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Cash's Fight (The Last Riders #5)(8)
Author: Jamie Begley

Carefully, she withdrew, taking her hand away, noticing Mrs. Langley’s cheeks were now flushed and her eyes seemed brighter. Rachel felt as if she might lose the dinner she had just eaten, though.

“Logan, tell your grandmother goodnight. You can finish your story the next time we come.” Obediently, Logan jumped to his feet, hugging his great-grandmother good-bye.

When Mrs. Langley would have gotten up, Rachel forestalled her. “We’ll see ourselves out. Take care.”

Rachel shakily got to her feet, feeling a rush of dizziness hit her; however, counting to herself, she managed to regain her equilibrium.

Opening her eyes, she saw Cash standing in the doorway, frowning at her. She had to pass by him as she forced herself to walk steadily to the doorway, and when she did, he reached out to take her arm.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine. I must have swam too long.”

His eyes searched hers before he slowly released her arm. “Holly, make sure you drive,” he ordered, his hard gaze going to Holly.

“I will,” she said, taking Logan’s hand to lead him out the door.

“I don’t know what you did, but—”

Cash’s stern expression reminded her of Tate, causing her to cut him off. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Don’t lie to me.” His jaw tightened at her obvious lie.

She stiffened. “Let’s get one thing straight, Cash. I already have three brothers; I don’t need another one.” She edged past his hard body that was partially blocking the doorway.

“Rachel.” She paused. “The last thing I feel toward you is brotherly. And the next time I’m talking to you and you lie to me, be prepared for me to show you exactly how I do feel.”

Her mama hadn’t raised an idiot. The advantage to having three brothers was knowing when not to challenge a man of Cash’s caliber. It was like a raccoon in front of a coon dog—only one would walk away unscathed.



Chapter 4


Cash drove Rider and Razer back to the clubhouse, trying to ignore Rider’s description of Holly’s tits. Shifting uncomfortably on his seat, he tried to take his mind off Rachel’s voluptuous ass.

He pulled into the parking lot of The Last Riders clubhouse, cutting the motor.

“Thanks for helping out,” Razer said.

“No problem.” Cash slammed his truck door harder than necessary, taking his frustration out on the truck. Climbing the steps to the large house that housed all the brothers, he entered, giving a sigh of relief at putting the woman who was periodically stealing her way into his thoughts behind him.

He grabbed himself a beer from the bar before going to the pool table in the corner. It was still early, but the room was beginning to fill.

“Want a game?” Nickel came up to the table, picking up a cue stick.

“You break.” Cash took a step back from the table, letting the brother go first.

Nickel was good; it would be a challenge to beat him, and it would help take his thoughts away from Rachel. She was too young for him, and worse than that, he despised her brothers. He couldn’t even remember how many fights he had gotten into with Tate and Greer, not to mention the few he’d had with Dustin. The more he thought of her brothers, the less attracted he felt to Rachel, and by his third beer and second win at pool, he had mellowed out.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Bliss sucking off Rider’s dick. He was sitting on the couch with the sexy blond leaning over him, her ass in the air. He took his last shot as he heard Rider groan.

Cash lay down the pool stick. “I’m done for the night. You can pay up tomorrow.”

“Damn, Cash. I’ll have to pay you when I get paid,” Nickel complained.

Cash nodded, already forgetting about the large sum of money, his mind only on one thing right now. Striding to the couch, he leaned over, picking Bliss up and tossing her over his shoulder.

“Hey!” Rider complained. “I wasn’t done with her yet.”

Cash turned back. “Did I say you couldn’t join us?”

As Rider grinned, getting to his feet, Cash turned to the stairs, going up them with a giggling Bliss. His stiffened cock was bursting at the seams of his jeans. He was about to go into his room when he noticed Lucky’s door open. Looking inside, he saw Raci kneeling on the floor as Lucky pounded his cock into her mouth. Cash went inside the room, tossing Bliss onto the bed.

Jerking off her tight shorts, he spread her thighs, seeing the little dew drops of her passion already clinging to her pussy lips.

Cash took off his jeans then reached into his pocket, pulling out a condom and sliding it on. Notching his cock at the threshold of her pussy, he then adjusted her hips to take him. Bliss’s pussy was always tight as hell, and he didn’t want to hurt her; he wanted her to enjoy the experience as much as him, instead.

Wrapping her thighs around his hips, he gave the squirming woman the length of his cock in one hard thrust. She arched under him, grinding her clit against the base of his cock.

“Harder,” Bliss moaned.

“Don’t talk,” Cash moaned, sliding his cock out, only to pound it back inside of her.

It was a relief to have his cock in a warm pussy, driving the need for another woman out of him. He liked his sex dirty and raw, and virginal Rachel would run screaming if he treated her like Bliss.

Picking her up from the mattress, he held her while he lay back against the bed, turning her ass up to Rider who slid his own condom on before sliding into Bliss’s ass, tightening her pussy around him even further.

Cash groaned as he reached to grab one of Bliss’s tits, squeezing it until the nipple turned a bright, cherry pink. Bliss grabbed his shoulders, digging her nails into him, tearing into his flesh while her mouth went to his neck, sucking on it. His dick lengthened even further in her, forcing a small gasp from her, but Bliss followed directions by not talking.

As Rider began to climax on the other side of her thin wall, Cash felt his own climax build and release into the condom. Then the three lay still, catching their breath on the large bed.

After Rider slid out of Bliss, removing his heavy weight, Cash moved Bliss to his side, removing his condom and throwing it into the trashcan. Then, making himself more comfortable on the bed, he lazily watched Lucky fuck Raci next to him as he played with Bliss’s nipple.

“I’m done for the night.” Rider zipped his cock back in his jeans before taking off.

Cash’s cock began to harden again, watching Raci take Lucky. He loved watching a woman get fucked. Unlike some of the brothers who had married and become monogamous, Cash knew himself well enough to admit to his sexual needs.

He had been in two serious relationships; one before he left Treepoint and one after. Both had ended when he had expected their sexual relationship to not change. The women had enjoyed sharing their bodies before they had become serious, but they couldn’t understand his lack of jealousy at watching them be fucked by men of his choosing. Cash had learned to keep his heart to himself and keep the relationships casual.

Lucky stiffened on Raci as the woman screamed her release. She then started to close her eyes and go to sleep.

Lucky rose off her, going into the bathroom, and then came back to stare down at the bed. Raci and Bliss were both almost asleep.

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