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Faking it All (Hellfire Riders MC #10)(9)
Author: Kati Wilde

Because when you’d die to protect the woman you love, when you’d kill anyone who tried to come after her, when you’d tear the world apart before seeing her hurt, there’s nowhere safer for her than right by your side.

And that settles it. “But Tataurov left her? Something about this whole setup is simply fucking wrong.”

“Yeah, it is,” the prez agrees. “But Blowback will keep his eyes on that and unravel whatever Tataurov’s lying about. You keep your eyes on Keri Bishop, because as far as we can tell, Zhuk is coming after her.”

Maybe. He sure as hell won’t get to her, though. Because she might not be mine, but I know what to do with a woman who’s depending on me—I’ll keep her by my side.

That’s where she ought to be now. Pushing back my chair, I stand. “You got anything else for me before I head over to the lodge?”

“The second Blowback has more, you’ll know it.” The prez tilts his head, eyeing me. He’s a hard man to read, but I’d say he was looking expectant. “You got anything else for me?”

What else is there? Something about my dumbshit brother-in-law? Or about putting in my bid for the enforcer’s patch?

One isn’t settled yet. The other I don’t have a hope in hell of getting. “Not tonight, boss.”

His steely gaze holds mine for a long second before he nods. “We’re done here, then.”

Yeah. I’m feeling as if I fucked up that answer, but the second I’m out of the conference room, my head’s already over in the opposite end of the lodge.

When the club took over the old dude ranch and transformed the guest lodge into the clubhouse, a good portion of the original rooms weren’t touched. They weren’t used much, either. I don’t know what Red Erickson—the Steel Titans’ president who owned the property up until he died this past year—had in mind when he divided up the building, but it might just be that the club didn’t need all that space and he didn’t want to deal with the upkeep of the entire lodge when the old lobby and a few other rooms and offices served the club’s needs.

So the clubhouse and the rest of the lodge are closed off from each other, but access is easy enough. From the second floor, I just follow the hallway to where a wall addition serves as a partition between the two sections of the building. We don’t even keep that door bolted, normally—though that will change while the clubhouse is on lockdown.

Second floor of the lodge’s side is where all the old guest rooms were. Most of them are empty, but for these babysitting jobs there’s a couple of suites that we keep stocked and cleaned—and locked, because if we didn’t, the brothers would start using those big old beds to fuck their women in. They can use the empty rooms for that shit and save Molly the labor of cleaning up after their asses.

For the next while, though, aside from Molly and Keri Bishop, anyone who isn’t a patchholder won’t be allowed through the gates at the head of the driveway leading here. Those gates will be closed up, too—everyone entering will be required to stop and use the intercom, so that someone here at the clubhouse can let them through. Normally those gates are always open. Some of the brothers will bellyache about the hassle—and the lack of women—but if they need pussy they can always ride into town.

At the very end of the hall, a door opens to the rooms Keri Bishop will be staying in—though she’s not there now. A pile of luggage is stacked in what used to be the lodge’s high-end suite. She’ll have a private bedroom and bath, along with a sitting area. And while she’s here, I’ll take over the adjoining room that opens up off the suite’s foyer, so that no one can pass through the entrance to her rooms without going past me.

And she won’t be able to do a damn thing without me knowing. I’ll hear her bathing, knowing her golden skin’s glistening and bare. I’ll hear the quiet that means she’s sleeping alone in that big bed.

My dick’s already aching, just imagining it. No doubt living through the reality will be pure fucking torture. If she’s my punishment, the universe did a damn fine job picking one.

Because I’ve never reacted like this to any woman. Now when I do, she’s a married woman. A woman under my protection. And even if those two factors weren’t part of the equation, she’s still a woman who’d never want trash like me touching her, anyway.

But the only factor that matters is: she’s under my protection.

Telling myself that doesn’t ease the ache in my cock, though, and my mood’s running hot and irritated as I head down the stairs to the kitchen. The air smells fucking amazing, so the VP’s old lady apparently worked her magic in there.

This part of the lodge is Molly’s domain. The old lobby and dining room have been taken over by the clubhouse, but she’s got a restaurant-quality kitchen that opens up into an area she calls the day room. Big windows overlook the creek, and a pair of French doors open up to a wide porch, which I know from experience serves as a damn fine place to greet the morning with a coffee in hand. When it’s too cold to sit outside, a pair of overstuffed chairs and a sofa face a stone fireplace. And just off the kitchen sits an oak dining table with benches running along either side like a fancy version of a picnic table.

That’s where I find the brothers I’ve already called in, sitting around the table like they’re at a church social. Each one has a foaming pint of ale sitting in front of him.

Grasshopper’s facing me, so he notices me first, tipping his glass toward me with a wide grin. Either he already talked to Maurice and got an affirmative response or he’s just feeling damn good about this job. Maybe both. Because when Picasso and Scarecrow look over their shoulders at me, they appear pretty damn pleased with themselves, too.

I don’t see the two people I’m expecting to see. “Where’s Bull and the woman?”

“The woman”—herself comes sailing out of the kitchen, loaded down with four steaming plates—“found out that Bull has a wife he was eager to get home to, so I told him to go. And since these kind gentlemen were here to look after me, he left me in their tender care.”

As she’s speaking, she’s setting a plate in front of each of the brothers as smoothly as if she does it every damn day of her life. But no waitress ever wore a dress like that, creamy silk hugging every slim curve and barely long enough to cover any panties she might have on under there. Miles of tautly muscled, sun-kissed legs are supported by a pair of ridiculous heels.

Married. Woman.

My cock doesn’t care. It just sees those bare golden thighs and imagines sliding between them.

Teeth grinding, I swing my gaze back to the brothers. “Why the fuck are you assholes making her wait on you?”

“Oh.” With a single plate still in her left hand, she stops all at once, eyebrows raised as she looks the brothers over, her sultry red lips rounded in an O of surprise. “I didn’t realize you were all assholes. I didn’t intend on serving him”—she nods toward me—“because I thought he was the only asshole here. Ah well. Too late, I suppose.”

Gracefully she places a plate next to Grasshopper’s and takes the seat beside him. I can’t see Picasso’s and Scarecrow’s faces but Grasshopper is on the verge of losing it, lips mashed together and his head bowed, shoulders shaking.

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