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The Billionaire's Adventurous Mistress (Bold Alaskan Men #4)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Chapter 1

“Figures!” Chloe grumbled, as she stood just inside the doorway to The Rotten Apple. Walking back out into the cold rain, she pulled her raincoat closer and paced back and forth.

Should she go inside?

She paced the wet parking lot several more times, debating with herself.

He would know what she needed.

But…it was him!

He probably had exactly what she needed.

Chloe looked up at the sky, not even feeling the rain drops on her already frigid face. She couldn’t face him. Not today. Probably not ever!

But she needed…not him but…that smile. And her fix. Yeah, she would love her fix and he never failed to help her there. He always had a supply ready and waiting for her. Just for her!

But…could she face him?

No! HE was inside tending the bar! She couldn’t face him. Not today. Not after…

Chloe shook her head then wished she hadn’t since more rain splattered onto her face, making her shiver. Or was that because HE was inside?

Ugh! Could her day get any worse?

“Come inside, Chloe,” the deep voice said from behind her.

Chloe froze, her shoulders tensing up as she realized that she’d been caught. Turning around slowly, she forced her numb lips into a semblance of a smile.

“I’m fine,” she told him, lifting her hand into the air, then hiding it because there were too many scrapes and bruises on her hand. Even her thumb was swollen because she’d hit it with the hammer earlier today.

But there was no way she was going to show any weakness in front of this particular man. His enormous height and those deliriously tempting shoulders, so broad and packed with delicious muscles…oh, and that square jaw, shadowed at the moment with dark stubble because the man didn’t like to shave, but hated sporting a beard.

She sighed. Too many nights she’d lain awake thinking about this man, feeling horrible because she couldn’t get him out of her mind. She’d been here in Winthrop, Alaska for only two months with her fiancé, Gavin, now nicknamed The Rat.

Obviously, the tall man standing in the doorway had x-ray-powered eyes since he could see through the darkness, knew that she was cold and shivering, and that her eyes were needy, desperate even. “I have what you need,” he told her, putting his hands on his lean hips, drawing her eyes to those super-cut, obscenely bulging biceps and shockingly strong arms that she knew - she just knew - would fit around her so perfectly! Goodness, she wanted him to lower those arms! It was so much easier to resist him, to keep her eyes away from him, when those arms were just hanging loose around his tall, yummy body. He was wearing one of those black tee-shirts, the kind that hugged his body too closely, showing her all those muscles that she wanted to touch so badly. Those muscles, not to mention those hard, dark eyes; a brown so dark they almost looked black, but with a fascinating circle of green on the outside…

Chloe shook her head again, forcing her mind back onto her current predicament. “I’m fine,” she told him, but the words were weak. She was weak! She knew he had what she needed. He always had what she needed! The man was diabolical!

“You want it, Chloe. Don’t deny yourself what you need just out of stubbornness. Come inside, out of the cold rain, and I’ll give it to you, Chloe. I know you need it. And you know how much better you will feel after you stop fighting that need.”

He was luring her into the bar, into a temptation that was too much! Much more than he could know and she had to resist! But then again…

His deep voice kept talking, kept enticing her closer, making her forget her resolution to stay away, to resist this particular temptation – both the man and what the man was offering. How he’d discovered her weakness so easily, she couldn’t begin to understand, but… “It’s icy cold. I put some into the fridge three days ago, just for you.”

Chloe whimpered at those words. “So, they’re really cold?” she whispered, her eyes pleading and her body almost shaking with hope.

The man ran a hand over his jaw and Chloe suspected that he was trying to hide his amusement. “The bottle probably has frost on the outside,” he told her.

Another pathetic sound escaped from her and her shoulders drooped in defeat. “Fine,” she grumbled, angry at herself for being weak, for giving in. But a woman could only take so much temptation!

Her head snapped up and she glared at him, refusing to let him think she was weak all the time. Okay, so she might be having a slew of bad days lately, but this particular man didn’t have to know that! She stood as tall as possible under the circumstances. “Only because it has been a really horrible day! I’m usually not this pathetic and any other day, I’d be able to resist your siren’s temptation.”

Tucker couldn’t hide his laughter this time. She looked so defeated, so miserable, especially with the rain pouring down. The raincoat might be five sizes too big but it still did an inadequate job of protecting her from the cold, Alaskan rain. Then again, nothing remained dry during an Alaska springtime. The rain could be relentless but by this point in the year, anything was better than more snow.

“Come on,” he said and took her arm, pulling her gently into the warmth of the bar and out of the cold. The Rotten Apple was always a warm, inviting place to hang out. And he’d ensured that he would be covering the bar today for exactly this reason.

“Take off your raincoat while I pour.”

Chloe followed his instructions but she was still grumbling. Four guys owned The Rotten Apple. All of them were sweethearts, three of them already married to wonderful women. It was just her luck that Tucker was tending bar on the very day that she needed her “fix” more than any other day.

She unzipped her coat and carefully turned the outside to the center, rolling it so that it wouldn’t get any of the other coats wet. Of course, there were only two other raincoats hanging on the pegs right at this moment. One of them she knew had to be Tucker’s raincoat because of the size.

She hesitated, looking at the enormous raincoat, almost afraid to hang hers up next to his. The symbolism wasn’t lost on her mind at the moment.

Leaning her head against the warm wood, she took a breath. Hang the stupid coat up, Chloe, she told herself firmly. Just hang it up and go have your fix. He’s probably already poured it and waiting for you.

Still her hands didn’t move. She couldn’t move. Everything inside of her wanted to avoid hanging her coat up on a hook near his.

If there were other coats, she might not be so wary. But it was just his. And hers. Just like she wanted….


She couldn’t think that way! It was so wrong!

Tucker. Just the man’s name sent shivers of awareness down her body, making her feel good in all the wrong ways.

Just go inside, have your fix. No gawking, she told herself firmly. He was off limits. The man was…oh, he was perfect in every way! Smart, sexy, tall, buff and kind. So incredibly kind and sexy. Had she already said sexy? Well, he was. Enough so that she could be forgiven for saying it twice.

Good grief, she was forgiving herself for her thoughts!

Yes, she was losing her mind.

Even then, she stood in the entryway, her body starting that obnoxious trembling that always happened when she was close to Tucker. No other man terrified her like this man could.

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