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Someday Soon (Not Yet #3)
Author: Laura Ward

Chapter One





“WHAT A SURPRISE. The fat cow’s eating again.” Belinda and Marnie snickered behind me in the cafeteria line. The smell of greasy cheesesteaks and pizza filled the air, making my stomach turn. I stiffened, squaring my shoulders, but kept my mouth shut.

Five more days. Five more days until I graduated high school.

I placed an apple next to my turkey sandwich and handed the cashier my identification card.

A hand shoved me forward and I stumbled, tray wobbling, the contents of my lunch threatening to lurch from my grasp. I whipped my head around. The line was long, full of students chatting or looking at their phones, paying no attention to me.

“Oops.” Belinda’s wicked sneer contorted her face, her eyes squinting and her lips folding into a duck-like shape. The hatred on her expression so strong, I shrank backward a little.

Belinda had been my first friend, way back in pre-school. We were besties until Marnie came along in third grade. Then we were a trio.

Belinda and Marnie grew up to be gorgeous pixies. Belinda had smooth, straight brown hair, and her figure was thin with a teeny tiny bone structure, and amazing tan skin. Marnie’s hair was brown, thick and curly, and her body looked a lot like Belinda’s.

When puberty hit and I grew in all the wrong places, I could barely contain my envy of Belinda and Marnie. All I wanted was to be small and inconspicuous. To blend in and not be stared at. They were so petite—they could wear anything and look like runway models. Bikinis were made for figures like theirs. Bikinis on me were slightly pornographic. I hid my inner green-eyed monster from them, but as time went on I drifted more and more into myself, and they got tired of being around me. When they began to ignore me in ninth grade, I thought that was the worst pain I would know. Loneliness.

I was wrong. The worst pain came when they decided leaving me alone was not enough. Being the butt of their jokes and the target for their cruelty was torture. Betrayal was the worst pain of all.

“Move, you oaf.” Marnie’s face was hard, her voice low. “You think you’re hot stuff, Daisy? You think your shit don’t stink ‘cause you got a brother playing football for the NFL? Well, you’re not. You’ve always been and always will be a chubby loser nobody.”

There was a reason Belinda and Marnie called me names referring to my weight. I looked different than any other girl my age in high school. I wasn’t fat, I knew that. But I was… curvy. Everywhere. My breasts were large, a full D cup. My hips were round, and my ass stuck out. Some guys loved it, yelling comments when I was at the mall or out walking down the street.

I hated it. Why couldn’t I look like my sisters or my mom? They were skinny bean poles, petite with tiny breasts and no butt to mention. They fit in. No parts stuck out like a flashing neon sign. None of them heard cat calls or were subjected to reading lewd comments on their Instagram or Snapchat like I did when I dared to post a picture.

My eyes widened at the sight of my fifteen-year-old sister, Delilah, holding a large cup of soda pop over the top of Belinda’s head. Like my ex- friends, Delilah was waif-like thin, with long, white-blonde hair and big blue eyes.

My older brother Damian—the tall, blond, quarterback for the high school football team, and every girl at school’s crush—moved next to her with his cup of pop. In unison, they poured the cups on top of Belinda and Marnie. Both girls jumped away, screeching, and clawing at their over-made-up faces as mascara and sticky liquid streamed down their cheeks.

I slapped my hand to my face to hide my grin. My siblings loved to tease each other, but watch out if someone hurt one of us. Nothing bonded the Goldsmith clan like the need to protect our own.

“Hey!” The white-haired, elderly cashier shuffled from behind her table, flagging down a cafeteria aide.

“Let’s go.” Damian motioned with his chin, and I grabbed my tray as Delilah and I hurried behind him out of the cafeteria. The dining area was massive so we blended right into the crowd before we could be stopped. We headed outside, sitting at a picnic bench on the outdoor patio, the bright May sunlight warming our skin.

I broke out in a cold sweat as we settled at the table across from each other. There would be retribution for the actions of my siblings. Belinda and Marnie would never let me get a free pass for that embarrassing outburst. The look on their faces, though, made it all worthwhile. I’d take what they had to give, if they left my brother and sister alone.

“Are you okay, Dais?” Delilah asked, her eyebrows furrowed with concern. “I heard a rumor that they were going to,” she used her fingers to make air quotes, “take you down at lunch. I texted Damian, and we took care of the bitches.”

My stomach tightened. This was bullshit. She was my younger sister, so she shouldn’t take care of me. I could handle my own problems. I’d been dealing with mean girls since middle school. Belinda, Marnie, and I were best friends when we were younger, but we’d all changed. They wanted to hang out at my house, sneaking my college-aged siblings’ beers and hooking up with my brothers. I had no interest in helping them achieve any of that.

And these days, I was just over it. I didn’t have it left in me to care.

Five. More. Days.

I shrugged. “I’m fine. You both shouldn’t have done that. You’re gonna get in trouble. It’s not even your lunch shift, Delilah.”

Damian ignored me, picking up my apple and taking a huge bite. He waved at a group of girls that giggled as they walked by our table.

I couldn’t help but smile. Damian being flirted with or asked out was a daily occurrence. I imagined the girls dreaming that Damian would pick one of them. Choose them to bestow his attention on or to be asked to the party he would be attending this weekend. Damian was never cruel, so he was the heartthrob of many unrequited crushes. Poor girls. I felt their pain. I knew all about unrequited love.

But what got Damian attention with the ladies was that he was pretty much a carbon copy of our oldest brother, Dean. Both played football their whole lives and both received scholarships to Indiana University to continue playing ball for the Hoosiers. Both sported egos the size of Mount Rushmore, but they also were the most protective guys I knew, other than my dad. I loved them like crazy. I adored my entire family.

Which was why none of them understood my need to move away. But I did. I had to leave Indiana for a while. Find myself, perhaps? Years of dealing with girls like Belinda and Marnie caused me to doubt my every thought, and that pissed me off. I knew a few things with confidence, and one of them was that I was smart. I finished all my required courses for high school in three years and had spoken to my parents about graduating early.

They protested at first. What about the dances I’d miss? The parties? The fact of the matter was, I was the lone Goldsmith child who didn’t do those things. Normal high school social activity revolved around drinking and hooking up. Acting stupid and reckless. None of those things were me. I liked to read, and I loved to cook.

Over the years, I’d lost friends who didn’t understand that. Belinda and Marnie were two of them. While I’d spent my Saturdays polishing my key lime pie recipe to perfection, they’d decided I was too weird to even be kind to.

After enough pushing from me, my parents and I compromised. I would graduate a year early, alongside eighteen-year-old Damian. I wanted to go to culinary school, preferably in an exotic, foreign location, but they wanted me to take a year off and work here in Indianapolis. I gave in when I realized that delaying my travels for one year was infinitely better than staying in high school. Plus, it gave me a year to prove to them that I was mature enough to be the first Goldsmith to leave the Midwest indefinitely, as well as to save for a car and rent for an apartment wherever I ended up.

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