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Enticing Ian (Knight Security #5)
Author: Carole Mortimer

Chapter 1


What the fu—!

Ian’s shocked gaze remained fixed on one of a dozen security monitors in front of him.

He had to force himself to look away and give his head a shake to clear it before turning back to the screen.

She was still there.

What the hell was she doing spending her Friday evening in a place like Utopia, London’s hottest and most exclusive nightclub and casino?

He spoke into his hands-free mouthpiece. “Karl, the woman who just came in alone, a brunette, slender, sapphire-colored eyes— Yes, I said sapphire,” he repeated impatiently. “It’s a shade of blue. She’s also average height, wearing a black knee-length dress, low-heeled shoes… Yeah, that’s the one. Her name is Eve Bishop. Would you apprehend Miss Bishop and bring her to interview room one, where I’ll be waiting?” Ian used the word interview loosely. Most times that room was where they took members of the nightclub and casino clientele who were already causing trouble or were about to. “Take over from me here, Viktor,” Ian said as he turned to the man sitting beside him. “And turn off the security camera in room one,” he added grimly as he stood and strode from the room.

Goddammit, Evie shouldn’t be alone in a place like Utopia. She shouldn’t be here at all. She was a fucking librarian, for Christ’s sake, not one of the usual svelte and sophisticated—and predatory—women who frequented this nightclub on the lookout for the next wealthy man who could keep them in the life to which they were, or hoped to become, accustomed.

Ian’s steps faltered slightly as he made his way down to the public area of the club, causing him to pause, hand braced against the wall, and draw in several deep breaths.


Dear God, Evie was here…


“Miss Bishop?”

Evie spun round to face the man who had called her name and was now powering across the crowded bar area toward her. She instantly recognized him as one of the black-suited men standing guard at the entrance of this fashionable nightclub, checking ID if necessary, before letting people in. She had breathed a heavy sigh of relief once she was inside those doors. From the grimness of this man’s expression, that relief might have been premature.

Her heart thumped even more wildly, and her fingers tightened about her clutch bag. “Is there a problem?” She used her severest librarian’s voice, the one reserved for people who were late bringing a book back and didn’t want to pay the overdue fee.

The man, well over six feet tall and built like a tank, just kept coming. “Would you come with me, Miss Bishop.” It clearly wasn’t a request as he took a firm grasp of her arm and pulled her toward a door marked Private.

Evie tried to break free, but it soon became clear those defined muscles in the man’s arms and chest weren’t only for decoration. “Would you mind telling me what this is about?” She resisted being pulled through the doorway to the private area of the nightclub and casino. If it became necessary, she wasn’t opposed to screaming.

Was it possible someone had recognized her and reported her presence to Gregori Markovic? But how had they even known who she was? She and Adam were twins, yes, but they looked less alike than any normal brother and sister; she was a brunette with blue eyes; Adam was blond with hazel eyes.

But wasn’t it a good thing if this man was taking her to Markovic? After all, the only reason she had come here tonight was so that she could talk to the head of the Russian bratva and owner of this nightclub.

She relaxed in the man’s grasp. “There’s really no need for you to hold on to me so tightly, or at all,” she assured the man lightly as she stepped through the doorway into the dimly lit hallway. “I’m more than happy to meet and speak with Mr. Markovic.”

The man glanced down at her from his superior height as he stopped outside an open door halfway down the carpeted hallway. “I’m not taking you to Mr. Markovic.”

Her eyes widened. “Then who—”

“Good evening, Evie.”

That voice!

Dear God, it couldn’t really be him. Not after all this time. And not here and now, of all places.

A glance inside the room showed her it was indeed Ian Knight in all his magnificent, breathtaking glory.

She took in the whole of his appearance in that single glance. At the age of thirty-five, Ian was six feet and four inches of raw, toned muscle. His dark hair was slightly longer than Evie remembered. His eyes were so dark a brown they almost looked black, set in a face that was far too rugged to be called handsome, and yet it mesmerized nonetheless: straight brows over those dark eyes, a long aquiline nose, high cheekbones, chiseled lips, and a square and determined jaw.

He wore an elegantly tailored suit that did absolutely nothing to hide those toned muscles beneath, the wide shoulders, tapered waist, powerful thighs, and long legs.

Evie forced her gaze to return to those dark, narrowed eyes. “Ian.” She nodded.

He glanced at the man still standing in the doorway behind her. “Wait outside, please, Karl.”

Evie heard the door close and guessed, without needing to look to confirm it, that Karl was now in the hallway on the other side of that door. There was an authoritative edge to Ian’s tone not too many people would argue with, even a hulk like Karl.

“What am I doing here, Ian?” The room was bare of all comfort that Evie could see, furnished with only the table against which Ian now leaned, arms folded in front of his massive chest. There were two hard chairs in the room too, one on either side of that bare table. It looked like an interrogation room, which was not in the least reassuring.

Ian continued to watch her through narrowed lids fringed with thick dark lashes. “That’s what I was hoping you would tell me.”

Now that her initial shock was over, Evie was bombarded with memories of her and this man together three years ago. Followed by the pain of being ejected from Ian’s life. Pain that had been crippling at the time, and could still almost bring her to her knees if thoughts of him should pop unannounced and unwanted inside her head. Thank God that didn’t happen too often nowadays. Although after tonight, she was sure that was about to change.

Her chin tilted defensively. “And why would I want to tell you anything?”

His mouth twisted. “Perhaps because I’m acting head of security at Utopia.”

Her brows rose. “Acting?”

“The other guy is on paternity leave.”

“Paternity leave?”

“As in he and his wife have a newborn baby.”

Evie wasn’t completely ignorant of the Markovic setup, had found out what she could about the man before seeking him out. Which was why she knew Nikolai Volkov, a seriously bad-ass Russian, was head of all Markovic’s security and personal bodyguard to the man himself. This was the same man who had now gone on paternity leave?

“Nikolai Volkov?” she voiced uncertainly.


“You no longer work for your cousins’ security company?”

“I’m on loan from Knight Security.”


“Evie, what the fuck are you doing here?” Ian had had quite enough of Evie answering every question he asked with one of her own.

“I heard they serve great cocktails in the bar?”

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