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Cash's Fight (The Last Riders #5)
Author: Jamie Begley


Cash raised his beer to his lips while pulling the woman next to him closer, notching his cock against her ass. Her indrawn breath had him hardening behind the zipper of his jeans.

“Let’s go back to my place, Cash.”

A frustrated groan rumbled from his chest. “Give me a minute. I need to take care of a piece of business first. Then we can leave,” he promised.

Reva leaned her head back against his chest. “All right, but hurry.”

“I will,” he assured the woman who had come into the bar to pick someone to scratch the itch she was obviously wanting taken care of.

Moving away from her luscious ass, he walked from the counter, going to the back of the bar. Pulling out a chair, he took a seat at the table.

“Sorry to interrupt your fun.”

“You didn’t. I just put it on hold for a few minutes,” Cash stated, looking across the table at Stud, the president of the Destructors. “What did you need to talk to me about?”

Stud didn’t waste time getting to the point of the meeting. “Three weeks ago, we noticed a new biker club taking up residence in Jamestown. I left several of my men in charge of the Destructors and everything’s been cool, except a couple of small confrontations have taken place between the two clubs. Since I’m the president of the Destructors, I’m thinking they’re about to challenge me for power of Jamestown. We both know that shithole of a town isn’t worth fighting for unless you’re running drugs; it’s the only back road route to Tennessee and Virginia from Kentucky.”

Cash listened, taking another drink of his beer.

“We don’t run drugs, so I’m not interested, but what does piss me off is they think they can just push me out of the way.”

Cash didn’t think anyone was stupid enough to believe they could push Stud.

“What do you need me to do?”

“For now, can you find out what you can about them and what the fuck they are up to? I’ll decide what to do after I have the information I need. Sex Piston will kick my ass if another club takes over her town, and those crazy friends of hers might try to become involved.”

There is no might about it, Cash thought.

“I’ll check into them in the morning then get back to you as soon as I have something. Any names?”

“Not many, no. One that keeps coming up is Scorpion; another is Vaughn.”

“That should be enough to start with. Anything else?”

“That’s it. Tell Viper I appreciate his help.” Viper, the president of The Last Riders, had developed a tentative friendship with Stud. It was one in which each benefited when help was needed.

“Will do.” Cash stood to his feet, his mind returning to the woman he had left alone at the bar.

“Seems like someone already moved in on your action.”

Cash glanced back at the bar as Reva stood, flirting with Tate Porter.

“Yes, it does. Too bad for him I’m taking her back.”

“Good luck.” Stud’s amusement was apparent as he observed Cash’s tight-lipped reaction. Cash didn’t turn his attention from Reva as Stud left the bar; instead, he swallowed down his anger, determined not to let Tate Porter ruin his night.

Walking back to the bar, he came to stand behind Reva. “Ready to go?”

The provocative brunette looked over her shoulder at him.

Fuck. That wasn’t the first time Cash had seen the same expression on a woman’s face; she wanted to pit the two men against each other. Cash had been in this position too many times to become involved in a fight over a woman.

Cutting his loss, he was about to turn away when Tate’s voice had him pausing.

“Smart move, Cash. Run while you have the chance,” Tate goaded.

“I’m not running; I just don’t feel like whipping your ass over a cunt I can have next week.”

Reva’s angry gasp was ignored as Tate straightened from the bar.

“You couldn’t whip my ass with six of those pussies you ride with helping you.”

Cash’s anger rose, his desire to avoid a fight slipping away. “The problem with you and your brothers, Tate, is you brag more than you can actually accomplish with that small dick of yours.”

As Tate turned red at Cash’s comment, Cash grinned, waiting for the fist to come his way. Surprisingly, Tate only grinned back.

“At least it’ll be my dick in her tonight,” he said, pulling Reva against him.

Cash gritted his teeth, moving away from the bar. His one consolation was Reva didn’t look happy at his withdrawal.

Going outside the bar, he saw Greer sitting on the tailgate of his truck with one of the local women. Cash caught a brief glance at her as he drew nearer. Damn, tonight just wasn’t going to be his night.

His slight hope of passing by unnoticed died quickly when the woman turned her head and saw him, a loud squeal passing her lips. “Cash!”

She jumped off the tailgate, throwing herself into his arms, which he kept to his sides. She wound her arms around his neck, her breath strong with the odor of alcohol and whatever she had eaten for dinner, repulsing him. He jerked his head back as far as he could, trying to unsuccessfully move away from her tight grasp.

“Why didn’t you call? If I’d have known you were going to be here, I would have met you.”

“I was meeting a friend, Diane.”

Greer’s face was reddening with fury. All of the Porter brothers were hotheads, but Greer’s temper was the worst.

Cash tried again to break Diane’s hold.

“Let’s go inside and get a drink.”

“I was leaving,” Cash refused her invitation.

She pouted, attempting to pull his head down to hers.

“What the fuck, Diane? You came here with me.” When Greer stood up, pulling her away from him, Cash was actually grateful to the asshole for the first time in his life.

“Come on, Greer; loosen up. We could all three have a good time,” Diane said suggestively, looking back and forth between the two men.

“That’s not going to happen,” Greer snapped.

No, it isn’t, Cash thought while attempting to leave. He was two steps away from his bike, ready to head home to the club. He was going to be a better man and remember the Porter brothers were the ones who had saved Lily’s life; the club owed them a favor. However, Greer had to open his mouth.

“Don’t be mad, Greer. I was only joking,” Diane quickly tried to pacify the man’s anger. Cash could have told her it would be a wasted effort.

“If you want to be one of his sluts, why don’t you go join the rest of those whores waiting for him? Better yet, why not wait till Friday? I hear they’ll all fuck you,” Greer snarled, jerking his arm away from Diane’s conciliatory touch.

Cash turned on the heels of his boots. “What the fuck did you say?”

“Which part did you miss? The part where I called anyone who fucked you a slut or those women back at your club whores?”

Cash angrily paced back to face him. “Your mouth is shooting out shit that’s going to get you hurt if you don’t shut up, Greer. The only reason I’m not already beating the shit out of you is because you’re drunk as hell, and we owe you for saving Lily.”

“Because you pussies can’t do anything but fuck,” Greer retorted harshly.

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