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The Man's Outrageous Demands (Royal Cordova Family Trilogy #2)(8)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

“Why me?” Marabeth asked, her mind quickly going into overdrive in an effort to find an excuse not to be Sam’s “date” for the evening.

“Why not? This is a political event and you of all people know how important the night will be for Sam. He can’t have some silly woman hanging on his arm and creating a scene. You know how easy it is for people to be misquoted. I need you to help Sam and be there to keep the other ladies at bay.”

“I don’t think I’m the right person for that job, Mother,” Marabeth said hesitantly.

“Nonsense,” King Stephan’s booming voice said as he walked into the room. He quickly kissed his wife, then sat down next to her. “I think it is a wonderful idea for you to attend with Sam. Wish I’d thought of it myself, but that’s why I have a brilliant woman by my side to think of these things,” he said and kissed his wife’s cheek, winking at her as he poured himself some tea, waiving the waiter away. He then turned back to Marabeth before saying, “He’ll need someone with your political skills to get through the evening.”

Marabeth put her now shaking hands under the table to keep her parents from seeing how nervous the idea of being around Sam made her. She knew she would have to think fast to find an alternative to her mother’s idea or at least put some doubt in their minds that this wasn’t the best plan of action. “Isn’t Sam versed enough in politics to do this himself? I mean, if he’s going to be the new Minister of Defense, shouldn’t he learn to stand on his own two feet, so to speak? There will be many functions like this one in the future. Wouldn’t it be better to see if he can handle himself on his own before formally announcing that he’s the man for the job?”

“It has already been announced and I don’t understand how you wouldn’t know that,” her father replied, looking curiously at his daughter. “Besides, there’s never been a better candidate for the position,” her father said with pride, brushing aside Marabeth’s comments about Sam’s abilities. “If there was anyone who could swim with the piranhas that are going to be at the function this weekend it would be Sam, I can assure you of that. But why should he have to go it alone when he can have your help?” her father said. “Natasha, what are we doing for the ambassador this afternoon?” he asked and Marabeth knew that was the end of the discussion.

“If you’ll excuse me,” Marabeth said, standing in an effort to flee the room.

“Yes, dear,” her mother said. “But don’t forget to pick out a new dress for the event. You’ll have to look your best. The press will be in attendance,” she explained.

Marabeth nodded glumly before turning to leave the breakfast room. She knew what was expected of her without all the details being told to her. She’d visit the palace designer and choose a new dress for the evening which would require several fittings. With less than a week to go, Marabeth knew that Tilly, the seamstress, would need hours of time with Marabeth in fittings. She sighed and mentally started revising her schedule for the week.

It was no use getting angry about it. Marabeth had known about this reception for the past ten days but had hid her head in the sand, so to speak. She hadn’t wanted to attend and so had ignored all the details about the event. But now she not only had to attend, but had to escort the man throughout the event.

Marabeth sighed and leaned against the hallway, closing her eyes in frustration. Why that man? Why couldn’t it have been some boring, old man who wouldn’t want to dance or irritate her?

“Feeling feint?” a deep, laughing voice said nearby.

Marabeth’s eyes popped open and she was staring into the amused eyes of the man recently discussed. She sighed heavily and pushed away from the wall. “I would be eternally grateful to you if you could please catch me at an unembarassing moment once in a while,” she said as she walked carefully down the hallway, praying she wouldn’t fall on her face or trip into his arms. That would be just her luck, she thought.

“I like it,” Sam said, easily falling into step beside her. “It makes you more approachable,” he said.

Marabeth eyed him out of the corner of her eye. “I didn’t know that approaching me was an issue in your mind,” she said dryly.

“Absolutely,” he nodded sagely. “Approaching a beautiful woman is always terrifying for a man.”

Marabeth stopped and turned towards him. secondly, I can’t imagine anything terrifying you. Please don’t patronize me.”

“First of all, I’m not beautiful and So just cut the act, Mr. Montrose.

Sam stared down at the incredible beauty in front of him and was shocked that she didn’t understand her appeal to the opposite sex. She was stunning in a soft, very feminine, very sexy way. And he liked just about everything about her. Even the stubborn chin that was currently jutting out in frustration right now.

“You’re incredibly beautiful and yes, many things terrify me.”

“Like what?” she asked, dismissing his compliment but instantly curious about what could possibly scare a man of his size and strength.

“Spiders,” he said quickly.

Marabeth was expecting something profound. So that single word made her laugh. “I don’t believe it,” she said, shaking her head and turning to continue walking down the hallway.

“Oh, believe it. I hate them. Whoever marries me will definitely have to be the spider killer,” he said, walking beside her with his hands behind his back.

“What else?” she asked, curious despite herself.

“Poetry,” he said.

“Excuse me?” she asked, stopping again to look at him.

“Poetry. It scares me. Never could understand it. Shakespeare, sometimes, but E.E. Cummings, totally confounds me.”

“I don’t believe it. What else?”

Sam thought for a moment. “I probably wouldn’t like mice very much, but since I’ve never run into them, I can’t be sure,” he said, nodding his head for emphasis.

She waited for him to continue with his list but he stopped. and mice are the only things that scare you?”

“Is that all? Spiders

“Well, and trying to talk to a beautiful woman,” he clarified.

“Ah.” She started walking again. “So you’ve said.”

“You’re going to be my date at the reception, correct?” he asked.

Marabeth sighed. “Not your date. I’ll accompany you and introduce you to the various guests,” she clarified.

“And you’ll be dressed in a beautiful dress, preferably red, and I’ll be able to hold your hand and hold you in my arms as we dance through the night, right?”

Marabeth’s heart fluttered at the picture he presented. It was too tempting by half. “No. I’ll be by your side, introducing you to the old guard, running interference and helping you traverse the mine field the press can be. And I definitely will not be in a red dress.”

He stared down into her soft, blue eyes. “Pity,” was all he said, his broad shoulders blocked out the rest of the world, even the lights overhead as he continued to look at her.

“I have to get back to work,” Marabeth said softly, trying to come out of the trance his gaze seemed to be able to put her under.

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