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Her Unexpected Admirer (The Alfieri Saga #4)(9)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

But he did stop teasing her breasts and she let out a whimper when he moved lower. “You stopped,” she accused but then gasped when his mouth nipped at her hip bone. “Okay, so you didn’t,” she said, her hips lifting up higher to meet his mouth unconsciously. “Please do that again. And again!” She arched her back when he complied but the second time was too much. Her hands started pushing him away. “I can’t take anymore,” she gasped.

“Not enough,” he laughed, thrilled that her body was so responsive. “Not nearly enough.”

When his hand moved to her knees, sliding up her thigh, he almost groaned when she willingly opened her legs for him. He knew what she would do next and he was prepared. When his mouth covered her core, latching on to that sensitive nub, he was already holding onto her hips, not letting her control this any longer. He was in charge and he wanted to taste her. And damn, did she taste incredible!

“Davis!” she screamed out, feeling his mouth and his fingers and unable to control anything that was happening to her. “No! This has to stop!” she cried out.

“Not stopping,” he said, but only took his mouth away from her long enough to tell her that. He wouldn’t have stopped anyway, she just tasted so good!

All too soon, he felt the tremors in her body, felt her muscles contracting as she splintered apart. And damn, did she look beautiful while it was happening.

His hands gentled as she came back down to earth and he loved the way she sighed, the smile on her face telling him that she’d enjoyed everything so far.

He stood up and pulled his pants off, grabbing protection before he came back to the bed with her.

Kate rolled to his body as the mattress dipped and she smiled, feeling better than she ever had in her whole life. “Thank you,” she whispered, her hands moving up to his face.

He laughed softly, taking her hand and kissing her palm before biting the end of her finger slightly. “More to come,” he promised before sucking on her finger.

Kate stared at him, shocked that he would even want to do that but the moment he did, her eyes widened and her mouth fell open. “No!” she gasped, feeling that lethargic sense fade away as those crazy sensations started back up in her body, even stronger than before. “No more,” she said and pulled away from him.

Davis was having none of that and almost laughed at her feeble attempts to get away from him. “Ah, Kate, the best is yet to come,” he promised. But he didn’t have to say anything because her body was already on fire again, moving right back to his. Her fingers explored his chest even while his knee nudged her legs apart again. He quickly put the protection on and moved into place, holding himself over her with his arms. “You’re beautiful, Kate,” he said as he bent to kiss her. At the same time, his body moved into hers, probing and feeling her heat wrap around him.

In and out, slowly going deeper as he invaded her tight sheath. When he was fully embedded inside of her, he felt her stiffen but she was so tight, so hot, he couldn’t stop to wonder about it.

He moved inside of her, feeling every shift in her body. And the closer she came, her slender, incredible body brought him closer to his own climax. By the time she was screaming out his name and clinging to him, he was already over the edge himself.

When he could open his eyes again, he looked down at the woman in his arms and almost laughed at the satisfied smile on her lovely face. Her soft, gentle hands were running along his skin and, right now, it felt good but he remembered her touching him a few minutes ago and it had driven him crazy.

Even her legs were rubbing up and down against him and he liked every simple touch. “You’re incredible,” he groaned as he fell onto the bed beside her, pulling her onto his chest so that she was looking down at him.

Kate laughed, feeling like she was on cloud nine. When she’d walked into the bar earlier tonight, she’d never imagined that her night would end like this. But she was thrilled that it had turned out so perfectly. “Thank you,” she said softly and bent to kiss him.

He grabbed her head and held her close, deepening the kiss. When he let her up, she could already feel her body stirring back to life. “What was the thank you for?” he asked.

She shrugged her shoulder, unaware of how it lifted her breast, bringing his attention right back to those luscious nipples. “The day ended on a horrible note but you changed it around, making tonight wonderful.”

Davis wanted to question her further about the bad ending but her nipples were right there, still distracting him. “Oh really?” he said, his voice gravelly with the need that was rising up once again.

Kate felt his body stirring back to life and she smiled, feeling feminine and powerful. “Really,” she whispered back to him, running her hands along his muscular chest.

There were no more words for a long time after that. But neither of them had much to say anyway.

Chapter 3

Kate snuggled closer to the heat, feeling more comfortable than she’d been in…forever! And warm! Goodness, she’d never felt so warm. Normally, her apartment was filled with drafty cold and she raced from her bedroom to the shower on these chilly, fall mornings. Snuggling a bit closer to the warmth, she sighed and decided that she could use a few more minutes of sleep. She was still exhausted even though she suspected that it was morning already.

When the large, callused hand smoothed down her back to her bottom, Kate’s eyes popped open. Shock. Horror. Dread!

Where was she? Her eyes finally focused and what she’d thought was a warm pillow was actually…a man’s chest! The black hairs on that male chest tickled her nose and she pulled back slightly. As soon as she did that, she felt the arms around her body tighten.

Oh goodness, that leg! A long, muscular leg with a very enticing thigh pushed between hers. She gasped as the desire slammed through her again. Holding her breath, she willed the need she’d felt over and over again last night to go away. No luck! It was actually worse! The more she fought the desire, the worse it got. Or maybe it was just that way with Davis because she knew what he could do to her body, how he could play her senses like an orchestra. She shuddered, thinking of the previous night. Goodness, the way he’d made her feel! So hot! So needy and just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he would give her exactly what she needed. Him!

Biting her lower lip, she used every ounce of self-control that she’d ever had in her life and fought the need to run her hand along his chest, to kiss the muscles right under her nose.

No, she couldn’t do that again. She turned her head and looked at the clock on the bedside table. Oh no! It was already seven o’clock! She should have been at work an hour ago!

It was no wonder she’d slept in so late. They hadn’t gotten to sleep until the early hours of the morning and, even then, he’d woken her up a couple of times to make love to her again before the two of them had fallen back to sleep in each other’s arms.

She had to get out of here. Kate had to get back to her apartment, shower and get to her office before her father came in at nine.

The large, warm hand on her bottom wasn’t helping her though. Perhaps if she just…yes, she could slide this way and…

She was free, but she was also naked! She gathered up her clothes quickly, jumping every time he moved against the sheets, afraid he would wake up and find her gone.

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