tingling as the warm water touched her skin. It reminded her too much of Malik’s touch over the long, erotic hours of the night. Everything he demanded, she more than willingly complied with his commands. The heady sensation of his fingers and his mouth had been too much for her body to ignore.

As she stepped out of the shower, her next dilemma was to figure out what to wear. She hadn’t anticipated staying here at the palace more than one night so she didn’t have any additional clothes with her. She peered into the closet, just to see if there was anything there she might borrow. What she found made her gasp with both surprise and delight. The closet was filled with clothes in her size and with the tags still on every single outfit. She didn’t like the idea that someone had gone out and purchased clothes for her yesterday, and wasn’t really sure that was possible. But she picked up a powder blue dress and found the matching shoes, slipping both on along with the delicate, lacy underthings that were in one of the drawers. Feeling better about things now that she was at least dressed, she took a deep breath and opened the door to the suite.

“Goodness, what a coincidence,” her mother said as she was also stepping out of another room. “We’re just heading to the dining room. We can all go together.” With that, her mother tucked Shanelle’s arm onto her own and they walked down the long hallway.

“Where’s father?” Shanelle asked.

“He had to get back to work. Some sort of emergency came up,” her mother replied. “So what on earth did you do to gain Sheik Rahal’s notice?” she asked.

Shanelle really had no idea what had happened that first night and sighed with resignation. “I was just walking down the hallway,” she explained.

Thankfully, they came to the dining room at that moment. It was lovely with elaborate place settings and a delicious smelling buffet set out with steaming dishes and gorgeous fruit. But the only thing that caught her attention was the man standing by the window.

Her breath caught in her throat and her body seemed to suddenly come alive as Malik approached them, his dark eyes never leaving hers, entrapping her with their intensity.

He greeted Shanelle’s mother first and it gave Shanelle a moment to brace herself. Unfortunately, nothing could have prepared her for the shock of his touch, the heat that shot through her body and pooled deep in her belly.

“Did you sleep well?”

Her breath shuddered as she tried to regain control, but with him touching her, it wasn’t going to happen. She even tried to pull her hand out of his larger one, but he wasn’t allowing her that reprieve.

“Not very well,” she finally answered. “There were a great many disturbances throughout the night.” She looked up at him, daring him to reply.

He laughed softly and led her over to the buffet, handing her a plate. “I anticipate that your nights are going to be disturbed in the same manner again very soon,” he said with a knowing look.

Shanelle should have known not to challenge the man. He was more experienced at this game. She took the plate and looked downwards, putting fruit and toast in the center before moving to the table. She took a seat next to her mother who was already seated and talking with the others that had been invited.

There were five other women, all of them beautiful and every one of them preening in an attempt to gain Malik’s attention. Shanelle looked down at her food and focused only on eating. She allowed the conversation to flow around her, not bothering to participate in any way. She heard Malik make several pointed comments in her direction, but she refused to rise to the intentional jibes this time.

When she was finished, she stood up and curtsied in his direction. “If you’ll excuse me, Your Highness, I know you have important business here,” she said and left the room without waiting for any response from him, not even giving him time to reply. She was too embarrassed over everything they’d done the previous night to even look him in the eye.

The next week was a blur to Shanelle. She couldn’t seem to get away from Malik, although she gave it her best effort. When she snuck into the vast library, intending to lose herself in the books, Malik found her and they had a rousing argument about the classics, including who they thought should be in Dante’s Inferno. She was laughing at some of his ideas (which included anyone driving slowly in the fast lane of the highway). She thought it was amusing that the supreme commander of the country would want others to violate traffic limits.

When she tried to sneak into the kitchens, wanting to escape mentally by baking cookies, he turned up and sat across the wooden work table from her, sneaking tastes of whatever she was stirring up. No matter how many times she smacked his hand away, he still managed to grab one more taste.

Then there was the time she wanted to hide out in the gardens despite the afternoon heat. That was the most disastrous attempt because he pulled her into the shade and kissed her. She’d tried very hard to resist him. And for perhaps two seconds, her hands pressed against his chest and she refused to kiss him back. His response was to simply sneak his hands underneath her silk blouse and all thought of resisting him went away like the breeze.

Every day, they dined as a group. The other women vying for his attention and Shanelle sneaking out of the dining room before everyone else. Every day, she tried to find a different hiding place, some place she wouldn’t be discovered and Malik wouldn’t pull her into his arms and kiss her until she was crazy with need. But no matter where she ended up, he was also there. He was charming and interesting, driving her crazy when he challenged her ideas on various subjects. He even helped her study for her law exams, which she thought was the ultimate kindness. Until she walked away from him with a silly smile on her face. When she realized that she’d just spent the better part of four hours studying for a test with the very same man who was going to eliminate the possibility of her taking the test, she became angry.

And more confusingly, that anger turned to sadness when she wondered if he wasn’t going to take away her chance to become a lawyer. Why would he help her study, except if he were thinking of marrying one of the other women that were visiting the palace?

That thought caused her such a huge amount of jealousy she actually had to stop and place her hand against the palace wall, trying to catch her breath.

This was crazy, she told herself. She couldn’t keep going on like this. She was angry with him one moment, excited about seeing him another, laughing with him, arguing with him, pushing him to do something she believed in and agreeing with him on something she’d previously been completely opposed to. What was going on with her? Why was she being so pathetically wishy washy?

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