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The Tycoon's Seduction Plan(8)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Leaning back in her work chair, she blinked at the bright afternoon sunshine. Looking around at her apartment, she realized with surprise that she was still in her pajamas. “Goodness!” she gasped and stood up to get into the shower. Since she didn’t have an external schedule like others where they had to report to work at a specific time, eat lunch and come home, she’d forced a schedule upon herself to make sure she lived within a disciplined regimen. It helped her to write and concentrate, knowing when she was supposed to work and when she needed to stop. Some people might find her daily schedule a little out of the ordinary for a writer, but it added structure and comfort to her day.

Every morning, she’d shower and dress just as if she were going to an office. After a brief breakfast of coffee and toast or cereal, she’d then work for four hours, have a light lunch, then work another four hours on her manuscripts. Victor had said she was a prolific writer yesterday but she attributed that to her work schedule, knowing how easily she could let small errands get in the way of her writing if she wasn’t careful and routine.

As she lathered her hair under the warm spray of the shower, she thought about how the small kiss from Victor had completely changed the story line. The first meeting was now different, and even the characters were different, more three dimensional. She could see them more clearly in her mind’s eye and hopefully the readers would be able to see them more effortlessly while reading the story. It was almost like they were in her head, standing in the places where she’d left them in the book. They were waiting for their next lines! When she realized this, she hurried through her shower, dried off and pulled on a pair of stretch pants and an old shirt, eager to get back to the story so her characters could continue their journey.

She worked until it was dark outside. amazed at how much better the text was. accomplishment, of knowing that her words were invoking the feelings, the picture and scene she had in her mind for the reader. She’d never felt so satisfied when writing before and she was eager to do more, but she held back, wanting to read through the scenes once again and make sure they were heading in the right direction.

As she looked back at her edits, Lana was

She loved this feeling of success and

Victor! The thought of him waiting for her call made her stand up out of her chair quickly. But then she shook her head, knowing how silly she was being. Victor wasn’t the kind of man who would be waiting by a phone, anticipating when a woman would call. No, more likely, he was in a meeting, their kiss from the day before which had driven her to a higher standard of writing, had most likely been forgotten from his mind the moment he pulled away from the curb last night.

Regardless, she’d promised to call him and she’d been so absorbed in her writing, that she’d blocked out the task. She had to get in contact with him. If she were honest with herself, she’d acknowledge that she’d been procrastinating, afraid of the final moment when she’d have to make a decision.

But now, looking at the text to her manuscript which almost jumped off the computer at her, she knew that, at a minimum, she had to thank him for the kiss, which had worked wonders for her today.

Smiling, Lana raced to her bedroom and grabbed his card, excited about telling him of her story line.

Chapter 4

Victor snapped at his secretary, giving her instructions on the contract which he thought she should already know by this point in her employment with him, then stormed into his office. He’d been in a fowl mood all day long and his staff had born the brunt of his moodiness. It was unlike him to let his frustration show, which only irritated him further. He was the iceman, he reminded himself. He never let anything intrude on business. So why was he unable to focus on work and get his mind in gear?

Cursing at the file he couldn’t concentrate on, he slapped it across the coffee table in his office and glared at the phone. This was completely unacceptable, he told himself. He was known in the business world as a shark. He never allowed emotions to rule him in business or even his personal life. He kept everything in check, knowing that others would use his emotions against him if they could read anything on his face. He used that tool against his adversaries so he knew how powerful it could be. One crack, one telltale emotion, and he knew he’d won the battle.

And now, one small, slender woman was driving him crazy with the need for an answer. Walking over to his desk, he stared out the window, more frustrated than he’d ever felt in his life.

Taking a deep breath, he rubbed his face in an effort to gain a little perspective. She was only a woman, no matter how soft and pretty she had felt in his arms. And just because her lips had haunted his dreams last night, didn’t give him any reason to be this out of control. She was a woman, just like all the others and he could easily find another that would suit just as well.

He’d been telling himself that all day and so far, it hadn’t worked. Victor stared grimly at the work piling up on his desk and wondered how she’d twisted him into a frustrated knot with just that one, simple kiss. And several gut-punch smiles. And the cutest butt and sexiest legs he’d ever seen.

Damn her! Why hadn’t she called?

He looked at the phone on his desk for the hundredth time, wondering what she was doing.

She wasn’t going to call. It was already well past five o’clock and if she were going to follow through on his suggestion last night, she would have called earlier. With a frustrated sigh, he sifted through the files on his desk, wondering why he cared so much. It wasn’t disappointment he felt, he told himself as he tried to concentrate on a suggested merger. It was only that he was interested, curious, in her and her plight. So what if she had the best figure he’d ever seen on a woman? And the loveliest eyes? And lips a man could kill for, he thought for the millionth time.

Dammit! Every time he started thinking of her and how he should just walk away and forget about her, an image of her lush, sexy body popped up in his mind. There were so many women out there, he could find a replacement easily. He should just end this silly wait and call up one of those women who would love to be on his arm tonight.

The phone on his desk rang and he smacked the contract down on the other papers, irritated that he hadn’t absorbed a single detail. “Yes!” he snapped into the phone, distracted and irritated as he looked outside and saw the darkened sky.

Lana hesitated, hearing his irritated voice. “I’m sorry. Is this not a good time?” she asked, terrified of what she was about to do and grabbing at any excuse she could to back out of her decision. He sounded angry and that was as good an excuse as any to terminate the call, she thought nervously.

A deep chuckle came from somewhere deep down in his chest, and his mood instantly lightened now that she was talking to him. “Lana, don’t you dare hang up this phone,” Victor said, amusement and relief ringing in his voice. Leaning back in his desk, his mind started imagining what she probably looked like right at this moment. He could see in his mind’s eye her pretty white teeth nibbling nervously at her full, lower lip and his body hardened. Painfully. He knew all the things he wanted to do with those lips, one of which was nibbling on the lower lip with his own teeth. A feral smile tightened his face which would have terrified her if she’d been in the room with him instead of on the phone.

With a silent groan, he pushed that image aside and focused on the conversation. Getting her to meet him was not a foregone conclusion, if the nervous tone of her voice was any indication. It would take all his negotiating skills to bring her around to his way of thinking. But failure was not in his vocabulary.

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