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The Sheik’s Baby Surprise (The Boarding School #4)(9)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

“Yes, I’m from Sarkit.”

Jina heard the words. Her eyes narrowed on his features as news clippings suddenly tumbled through her mind. Little by little, the pictures to those news articles connected. When the reality of his identity hit her, she gasped and pulled her hands away from his.

“You really are Sheik Amari del Nader!” and she actually pushed her chair further back.

Malik sighed, frustrated that she now knew his identity. He had been enjoying the anonymity for once. And he definitely didn’t like the fear in her eyes. “What difference does my position make between us? We are still attracted to each other and you will still be in my bed once I can overcome your concerns.”

She shook her head and stood up. “There’s no way you can overcome my concerns,” she mocked, angry now. “You’re one of the big fish in the big ocean. Sarkit is one of the most powerful countries in the region and you’re the most powerful ruler of all of them.” She pulled her fingers away when he stood up as well and reached for her. “Are you just playing with me?”

“Why would you think that?” he asked, irritated with her assumptions.

“Just having a bit of fun with the poor, country girl, right?”

His eyes narrowed at her accusation. “I never once implied that you were of lesser intelligence if that’s what you’re talking about.”

She still shook her head, too stunned at the idea that she was standing here speaking with a man of his power and position. “You’re…you’re…” She looked around, terrified now that she knew who he was. He was Sheik of Sarkit! He had meetings with the president! Good grief, he had meetings with everyone!

“Jina stop right now!” he ordered. When she froze, he muttered a curse under his breath. “There is no difference in who I am now versus the man you were putting into his place a few moments ago.”

“I don’t think…”

He lifted his hand, silencing her. “You are a beautiful woman and I’m a man who is interested in getting to know you. That’s all there is between us. Don’t make more of this than what it is.”

She relaxed slightly, but was still more than a little awestruck. “Your Highness, I can’t…”

“You will call me Malik,” he told her.

She shook her head. “I can’t use your first name, Your Highness.” She looked around again. “I have to go. I’m sure you have more important things to do.”

He grabbed her hand before she could walk away. “Jina, don’t leave. Just talk to me,” he coaxed softly.

She started to shake her head again, glancing around because speaking to a world leader like this was a major breach in protocol. “I can’t do this, Your Highness,” she told him again.

He moved in closer, trapping her body with his against the table but not allowing any of the other guests to notice. “Here’s what’s going to happen, my blue eyed beauty,” he told her in a soft but very firm voice. “You’re going to walk out of here on my arm. I will treat you as if you are working for me as a translator or I can drag you out of here and treat you like an angry lover. The choice is yours.”

Her eyes narrowed as he issued that threat. “You wouldn’t!” she gritted out, furious now that he was talking to her like this.

His eyes moved over her lovely features, noting the angry color on her high cheekbones. “Oh, my pretty woman. You’d be surprised at what I dare. So which is it? With dignity or with derision? What is your choice?”

Her chin jutted out with his ultimatum. “You’re not going to do this to me, Your Highness.” His title was said with the highest degree of sarcasm that she could muster through her nervousness.

He chuckled. “Oh, I’m going to do this. We’re going to leave here where you are self-conscious because you are surrounded by your colleagues and potential clients, and we’re going to go someplace more private. If only to have a glass of wine together, we’re going to talk and relax. And you’re going to trust me.”

Her mouth fell open with that comment. “You really expect me to trust you after you just threatened my career and my credibility?” she asked in astonishment, pretending that she wasn’t trembling in anticipation from his words.

He smiled. “We’re leaving.”

She thought he was saying that to her but she realized that his comment was actually to the bodyguards who suddenly appeared in her line of vision. Where they’d been before this moment, she had no idea. But before she could stop him, he was leading her out of the room. He stopped occasionally to speak with one or two of the lingering guests, making their departure look like a simple casual conversation. He turned to say something to one of his guards and Jina shook her head when she translated the message. She only knew a few words of Arabic but she knew enough so that she understood his command. “He can’t get into the employee lockers,” she explained. But the guard disappeared, off to get her personal belongings.

Jina was able to maintain her nervous anger almost the whole walk through the room. But when she saw the limousine waiting at the door for him, she pulled back.

Malik turned back to face the fascinating woman. “What’s wrong?” he asked softly, turning so that she couldn’t see his bodyguards.

Her eyes snapped from the vehicle, then up to his eyes, then back again. “I can’t do this! I can’t get into that vehicle! I mean, why would you want me to anyway? The only reason would be for…” she shook her head and pushed a stray lock of hair back behind her ear. “I’m not like that. I can’t do it. I just…”

Malik used the expedient method of stopping her tirade by simply kissing her. Initially, she was too stunned to react but it took perhaps three seconds before he felt her lips soften, her body melt into his. His hands on her shoulders slid lower, wrapping around her waist and pulling her against his hardness. Malik was used to the softness of women, loved their smells and their figures, finding all the different shapes of women a turn on. But when this lovely, nervous, shy woman melted in his arms, the lust that surged through him was hard and fast. Never before had his mind left him so quickly.

The horns blasting startled him and Malik lifted his head. As he stared down into her soft, blue eyes, he realized that he needed to get them out of there quickly. She looked like he felt and the desire surging through him with that knowledge was powerful.

“Come with me,” he growled, taking her hand and pulling her towards the limousine. They were inside the dark interior with the doors closed before her eyes cleared of the desire. He knew that he’d put that desire there and he could barely suppress his need as that reality hit him.

She was so lovely with her swollen lips and the confusion in those pretty blue eyes. But a moment later, the vehicle moved and the wariness returned.

“No, Jina,” he told her softly. “I’m not going to spirit you away to some horrible, dark dungeon. We’re going to my hotel and we’ll have a glass of wine. We’ll talk and have some food since you didn’t eat enough earlier. And then I will ensure that you are home, in your own bed and,” he smiled slightly, “alone.” When she still looked anxious, he sighed. “I’ll have you home and in your own bed by midnight. Will that suffice? Since it is Saturday night, I’m guessing you don’t have a heavy work load tomorrow, is that correct?”

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