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Bound by Family (Ravage MC Bound #1)(6)
Author: Ryan Michele

Honestly, it’s just the thought of having me with him. He doesn’t want me for the long haul, just for a quick roll in bed. That doesn’t fly with me. I know the life, and for some women, that is an arrangement they want. Good for them, but it’s not for me. Bigger hopes await.

A woman can dream, right?

“Hey, Sterling. I’m just heading out. What can I do for ya?”

He swaggers in. “I’ll show ya what you can do for me.” His brows wiggle suggestively as his lips tip up in a sinful smirk.

I’m not one of those women who’s had a crush on their brother’s best friend for years and wants to fall madly in love with them and have their babies. He may think that, but he would be dead wrong. He’s never been on my radar as far as men go, even when he wasn’t giving it to everyone he could and then some.

“I’ve gotta get going.” I swing my oversized bag over my shoulder and look to make sure everything is turned off.

“Let me take you out.”

Here we go again.

“No.” The response is immediate, as it is every other time.

“Come on. What’s it take to get a man in there?” He almost groans at his words.

While rolling my eyes would be totally immature, it takes all my power not to. He’s not getting in anywhere.

“Not interested, Sterling, you know this.”

He looks me dead in the eye with a smile on his face, but it’s the eyes that catch my attention. Something unrecognizable is behind them. “You know I’ll treat you right.”

“Back the fuck off before I stab you in the eye with a screwdriver.” My middle brother, Racer, comes into the room. Damn, today has been like a revolving door. I’m so ready to go home and put an end to it.

Sterling turns toward my brother with his arms out and that same twinkle in his eye. “A man can dream.”

“You fuckin’ touch a hair on her head, you answer to me.” Racer gets up in Sterling’s face.

Racer is a bit of a hot head. Oh, who am I kidding? He’s a full-out hot head. His temper can go from calm and cool to off the charts if someone fucks with him or someone he cares about. He normally has great control over it, but once it explodes … hell hath no fury.

I move to my brother and pat his chest. “I’m just leaving. Come walk me out?”

My brother doesn’t move as I walk past him. Then, when I’m out of earshot, I hear, “Don’t touch her unless she wants it.”

Well, that’s not going to happen. One thing I don’t want in my life is to be with a man who can’t make me his own. A man who will go off and screw other women while with me, then come back to me as if nothing happened. Sterling can’t give me that. There is no trust there whatsoever.

I make my way through the stone-blocked building, feeling a slight breeze from the ventilation system as I make my way outside.

The Florida sun penetrates as the humidity instantly puts a sheen on my skin. With it being late September, it’s nowhere near as bad as the summers can be. Living here, we get used to it.

I slip on my shades and see the president of the Sinister Sons, Wolf, talking to some of the brothers. He turns his head toward me, his glasses hiding whatever is on his face. Technically, he’s my boss, so I’m cordial to him, giving him a slight wave. I’ve known him for years, though he hasn’t always been president. That didn’t come about until a few years ago. I can’t really remember a time when I had a full-on conversation with him since my father is my go-to guy for the businesses. My father says he has an iron fist. Luckily for me, I deal with my father.

After my hand wave, I call it a day.



Chapter Four



Music pumps through the speakers in the open room of the clubhouse. Dark paneling encases the entire room, giving it a darker feel. One wall is full of pictures, some from when I was a kid. On another wall is a bar with mirrors behind it and brightly lit signs. The bar is an L-shape and has more dents and scratches in it than a car at an impound. Each one of those marks is a memory of the life here in the Ravage MC. It will never be sanded or re-stained, not ever.

Women shake their asses on the makeshift dance floor while others mingle. It’s an average Saturday night in Sumner, Georgia at the Ravage MC clubhouse. Tonight’s pretty laid back, just the way I like it.

“You’ve got to be shittin’ me,” Green grunts out, tossing his cards down on the table. Gin Rummy is our game of choice and dollar bills are what’s up for grabs. Green still hasn’t mastered the game yet and tends to lose at every turn. It’s the only way he’s going to learn, though. If that happens to fatten our wallets, so be it.

“Your hand sucks.” I look down to the cards and let out a chuckle. He has a three, five, seven, eight, ten, queen, and ace; suits all over the place. Possibly the worst hand ever. That shit’s seriously bad, and Jacks knocked, so that means game’s over.

Jacks joined the club with Green, whose real name is Ty, but got the road name Green because, when he first prospected, he was beyond green when it came to club life. They were my best friends in high school and didn’t have to join, but chose to. I’m happy about that. They have had my back through some tricky shit, and I trust them with my life. Even before we were technically brothers, they were there, which shows a man’s character.

Playing Gin, though, Green sucks.

“Take it like a man,” Jacks calls out, pulling all the money his way.

I inhale my smoke, then blow it out. “Does he know how to do that?”

Green pushes my arm. “Shut the fuck up. I need to find some pussy.”

“There’s enough to go around,” I tell him.

“Newbie redhead over in the corner, Coop,” Green says, turning back around to me. “Watchin’ you like a hawk.”

“When she get here?” Jacks asks, and I have the same question. She wasn’t here yesterday.

“Today. Derek brought her in and got it checked with Pops. Don’t know her story. Don’t care,” Green says, and that’s enough of an answer for me.

I tilt my body so I can get a good view. She’s not bad. Her hair is cut super short, while I prefer long so I have something to grab. She has very nice long legs, and her shirt pretty much shows me her plump breasts. What the hell; I’m bored, anyway.

“Let me go see if the carpet matches the drapes,” I say, rising from my seat.

“That’s overused, brother,” Jacks tells me, and I shrug, not giving a shit.

Crooking my finger at the woman, she comes over immediately.

An hour later, I find out that they do match.


“About fuckin’ time. Where the hell were you?” Ryker asks as I enter the large out-building we built three years ago. Pops said we needed more room and a place that was locked up tight, so he built this. There are no windows and only two doors. It’s reinforced steel walls with cameras everywhere on the outside and alarms for any unwelcome guests. We don’t need anyone seeing what goes on behind them. Not that we’ve had any problems.

“Watchin’ Austyn and Nox.” I rub my hand over my exhausted face.

I love my siblings, but fuck, they’re a damn handful. They fight all the damn time about stupid shit they don’t even care about in ten minutes. Being so much older, it’s different having them so young, but it’s my family.

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