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The Prince's Intimate Abduction (The Samara Royal Family #2)(7)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

She dropped his chart onto the counter, taking deep breaths to try and calm her temper. He probably hadn’t meant anything by his questions. He’d just unknowingly hit on a sore spot. Besides, she was exhausted from lack of sleep, not having gotten a good night’s rest since Turk had been dragged into the surgery area. And she was irritated that this man would even question her medical skills.

“I need to change your bandage and look at your wound,” she told him, wishing he’d still been asleep when she’d come to do this. She’d checked on him several times already today in between patients. She shouldn’t have. There had been no reason except, well, except that she liked looking at the man! There! She’d said it, if only to herself! She had been acting like a voyeur and sighing over all of those incredible muscles!

No one had to know and she’d never tell anyone.

“That didn’t leave you much time for a social life. What did you do for fun?” he asked.

Raven was pulling on latex gloves. “I had fun,” she argued, trying to focus on his wound.

Turk didn’t buy it. He’d had friends who had gone to medical school while he was at university. They only took a regular course load and they were slaves to their studies until the summers when they had a bit of a break. If this woman had taken extra classes and studied during the summer, he was betting that she’d been a lonely girl most of the time. “When? What kinds of fun?”

She clenched her teeth as she stood across the room, anxious about coming closer to check on his wound but also wanting to switch the subject and changing his bandages would get the conversation moving in that direction. Refusing to answer his challenge, she turned around and huffed a bit. “Could you come into the next room where there is more light?” she asked, stepping back and wishing she’d asked Ben to do this earlier.

“You’re going to have to help me again,” he warned her, liking the idea of her touching him once again. She was all soft curves and smooth skin. Not to mention those beautiful eyes and incredibly long lashes! Damn, he liked those grey eyes that were skittering about the room nervously.

Raven cringed. She hadn’t thought about that! “Fine,” she sighed. She should have known that he would need help! Of course, he hadn’t needed help when he’d gotten to the bathroom yesterday evening but…

She should have anticipated all of this but when it came to this man, she wasn’t always thinking clearly. She just wished he wasn’t so charming and handsome when he smiled. That smile softened all of the harsh edges that seemed to epitomize the man, even when he was sleeping.

Moving over to his cot, she gritted her teeth as she put her shoulder under his arm and helped him up, telling herself not to think about how warm and wonderful he felt. And good grief, the man smelled good! She knew he was only taking sponge baths in the tiny bathroom each night, so why did he smell so amazingly good? It shouldn’t be possible, but she still had to fight the urge to turn her face so that her nose was closer to his warm, tanned skin.

Turk wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer and enjoying her touch against his body. Those fingers that were so knowledgeable about healing were driving him nuts with her barely-there touch on his back. “Thanks, now tell me what you did for fun.”

Raven cringed as she felt all of those rippling muscles along his back. Goodness, she wanted to slide her fingers over his back, feel those muscles in action. He was an astonishingly well-developed male. “None of your business,” she said as she helped him walk into to the examining room. She only had the one room but it had a great overhead light. “Here, just sit on the table and…can you lay back?”

Turk wasn’t ready to let her go. “With your help,” he replied. He almost laughed out loud when she looked at him warily. He was holding her hands now and she was standing in front of him. He wanted those soft hands on his body again. He’d definitely been able to walk, but had enjoyed her help. Laying back? Nope, he wasn’t able to do that yet. Not with this irritating wound on his side.

Raven moved behind him and helped him slowly lay his extremely large body against the examining table. When he was laid out, she felt much safer, as if he was more vulnerable now. But as she looked at him, she knew that this man was never vulnerable. Well, except for that one night when he’d been unconscious and losing blood.

As she bent over his side, she gently pulled the bandage away, being careful to not hurt him. “So, who are the goons who keep showing up, demanding to take your body away as soon as you’ve woken up?”

Turk’s head lifted up with a snap at those words, but he hissed out his pain since he was using the damaged muscles of his stomach to lift his head. Slowly, he lowered his head back down to the table, breathing through the pain until it eased away. “You don’t want to know who they are.”

Raven laid her hand over the torn muscles until she felt him relax again. “I’ll give you something for the pain,” she told him softly. “I don’t really need to know who they are. And don’t worry, I’ll keep telling them that you’re still unconscious. I suggested to one of them yesterday that you might have a brain edema and needed to be flown to the capital city for testing and x-rays.” She laughed even as she carefully peeled back the bandage. “They really didn’t like that idea but the suggestion bought me more time with you here. They were willing to leave you alone for a couple of days, demanding that I get the swelling down.” She shook her head. “Some people really don’t understand how the human body works.”

She looked up and noticed that he was gritting his teeth with the pain after his head-lift. “Right,” she reminded herself. “Pain medicine will help you so that you won’t have to deal with that kind of pulling. It will also help you sleep.”

Turk immediately shook his head. “No meds,” he replied adamantly. “I’m fine.”

She didn’t argue with him, but there was a fine sheen of sweat on his brown now, telling her that he was in a great deal of pain. When she had the bandage off, she looked carefully at the wound. “It looks pretty good,” she told him. “But I’m going to clean it again, just to be safe.” She gently touched the edges of the wound, satisfied that her stitches weren’t pulling too much and that nothing seemed to be infected. “It’s a good thing you’re a healthy man. Otherwise,” she shook her head, thinking of all the gory wounds she’d read about in rural areas of the world that started to fester.

“Oh, I’m a healthy male,” he agreed. And if her fingers didn’t stop that delicate touching, he was going to show her exactly how healthy he was. “Everything okay down there?” he asked, not lifting his head again.

“Yes. You’re healing extremely well.” She stood up and got some antibiotic ointment and a bit of saline to clean around some small bits of remaining blood. “It’s a bit spooky at how fast you are healing, actually.”

A few more minutes and she’d attached another sterile bandage and he was all finished. Thank goodness! She was trying very hard to think only in medical terms, but with those rippling abdominal muscles so close, she was having problems focusing. Well, that’s not exactly accurate. She was focusing. But mostly on those delicious, rippling muscles. “Okay, let’s get you back to bed and I’ll make something for dinner,” she told him, taking both of his hands once again, helping to lift him into a sitting position.

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