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Ready For His Rule
Author: Angel Payne



Dear readers,

Four years ago, I began this crazy, wilder-than-wild journey, inspired by my love of military heroes and a kernel of an idea based on a real-life couple I’d met at a Los Angeles book signing. That Dom and his wife became Garrett and Sage, the first lovers of the WILD Boys of Special Forces.

With every new book, I swore the story would be the last of the series. (No…seriously!) These guys and their ladies have wrenched my soul, broken my heart, and kept the tissue companies super happy because of all the tears I’ve shed for them. But with every story, there seemed to be another waiting, burning at my spirit to tell.

And then, of course, there was Keoni John Franzen—the battalion captain who refused to be silent. The wildest boy of them all, always whispering that he wouldn’t let me go until he got his own adventure and found his own amazing lady.

I’m going to be honest. The idea of telling John’s story was so daunting, I originally thought I’d dash off a fast and dirty novella, just to get him to shut up. You can all stop laughing about that one now.

With John’s story, I’m saying goodbye to the Boys with a mixture of laughter, tears, joy, and sorrow. They (and you!) have shown me that jumping into the big, scary pool of being a hybrid author was going to be kind of cool. And—gasp!—a little fun. And always, always, a passionate, pulsing, wonderful thrill ride I could have never imagined.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in these books, and in the stories my spirit needed to tell with them. When I think of how far we’ve all come with the Boys, I’m simply blown away. How thankful I am for every single one of you, for believing in these amazing, beautiful heroes of my heart.

I hope John and Tracy’s story is a beautiful conclusion to the series for you. As always, I have no words after this point—for my gratitude to all of you is beyond bounds, as well.


With Special, incredible thanks to the editing GODDESSES

who have given so much of themselves,

and cut their damn veins open to make the Boys shine!

Meredith Bowery

Riane Holt

Jacy Mackin

Ellie McLove

Rory Olsen

Melisande Scott

With more gratitude in my heart than I can ever express—

The one who’s held my hand through it all—

The Tracy with heart, beauty, brains, and spirit putting

even this fictional one to shame…

Tracy Roelle, you are such a gift to me from above.

And as long as I’m bawling my eyes out…

Victoria Blue, you are the touch point in my days…

the keel who keeps me even…

the friend I don’t deserve…

but the goddess for whom I am so damn grateful, each and every day.

Thank you for seeing my wildness and loving me anyway!

The Boys have only been as good as their betas—

and goddesses, I have no words (NONE!) to express how you have

helped these stories—and the writing overall—become the absolute best they can be!


Angela Barrett

Ceej Chargualaf

Kimberly Hellmers

Amy Rudolph

Carey Sabala

Lisa Simo-Kinzer

To every single blogger and review team who took time out of your days and nights to not just read the books, but give them honest words of appraisal from your hearts…I am so indebted and grateful to you all. WHAT YOU DO IS AMAZING—and so much harder than it looks! If I tried naming everyone, it’d be a disaster and I’d feel awful about leaving some folks off. I just want you to know that I KNOW how hard you work, and the time you’ve carved out for the WILD Boys has never, ever gone unappreciated.

An amazing, engulfing hug to Rachel Rivera,

for bringing the series to life on every gorgeous cover.

Your genius is beyond measure.

So MANY hugs, and a few thousand cups of coffee I’ll never be able to repay,

to the beautiful (inside and out!) Shannon Hunt,

and the entire Once Upon an Alpha marketing team.

NO WAY would I have kept my sanity without you—in so many more ways than one.

I am so deeply indebted to you…for everything.


To the men and women heroically serving in all branches of our nation’s armed forces.

Your sacrifices are never forgotten.






“Keeps you glued to your e-reader!”

—The Jeep Diva

“I found this was a book I just couldn’t put down. I got hooked from the beginning and then couldn’t stop reading.”

—Love Romance Passion Reviews

“The struggle they go through in finding their balance and loosening the needs within is pure beauty. Ms. Payne wraps the journey in suspense and thrills that will keep you turning the pages, intent not to miss a thing. This is one group of buddies I know I’ll enjoy getting rather acquainted with along with their daring partners as I make my way through the rest of The WILD Boys of Special Forces.”

—Xtreme Delusions

“Angel Payne delivers well-rounded characters, an action-packed storyline that is overflowing with passion, and above all, a love that overcomes and flourishes despite the darkness threatening to destroy the main characters. I cannot wait to meet and fall in love with more of the W.I.L.D. Boys.”

—RAW Reviews

“I am never disappointed with what Angel Payne brings to the table. I caught myself a couple of times holding my breath, and trying to read faster and faster. It was a very emotional read…a story of survival, growth, and love.”

—Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads

“Well-written…overall, a magnificent book. I am hooked on this series!”

—Night Owl Reviews

“Grabbed hold of my heart and never let go. Thick with passion, smoldering looks, and red-hot dominant sex. I am anxious for the continuation of her addicting characters!”

—RomFan Reviews

“I really loved this book. Both of these characters are complicated, which makes for a great story, and it worked in such a suspenseful erotic romance. This is one hot and steamy read. I’m still waiting for the fog to clear on my Kindle!”

—Delighted Reader Book Blog

“Amazing from beginning to end…full of suspense and creativity…I also liked the little details that make the book more ‘real’ for me.”

—Riverina Romantics

“It was great! I loved the little bits of humor here and there. The heat was definitely turned up and will leave you very satisfied. The ending was great and there were a few surprises.”

—Alpha Book Club

“An enjoyable thrill ride with just the right amount of kinky sex…anyone who likes a good action novel, mystery and/or romance will find the story interesting and well-written. The love story is touching, realistic, heart-warming and very hot. With just the right amount of conflict between the two main characters, the story builds tension without overdoing angst.”

—My Book Addiction Reviews

“Certain things in life are absolutes: birth, death, taxes, and the fact that any book by Angel Payne will rock my world. The chemistry between these three will blow up your e-reader, but it’ll be worth every sweaty steamy moment!”

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