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Author: Vi Voxley

"My bed is yours now. It's big enough for both of us."

"I can see that," Quinn said, coming closer, wrapped in the cloth he'd provided for her. "That's not the problem."

She let her hand glide over the soft sheets as Rhys watched her, amused.

"If I should ever see Terra again, I will definitely tell them to start equipping their ships better," Quinn said, glancing at him, unable to hide her enjoyment. "I don't know how many women are seduced by your warriors, but I'm definitely getting some signals from these sheets. If they were a man, they'd buy me a drink."

Rhys leaned against the wall, dressed in nothing but a pair of boxers and a large open shirt, watching her with interest.

"Forget Terra," he told his fated. "Luminos is your home now, or wherever I am."

"So you keep telling me," Quinn replied, apparently deciding to ignore her captivity for as long as possible. "Can I send them a memo, then?"

Rhys laughed.

"Not if you say it helps us make you see the bonds are real and that we belong together," he replied.

"I wouldn't confuse comfort with love," Quinn told him.

"No," Rhys agreed, taking a step toward her, making Quinn jump away from the bed like it had stung her. "I don't. But I won't refuse you the comforts you desire."

"You know what that is?" Quinn asked, her sharp blue eyes keeping him firmly in her sights. "That's a really nicely wrapped gift, only to find that it comes with a price. I won't be bought with some soft linens and a nice bath. It takes a lot more than that to create an actual relationship and on Terra, one of the basics is that one half of the couple doesn't kidnap the other."

She took a breath.

"But if you admit that the purpose of this is merely to make babies, I'll –"

"Be more inclined?" Rhys asked, grinning, knowing the answer already.



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Alien Raiders' Brides

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It was a year to the dot when the raid ships came again.

Quinn Ford looked out of the viewport of the carrier Iriser, a ship belonging to the Galactic Union. When she'd been a child, that had meant something different than it had for the past couple of decades.

Space was no longer a safe place, especially for women.

"Quinn, come on!" her cousin Mark yelled, trying to pull her away from the port.

Outside, the sleek fighters were closing in fast. Like always, Nayanors had come out of the blue through the wormholes only they knew how to open. It was the only reason why they'd been able to raid Union space for so long without crossing blades with the other warrior species.

For a long time, the Union hadn't even known they existed. Ships got lost in transit, attacked or destroyed by accidents. Nayanors had only entered the consciousness of the Union in recent years when ships no longer satiated their needs and they'd begun attacking Union worlds like Terra.

Quinn knew the only way to escape the raiders was to run, now. Yesterday would have been better, in fact, since Nayanors sometimes gave chase if they weren't pleased with the haul they got.

And yet she hesitated. The absurd idea that had popped into her head when Quinn first heard the alarms ring hadn't left her mind despite the sheer ridiculousness of it.

Her mind kept going back to the events a year ago, so similar Quinn could almost believe she was living through them again.

"You go," she said decidedly, pushing Mark away. "Leave me. You have to run now or you'll die. You know how little Nayanors care for men. You are just in their way. They wouldn't even notice cutting your head off if you stand in their path."

Mark looked pale. The golden blond hair the same color as Quinn's only added to the effect. It was like he'd seen a ghost and the truth wasn't far from it. Only that Nayanors were much scarier.

"I'm not leaving without you," Mark said, pulling her away from the port. "Have you completely lost your mind, Quinn?"

That was entirely likely, considering that to Quinn's knowledge, no woman had ever voluntarily accompanied the raiders to their mysterious home planet Luminos. Rumors said it was a terrible place, a trap one could never leave again. The entire galaxy could have stood between Terra and the planet.

If she stayed, Quinn knew she'd never see her home again. Nor any of her friends, nor her family.

Except for Cassie.

Realization dawned on Mark's face and anger replaced his fear. This time, the hand on hers hurt as her cousin began to drag her along the corridors to the escape pods. Quinn knew that for a fact because the Horana, the carrier she'd escaped a year ago, had been the exact same type of ship.

"You are crazy," Mark told her. "Cassie is gone, Quinn. You can't help her. If you get kidnapped too, who does that help? Have you forgotten everything we know about these monsters? You want to end up as some sex toy to one of their warriors?"

"No!" Quinn protested, finally pulling herself free and rubbing her arm, red from where Mark had gripped her so hard. "Of course not, but you don't understand. She saved me. My little sister who I had to look after pushed me into that pod, knowing she couldn't fit herself! If there is even one chance in a million I could find her on Luminos, see that she's alright, I have to take it."

They could hear screaming now and the barking of guns, signaling that Nayanors were already in the ship. It meant Mark had exactly three minutes to live, but Quinn didn't know how to make him realize that. Considering how concerned he was about her, the man should have drawn the obvious conclusion and seen how much more danger he was in than her.

"You can't help her," Mark tried one more time, but Quinn dodged the arm that wanted to grab her again. "It's a whole damn planet, if not more! You are looking for a needle in a haystack while you risk becoming a prisoner of one of those assholes!"

"I have to," Quinn said firmly and the tone of her voice had to carry her conviction, because Mark straightened and looked at her with deep sadness. "I promised Mom, Mark. I promised. I will never be able to live with myself if I don't try and help her. Now, run. No one will hurt me but I won't have you die here!"

Finally Mark seemed to notice the clamor around them. With one last hug and a whispered goodbye, he turned and rushed to the escape pods.

Quinn stayed, thinking of how the Union had made sure there were plenty of those aboard now for the entire population of the ship to give them all a chance to get away. If that had been the case with the Horana, Cassie might have still been with her.

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