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Sweet Possession (Sweet Addiction #2)(3)
Author: J. Daniels

Juls shoves his arm. “Hey! She’s my sister, and she’s been through a lot.”

“A lot of what? Dick? Dylan, this is not a good idea.”

I limply shrug. I’m not at all surprised he’s reacting this way; in fact, I predicted it. But, unlike Joey, I’m willing to give Brooke the benefit of the doubt. And as long as she doesn’t try to molest him like the day before Juls’ wedding, things shouldn’t get too hostile. I gotta give the girl a chance. “She needs a job or she’ll lose her apartment.”

He throws his hands into the air. “Oh, I’m sorry. How is that our problem?”

“Joey,” Juls scolds. “Don’t be so rude.”

“She’s on a probationary period. If she messes up, I’ll fire her without thinking twice about it. Right, Juls?”

She nods in my direction before turning back toward my heated assistant. “Right. So, calm the fuck down, JoJo.” She makes a face at him and he issues her his smile, softening her expression. “And a lot of dick? Like you’re one to talk.”

The three of us start laughing, letting go of the stress of knowing Brooke Wicks will soon be gracing us with her presence. This could actually be a good thing. We are extremely busy, and having another employee means being able to spend more time in my kitchen instead of ringing up customers. So, I’m not going to let this worry me; I have enough stress with my upcoming wedding to last me a lifetime.

Juls gives us both hugs before she exits the shop to go tackle a bride. Just as a customer slips inside and makes her way up to the counter, my phone beeps in my pocket. Joey gives me a smile, indicating he’s got things handled and allows me to slip into the back.

Reese: What are you wearing?

I giggle as I hop onto a stool.

Me: Are you spanking it right now, handsome?

Reese: That depends on your answer.

I’m definitely not wearing anything worthy of a wank session. My ripped skinny jeans and flour-covered apron have seen better days, so I let my imagination take over.

Me: A skin-tight, pale-pink dress that stops just below my panty line. Or, it would, if I was wearing panties.

Reese: You are such a tease. Do you have any idea how hard my dick is for you right now? I could probably fuck you through a wall.


Me: It’s a shame you’ll have to handle that situation on your own. I’m locked in consultations the rest of the day. Otherwise, I’d give you a hand. Or a mouth.

Reese: You can handle my situation as soon as you get home. I want that pussy wet and ready for me.

I smile, loving that dominant edge in every word he types.

Me: Always is.

No imagination needed there.


After listening to Joey rant about all the possible ways Brooke could screw my business over, six o’clock finally came and I was able to wave goodbye to him and his negativity. Reese and I split our time between my place and his, usually only staying at mine if I have to wake up early to get started on some baking. Reese has affirmed his desire to move me into his condo permanently after the wedding, but I’ve been dragging my feet on preparing for that. I like having my loft above the bakery. It was the first place I ever owned all by myself, containing many Joey and Juls memories I don’t want to let go of. But I understand his reasoning; it wouldn’t make sense to make payments on both places. So, even though it saddens me, I’ll be saying goodbye to my loft in ten days.

I park Sam, my delivery van, in my usual spot next to Reese’s vehicle in his parking garage. The contrast between my cupcake-covered van and his pristine Range Rover still makes me giggle, especially when Reese expresses his concern over my choice of transportation. But I let all that Sam-hate roll off my back; he’s reliable and very hip, in my opinion.

I step off the elevators onto the tenth floor and stop at Reese’s door, fumbling with my keys. Once I’m inside, I lock the door behind me and toss my purse and keys onto the table. I glance around at the immaculate space, noting my fiancé has been very busy cleaning today. Everything is in order and the entire place smells like something Italian. I’m starving, but not just for food, and the meal waiting for me on the stovetop will have to wait.


I walk down the hallway, stopping at the bathroom door when I hear the shower running.   Swinging the door open, I’m hit in the face with a cloud of citrus and have to grip the doorframe to steady myself. Good Lord, he’s delicious. His smell alone riles me up like nothing else. The curtain is pulled back and our eyes lock, his mouth curling up in the corner as he breaks our contact and slowly rakes over my body. His lip twitches into a smile.

“Liar. I was expecting a dress with no panties.”

I lean against the doorframe, admiring my amazing view of the gorgeous man in front of me. “If I said I was wearing this—” I sweep my hand in front of my body, “—would you have appreciated it as much?”

“I appreciate you in everything you wear.” His tone is low and thick, and it still has the same effect on me as the first time I heard him speak. Like he could command me to do anything. It’s not just his body that leaves me pooling at his feet. That voice of his is my undoing. He shoots me a smile, opening the curtain farther. “Get your sweet ass in here.”

I strip hastily, swiftly stepping into the shower with him. Inhaling deeply, I wrap my arms around his neck and relish in the glorious sight and smell of him. His arms scoop me up and pull me against him, his forehead dropping to mine. I close my eyes and let the water cascade off his body, running down my front that is pressed to his. His warm, minty breath heats my face as his hands lightly stroke my back, slowly trailing lower and lower. I open my eyes and meet his, the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen burning into mine with that same intensity. His intensity.

“You know, it’s literally impossible to not want to fuck you every time I see you naked. Or clothed, for that matter.” He cocks an eyebrow at me, and I run my tongue along my bottom lip. “You have me perpetually wound-up here.”

“I know the feeling.” I tilt my head up and press my lips to his jaw, slowly trailing kisses down his neck and onto his chest. He moans softly, his body vibrating the tiniest bit against my mouth as I work my way lower. His stomach tenses, the way it always does as my lips brush against his taut skin. I’m almost to my destination when his hands grip under my arms tightly, lifting me up and pressing my back firmly against the cold tiles.

“Oh! Hey, I wasn’t finished.” My legs wrap around his waist, his hands firmly gripping my hips the way I like. His chest heaves rapidly, pushing up against mine with his quick, forceful breaths. I feel him there, right there, and the anticipation is killing me. “Come on, do it,” my raspy voice taunts him, daring him to give me what I know we both want.

“Do what, love?” His lips meet mine and his kisses are gentle, the sweet kisses he gives me when he wants to take his time. I fucking love this kind of Reese-kissing and he knows it, but in all honesty, I’ll take his mouth any way I can get it. I open for him, allowing his tongue to stroke softly against mine. He delivers the perfect amount of pressure and I moan into him, firmly tangling my hands in his wild mess of hair. He moves down, tilting my head up for access. “I love you,” he whispers against my neck.

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