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The Tycoon’s Resistant Lover
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Elizabeth Lennox - The Tycoon’s Resistant Lover

The Tycoon’s Resistant Lover
Elizabeth Lennox



Chapter 1

Julianna Holbrook sipped the cold white wine and shifted her back so it was more towards the orange flames of the crackling fire. She was suddenly cold and she shivered as she rubbed her icy hands over her wool covered arms to warm them. Or was it just that ominous feeling she couldn’t shake? That foreboding sense of impending doom that had nothing to do with the air temperature?

She’d never considered herself a superstitious person before. She believed there was a scientific explanation for everything, even when humans couldn’t explain something yet. But this was a feeling that wasn’t really tangible. It was…just…a sensation. Almost an awareness that something was going to happen. Just an expectation, probably. When had this feeling started? Why was she being so silly and even thinking about it? Normally, she would simply shrug off something so….metaphysical for lack of a better term. So why was she wasting any energy trying to decipher to this odd sensation now?

She had no idea, but she wiggled again, trying to get comfortable. This was ridiculous, she told herself and smoothed the ice blue wool skirt back over her knees, crossed her legs at the ankles….tucked the pillow more firmly behind her. She still couldn’t get comfortable! There was just something…..wrong.

She looked at the other two occupants of the room, wondering if they were feeling this odd, tingling sensation as well. Edward Livingston, her significant other, for lack of a better word because boyfriend seemed too juvenile, appeared to be engrossed in a conversation with their vivacious hostess, a beautiful woman named Jessica Mallory who wore a fabulous pink dress that hugged her incredible figure, adorned with gold chains around her neck and wrists along with gold hoop earrings. Her curly hair swished and danced about her face as if nothing could be still around her. In fact, the air surrounding the mysterious and beautiful Jessica Mallory seemed to be vibrating with energy as her chocolate brown eyes smiled at both her and Edward while the three of them conversed.

Julianna smoothed her blond hair self-consciously. The glossy, elegant twist she’d pulled it into for the dinner party was still in place but she wished she’d worn a color other than the light blue dress. The material was excellent and the cut made the dress a perfect fit for her figure, but she felt washed out, bland, especially compared to the fabulously adorned Ms. Mallory. Unfortunately, Julianna melted into the décor. The walls were cream, about the same color as her hair and the sofa was blue, nearly the same color as her dress. She sighed as she thought about how often she looked like the decorations. It seemed to be an issue that plagued her consistently.

Jessica Mallory probably never had that problem, she thought. The bright pink looked extraordinary on her. It took a great deal of confidence to pull off that color and Jessica added just the right touch with the gold chains. Julianna fingered her demure pearl necklace, wishing she had the kind of confidence to wear something with more flair and flamboyance.

When the doorbell rang, Julianna jumped, strangely feeling as if the tension in the atmosphere had suddenly increased. Which it probably had because their hostess didn’t look like she was expecting anyone else for dinner. Jessica’s eyes were wide with concern as she glanced between her guests and the doorway to the living room where she heard her housekeeper start to answer the door.

Julianna’s eyes snapped to Edward’s. “Did you invite anyone else, perhaps?” she asked. She immediately felt guilty when she caught the sharp glance he gave her. Both Edward and Jessica were wondering why she sounded so snappish. It was only because of this dratted premonition of doom! But she couldn’t say anything, afraid of sounding ridiculous.

Before she could apologize to Edward, a deep voice was already booming from the foyer into the living room and Julianna glanced at their hostess. Jessica’s face lit up as she recognized her unexpected visitor, her pace increasing as she moved towards the front door to greet the newcomer with visible excitement.

“I’m looking for Jessica Mallory. Is she in tonight?” the booming, male voice declared as if he had every right to crash their quiet evening.

Julianna heard the voice and her hand froze in mid air, her wine glass inches from her mouth while her eyes snapped towards the door. That deep, resonant voice sent shivers through her body, making her uncomfortable. Embarrassingly uncomfortable! Who on earth could have that deep of a voice? It was like Barry White with a bit of gravel as well as a touch of southern charm thrown in just for zing.

Edward’s voice was deep and made her think of intense, rich coffee, but this voice was more….disturbing in a way that made her knees wobble and her heart rate increase. Just by the sound of a man’s voice? Ridiculous, she told herself, but she put her wine glass on the coffee table because her hands were shaking ever so slightly.

“James?” Jessica called out, her feet moving faster as she tried to peer around the door. “Is that really you?”

Johanna felt an intense stab of jealousy shoot through her as the vibrant brunette hurried towards the voice in question. Something inside of her wanted to shout out that the other woman needed to step back and slam the door shut, warn her not to let the strange man into her house. She actually glanced around the room, wondering if there was a place to hide and then realized how silly she was being.

Hiding? At a dinner party no less? This had to be the most outrageous thought she’d ever had in her life! Instead of following her ridiculous instincts, she pulled herself together, gave herself a stern lecture about greeting others properly and, with as much dignity as she could muster, rose from the sofa to stand and welcome the newcomer.

Before she was ready for the intrusion, a tall, muscular man with enormous shoulders filled the doorway to the living room and her knees instantly started shaking. He was about the same height as Edward, but with a different look about him. Where Edward was refined power wrapped in a mask of elegance and manners, this man was just raw, blatant strength. There was no masking anything with the tall, blond man, just an almost painful shock to her senses that had her grabbing the arm of the sofa to steady herself from the man’s sensuous impact on her mind, not to mention the effect his presence had on her body.

His black turtleneck showed off his muscles to perfection and his long legs were encased in black slacks, but she instantly wished he were wearing jeans. Jeans that would mold to his long, muscular legs and….what was she thinking? She was practically an engaged woman and she was picturing another man in jeans? She didn’t even wear jeans herself! And this man was a stranger! They hadn’t been introduced as of this moment and she was already reacting to him in such a physical….carnal way.

She worked hard to suppress her instant reaction, trying to hide her body’s response behind a polite mask of mild interest as the large man’s startling blue eyes swiftly took in the occupants of the room other than the woman in his arms. When his eyes collided with hers, she felt as if an electric shock had just zoomed through her body. He was still ten feet away and she inhaled sharply when his eyes stopped and looked back at her.

She suddenly felt hot and cold as his eyes slowly traveled up and down her body, acting as if he had the right to visually accost her in such a manner. She glared back at him, telling him with her eyes that he was out of line and acting horribly rude. But the man was audacious and instead of being contrite and looking away as any normal guest would do, his eyes held hers and his grin widened. The man actually caressed her with his eyes in front of the other two people!

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