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The Billionaire's Pregnant Lover
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Elizabeth Lennox - The Billionaire's Pregnant Lover

The Billionaire's Pregnant Lover
Elizabeth Lennox



Chapter 1

“Who the hell are you?”

Sydney jumped and spun around at the harsh, deep voice. The tall, huge man behind her was more than terrifying. He was….well, she couldn’t quite put an adjective to the feelings that were running through her at the moment, but it caused her knees to tremble and her heart rate to spin out of control. She was eternally grateful that she was sitting down instead of standing, although that did put her at a severe height disadvantage.

“I’m….uh…” She was so flustered, she wasn’t exactly sure how to explain her presence. It seemed that the man’s sudden appearance and his glaring, angry countenance had rendered her common sense to be absent at the moment.

Dominic Carson rolled his eyes, ignoring the lovely woman’s pale cheeks and the fascinating sparkle in those green eyes. He was here to work and not gawk at some pretty face that decided to plunk down in his assistant’s chair. “Okay, so you’re confused. Just get out of this area quickly or I’ll call security.”

He stood there glaring down at her and Sydney had a hard time maintaining her grip on the heavy files that she was holding. Placing them onto the elegant desk beside her, she stood and nervously smoothed down her skirt and jerked her suit jacket over the front of her, hoping it didn’t look as messy as she felt. “Actually, I’m your temporary assistant today,” she explained, clearing her throat when it sounded too mousy. This man didn’t look like he would respect mousy.

As she surveyed his tall, immaculately dressed and overly muscular frame, she suspected that this man didn’t respect many people, mousy or not. That irritated her and she stood up straighter, unaware that her chin was jutting out with a jerk of defiance at his assumed authority.

Dominic wanted to laugh. Her feigned boldness in the face of her barely concealed nervousness actually made her look cute. He didn’t tell her that, but his mind definitely shifted slightly with her adorable chin sticking out as if she were ready to take him on. He had to respect her spunk since not many dared to defy him. Regardless, he had work to do and didn’t have time to admire anything about this woman. She had to go.

“You’re too young and inexperienced to handle this job. Go back to personnel and tell them to send me someone more experienced.” He started to walk away, determined to dismiss the woman. If he’d seen those beautiful, green eyes paired with those luscious, red lips in a bar or a restaurant, he’d definitely approach her. But she was the soft, lush kind of woman that he wanted in his bed. Not in his office.

Sydney couldn’t believe the gall of this man! He’d walked in, sized her up and found her lacking after just one, arrogant glare? How ridiculous! And unfair!

She stood up, visibly shaking, offended by his attitude but trying valiantly to be brave in the face of his withering glare. “I was originally assigned to someone down on the tenth floor today, but too many people are out sick with the flu. So when I arrived, your HR department ordered me to come up here and fill in for your assistant. Apparently, no one else is available to assist you today, experienced or otherwise. But since you seem fully capable of handling everything yourself, I’ll just take my leave. I’ll stop by your HR department on my way out and let them know that you don’t require any assistance today, and probably for the next several days since the flu isn’t a one day condition.”

She turned on her barely presentable, obviously cheap shoe and pulled her worn out purse out of the drawer she’d stuck it into an hour ago. Sydney didn’t bother to even look at the man as she walked towards the exit. She was very proud of herself for maintaining her professionalism in the face of such outright rudeness but she also wanted to high-tail it out of this area. This man was a horrible human being!

“Stop right there,” she heard him command.

In the end, she stopped, but there was a long moment while she silently debated the issue. Her student loans piling up was the decision maker. And the fact that she had only peanut butter and bread until she got paid next week since she’d just emptied out her bank account to pay her final semester’s tuition.

Being a grad student was expensive but this job paid extremely well. It would have taken her through the next month if she was careful. But if he was going to obnoxiously dismiss her, she was out of here.

When he was standing over her once again, the trembling actually increased. She wanted to slap him, to say something that would bring him down a peg or two, but she could barely speak with him towering over her like this.

Dominic looked down at her, noting her trembling but respecting the fact that she was confident enough to stand up to him. He wasn’t going to relent though. If she was an idiot, he’d kick her out of here without pause. “Can you type?”

Sydney blinked, surprised by the unexpected, rude question. “Yes.”

“And answer phones?” he snapped.

She tried very hard not to roll her eyes. “Yes.”

Another long moment of silence where she stood trembling, wishing she could just slap his face and tell him exactly where he could shove this job.

“Don’t mess up my schedule,” he snapped, then turned around abruptly and headed into his office. “Judy has probably e-mailed a list of instructions and outstanding tasks to complete. Make sure you get as many of them finished as possible in the next hour.”

Sydney resisted the urge to throw her purse at his back, relishing the idea of how surprised he’d be at the assault. Of course, he’d probably have her arrested, but as he disappeared behind the double doors at the other end of the room, she wondered if it might be worth it.

Remember her loans, she told herself and took a deep, calming breath. This job paid three times the hourly rate as the other jobs she’d been doing lately. When they’d offered her the role, she hadn’t understood why they would pay so much. Now she grasped the problem. It wasn’t the work. In fact, she’d already finished all the action items on Judy’s list and was working on filing the contracts that had been left on the corner of the regular assistant’s desk. The only reason this job paid so much more than normal was because of that man and his horrible attitude!

Storing her beaten up, faux-leather purse back in the drawer, she almost fell into her chair but quickly pulled herself forward. For a long moment, she just sat there, trying to calm herself, get her anger under control. She really disliked that man. She couldn’t ever remember instantly disliking someone as intensely as she felt towards him.

She glanced at his nameplate. Dominic Carson. As a grad student working towards her degree in psychology, she’d read studies about both his work style and the meteoric growth of his company. He was a case study in work relationships, which was pretty ironic when she contemplated her first confrontation of the morning with the man. The reports of his business prowess, his charisma and persuasive abilities were obviously overstated, she thought with irritation.

“I can do this,” she whispered to herself and turned to face the computer.

Dominic glared at the files neatly typed up on his desk with growing irritation. How had the woman accomplished all of this already? Even Judy wasn’t this good.

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