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Dirty Talk, Blissful Surrender
Author: Opal Carew

Opal Carew



From the end of Dirty Talk, Sweet Release

The man’s steel gray eyes turned to Sonny as he stepped onto the sidewalk, a flicker of recognition in their depths.

Then his lips turned up in a cold, feral smile. He waved away the man talking to him and stepped in her direction.

“I haven’t seen you in long time,” he said, his cold familiar voice dredging up a blue of horrific memories.

His gaze glided down her body and she felt as if she’d been stripped naked. She stood frozen in terror.

“I always thought you were one of D’s best pets.”

He was so close she could barely breathe. D had been how the other men had referred to the man who had kidnapped her. His friends whom he’d shared her with.

To her, he was just Master.

This man had been the worst of the lot. His sexual demands had been more degrading and abusive than even Master’s. And he’d beaten her more viciously.

He reached out and stroked her cheek with one finger. She wanted to jerk back, but her body refused to move. When she’d been a prisoner, she’d been trained to stay still… allowing them to touch her as they wanted. The alternative had been severe beatings.

Or worse.

“It was a shame when he let you go. I could have enjoyed you for quite a bit longer.”

The glint in his eye sent a chill through her.

He knew where she was. He could send someone to nab her anytime he wanted. And then she’d just disappear. Again.

She couldn’t breathe. Her whole body trembled.

Then his cold, gray gaze flickered behind her and his arrogant confidence seemed to waver. Just a fraction.

That’s when she realized Tal was behind her.


Tal parked the car, then walked along the sunny street a block down from the restaurant. This was officially their first date.

Sonny had come so far in a short while. After what they’d shared a week ago, where she’d actually bared herself to him, she’d been more relaxed around him.

They’d spent time together every day since then, and during that time she’d started casually touching him. Sometimes just a brush of her hand on his. Or she’d touch his cheek. She seemed to love it when his face was raspy with a dark shadow of whiskers.

And when they went to the pool and he took off his shirt, she would glide her fingertips lovingly over his scars, a wistful look in her doe eyes.

They were getting closer every day, and he knew that he wanted it to go on forever. They hadn’t known each other very long, but he knew, deep in his heart, that she was the woman he was meant to be with.

He turned the corner onto the main street and walked toward the restaurant only a dozen yards ahead. Sonny was waiting for him by the decorative wrought iron fence surrounding the outdoor patio in front of the restaurant, near a large planter of flowers.

She was talking to a man in a suit. Tal was behind her, but something about her stance… some aura he was picking up… sent his pulse surging. He picked up his pace and as he got closer, the guy looked up and saw him.

The arrogance in his eyes… with a cruel edge… put Tal on alert, every muscle ready to spring into action.

“Sonny, is everything all right?” he asked as he stepped beside her.

But he could see immediately that it was far from all right.

Her cheeks were flushed, her breathing shallow, and though she was looking at the man, not Tal, he could see the terror in her eyes.

“Sonny, who the hell is this?”


The monster standing in front of Sonny, who she had known as V, stared at her smugly, certain she wouldn’t say anything. She knew that with their money, none of the men would ever be charged with what they’d done. They’d reminded her of that over and over again. It would be a ‘he said, she said’ situation and no one would take her word over these men of prestige.

And the thought returned to her that he could easily hire someone to find her and kidnap her. And there was nothing she could do about it.

“Sonny?” Tal’s voice broke through her thoughts.

“He was one of them.”

The words, in a shaky whisper, simply slipped from her mouth. She didn’t mean for them to.

Tal’s blue eyes flared like blazing fireballs and he surged forward. Tal’s fist connected with V’s jaw and he went down.

Her heart thundered as she watched Tal start pounding V in the face, beating him with his huge fists. She’d never seen such rage in a man’s eyes and it terrified her.

Someone called 911 on their cell and a crowd formed around them, but no one seemed to quite know how to pull Tal off him.

Finally, she shook herself from her stupor and hurried forward.

“Tal, no. Please.”

He didn’t seem to hear her as his fist connected again.

“Tal. Stop this,” she cried.

He hesitated, then lowered his fist. He stared at the man in front of him, whose face was bloody and broken, and let go of his grip on V’s shirt. V slumped to the sidewalk.

Tal stood up and turned to Sonny. His eyes were haunted.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

Her gaze shifted to the splatter of blood on his face, to the smears of red on his fist.

She shook her head. Tears were streaming from her eyes. She wrapped her arms around herself, a chill running through her.

As he stepped toward her, concern washing across his face, she jerked back.

She didn’t mean to. But memories of the beatings. Of the more intimate assaults, had reared up her terror of men.

This was Tal and she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. But at the same time, this wasn’t Tal. This was a side of him… an aggressive, violent side… she’d never seen before.

He started toward her again, his blue eyes filled with anguish, but someone grabbed his arm.

Her hearing… her vision… all of her senses were bleary… and she felt faint. But she realized the man wore a police uniform and was talking sternly to Tal. Then handcuffs flashed.

Someone rested a hand on her and she jumped. But a calm, soothing female voice washed through her and the female officer guided Sonny with her to the car, saying something about getting her statement.

“Are you all right?” the woman asked. “Were you hurt?”

Tears flooded from her eyes as old pain, devastating and deep, surged to the surface.

“He raped me,” she sobbed, covering her face with her hands.


Sonny sat in the chair beside the detective’s desk. Someone had given her a blanket, which she clung to, holding it tightly around herself. Despite the fact it was a warm evening, she couldn’t stop shivering.

“Sonny, are you okay?”

She glanced up at Steve’s voice.

Steve hurried toward her, guided by the female officer. Sonny couldn’t remember her name even though she’d introduced herself. Sonny had been having trouble focusing on anything they’d told her since they’d brought her here.

Detective Jenson, who’d been typing up a report on her computer, grabbed a chair for Steve.

“I’ll get you both a coffee,” she said and strode away.

“What are you doing here?” Sonny asked.

Steve sat down beside her, concern etched on his face.

“Tal called me. His lawyer’s in talking to him now. He wanted me to check on you and make sure you get home okay.”

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