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The Sheik’s Baby Surprise (The Boarding School #4)(5)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Jina shivered as the man continued to look down at her. “Thank you for the offer, but I’ll be fine.”

“It is raining hard and it is a long walk to the parking lot. You had a traumatic walk here earlier today. Please, let me drive you to your car.”

Jina shook her head and took a step back, feeling crowded by his height and his heat. “I sincerely appreciate your offer,” she lied, “but I can get home on my own steam.”

She started to walk around him once again but he shook his head. “It is raining harder than earlier. Let me help you. I owe you that much at least because of my chauffer’s splash on you before you arrived.”

Jina couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled up inside of her. For some reason, this just struck her as funny. “You’re not really going to step in front of me every time I try to go around you, are you?” she asked, looking up into his dark eyes, trying to ignore that crazy, fluttering sensation in her tummy.

And then he smiled. His white teeth were startling against his tanned skin. And even those dark, devilish eyes lit up with humor. “I think I am.” He crossed his arms over his massive chest. “What are you going to do about it?”

Jina giggled. Good grief, she never giggled. Smothering her humor, she stepped back. “I think we’re going to stand out here in the rain for a quite a while. Because there is no way you’re going to get me into that limousine. If you’re just as stubborn as I am, then we’re playing a game that might never end.”

He chuckled as well. “I can be much more stubborn.” His eyes narrowed. “And I think I’m probably more diabolical.”

She laughed again. What was it about this man? She hated his attitude, didn’t she? “I’m sure that you probably got away with a lot of things in your youth that you think can happen again. But I promise you, I won’t stand for it. And even worse, I’ll make a scene.” She grinned. “I wanted to major in theatre in college. So I’m pretty good.”

Malik laughed again, enchanted by this woman and her not-so-dire threats. “So we are at an impasse. How can we resolve this situation?”

Jina lifted her purse higher onto her shoulder and crossed her arms over her chest, imitating his stance. “Well, here’s the deal. I believe you’re trying to ask me out on a date, correct?”

He was actually trying to get her into his bed, but he could go along with a “date”. To start. “Yes.”

“The problem here is that I don’t date wealthy men.”

His eyes widened in surprise. “You have a problem with money?”

She shook her head. “Not money. No. I have a problem with the personalities that excess wealth creates in people.” Her eyes sharpened as she said, “It creates an arrogance that is unattractive.”

Malik leaned forward slightly. “You are attracted to me.”

Jina opened her mouth to deny that claim, but the words wouldn’t come out. “Regardless, your arrogance overwhelms whatever other aspects of you I might, or might not,” she added in quickly when she saw the triumphant look in his eyes, “feel towards you. And there’s the problem of your arrogance letting you think you can do things with impunity. That really bothers me.”

All humor left his features with her claim. “Who has created this fear in you?” he demanded.

Jina was stunned by the instantaneous change in his demeanor. “No one has done anything to me personally.” One shoulder went up and down. “We hear stories in this profession. While mingling with the powerful and elite, there are stories when women are hurt or attacked. Because of the man’s position, she is not believed when she reports the abuse.” She looked down. “I’m not putting myself into that kind of a position,” she said firmly.

His arms dropped and he eliminated the space between them. “When we make love, my beauty, I promise that you will not be hurt. It will only be pleasure.”

Jina swallowed. She heard the finality in his tone and his words but rejected his assertion that it was only a matter of “when”, not “if” she made love with this man. “That’s not going to happen.”

He lifted his hand, running a finger down her cheek. “I believe that it is inevitable,” he contradicted. “Something this intense cannot be ignored.”

Under other circumstances, Jina would roll her eyes and slap his hand away from her skin. But right now, this moment, the fire on her skin from his touch was sending crazy thoughts ricocheting around her body and she almost swayed closer, wanting more contact with this man than just his fingers.

When she realized what she’d almost done, she shook her head and stepped back again. “No. Nothing is inevitable. We control our actions with…” she had trouble remembering how her actions were controlled. “We control our actions through conscious thought and intentional communications with another person. There is no force that is inevitable besides gravity.”

The deep chuckle that emanated from this man sent unexpected and unwanted desire spiraling through her once again.

“You are young and, I’m guessing, haven’t had many lovers. But we will be together, my beauty.”

Jina lifted her hand to pull his away, but her fingers stopped when they wrapped round his wrist. They stood like that for a long moment, just staring at each other. Jina could barely breathe as the heat from his eyes warmed her.

When he finally pulled away, Jina actually opened her mouth, prepared to demand that he put his hand right back against her cheek. She felt…bereft…without his touch. She wanted the heat back!

She shook her head when she realized what she was thinking and snapped her mouth closed. Good grief! Was she losing her mind?

“I have to go,” she whispered, wishing her voice was stronger, more assertive. But all she could manage was a whisper even after she cleared her throat.

He didn’t stop her this time and she ran across the pavement towards the street, ignoring the cold splatters of rain as they hit her legs. Her shoes would be ruined, but that was a small price to pay for peace of mind.

When she descended the stairs to the subway, she took a deep breath as she folded her umbrella and sat down on the metal bench to wait for the subway to arrive. The whole time she sat there, her eyes didn’t see her surroundings. Nor did she realize that the trains were coming to the station, then departing after letting off people and taking on new passengers. She was simply too stunned by her encounter with the man to let anything into her head other than replaying their conversation over and over again.

It took about three trains coming and going from the station before she realized what she was doing. Just sitting here? Was she crazy? She was in New York City! People were hurt or killed when they didn’t pay attention to their surroundings!

She stood up, ignoring the squishy feeling every time she took a step in her cheap shoes. When the train arrived, she stepped into the closest car and took a seat, grateful that it was the early afternoon and she didn’t have to stand as the commuters filled up all the available spaces in their rush to get home.

When she emerged from the subway in her neighborhood, she trudged along the street to her building, her mind still going over their conversation again and again. She had to push him out of her mind. There wouldn’t be another encounter with the tall, dark devil so she should just stop thinking about him, push those dangerous eyes out of her mind. He was gone. He was in the past. Her dark stranger was history!

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