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Nights with Him (Seductive Nights #4)(8)
Author: Lauren Blakely

She spent so much time in her head. So many moments of her life thinking, analyzing, considering.

Throwing that all out the door, she angled her hips as if she could pull him closer, even with her hands pinned. He responded with a press of his body. They were magnets tonight, crashing into their opposite charge, smashing, pushing, pulling.

His thumbs dug into her wrists as he held her tight, the pressure from them a new kind of sensation, hard against her bones. His lips smashed against hers, his mouth consuming her, taking her breath, taking her space, leaving nothing behind but hot need.

Now. That word echoed in her brain. She couldn’t wait. She couldn’t stop. She wanted him everywhere. Tongues, lips, mouth, fingers, but most of all she wanted him inside her. She ached with a deep throbbing desire that had to be quenched.

She managed to somehow separate her lips from his greedy ones that wanted to devour her.

“Jack,” she breathed out in a voice that was feather-thin. She was barely able to form words. Language seemed a monumental task, akin to climbing a mountain right now. Words were hazy, nebulous, but somehow she grabbed hold of the most important ones.

“I need you inside me. I can’t wait for anything else.”

“I can’t wait to give you a much better orgasm than the one you were going to give yourself,” he said, grabbing her hand, threading his fingers through hers and leading her around the bank of elevators and to the room. He slid the key into the slot and turned around, grabbing the waistband of her skirt, tugging her in close, and kissing her once more, as if he couldn’t stop. As if he simply had to touch her and taste her. First her jawline, then her lips, then deep into her mouth, kissing her passionately and with so much fire that she was certain she was going to set off smoke detectors any second.

But even if she did, she wouldn’t stop. Let them sound. Let them ring.


They didn’t even make it to the bed.

There was no point.

Beds were for the next time. For all-night sessions. For lovers that had been together before. For this? The first time called for the wall, because they couldn’t wait. He’d been hard since she sat down at the bar, that hot body taunting him in her sexy outfit that she didn’t even realize was sexy. Or hell, maybe she did.

As the door clanged shut, he backed her up against the wall, reached his hand behind her head, and unclipped her hair. Her soft brown hair spilled onto her shoulders and over his fingers.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, kissing her hair that smelled like jasmine. “Can I call you beautiful?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“Then stand with your feet spread, beautiful, and rock your sweet little body into my mouth,” he told her, her eyes widening with both surprise and lust as he bent down, kneeling, and pushed up her skirt in seconds. “I have to taste you.”

“Don’t let me stop you,” she said, her lips curling up, and he liked that she was so quick to talk back. A naughty one. A woman unafraid to speak her mind. He reached for her panties—black lace—and brought them down to her knees, then leaned in. He was dying to run his tongue along that enticing seam of her pussy lips. Spread them open and let her wetness flood his mouth. But first he wanted to inhale her scent, so he ran his nose along her thighs, feeling her quiver against his cheek.

“You smell so fucking good,” he said roughly.

“Oh, God,” she panted. He looked up and watched her as her head fell back against the wall. He hadn’t even touched her yet, and she was already grasping for his hair, trying to draw him near. Heat tore through him at her reaction, and he buzzed his lips and nose closer to her delicious center, breathing in her sexiness, inhaling her arousal.

The scent of her desire shot through him like an earthquake rumbling across the land. He pressed one soft kiss against her swollen clit, and she gasped. “Please,” she cried out, her voice ragged as it turned from sexy banter to bare need.

“Oh, beautiful, you make me want to tease you,” he said, brushing his lips against her inner thighs, her wetness covering his stubbled jawline. Perfect. “You make me want to make you beg for it when you say that word.”

“Please don’t make me beg,” she said, gripping his hair.

“I won’t tonight, even though it drives me wild when you say please.”

“Touch me. Just touch me,” she said, panting now. The need from her was so intense it tore through him, lust spreading across every inch of his body.

But he couldn’t resist the game. “Tell me what you want,” he said, making it clear this was an order. “Say it. Tell me where you want my mouth right now.”

“Please, Jack. Lick me, eat me, taste me, fuck me with your tongue.”

He hissed out a breath. God, he loved that kind of mouth.

He licked her once, groaning from the intoxicating taste of her wet pussy. Flattening his tongue, he licked her again and she cried out. She let go of his hair, and brought her right hand to her chest. Touching herself, feeling her own breast. Fuck, that was hot.

“I need you to do something,” he told her, looking up at her.

“Yes?” she said, her eyes hazy.

“Give me all of your pussy. Don’t hold back.”

That was all she needed. One piece of instruction, and she took it quickly. She started rocking her hips into his face as he kissed her delicious wetness, narrowing in on her clit, sucking it in his mouth as she arched into him. He glanced up again; her lips were parted, her mouth open, her breathing turning into erratic pants, signaling her need. She was so damn sensuous. She was like sex on fire.

She ran her other hand through her hair, gripping it hard, and in that instant he could picture her as she masturbated, threading a hand through her hair or fondling a breast as she took herself there. There was something about a sexy woman who liked to play with herself that brought him to his knees. Maybe it was why he did what he did for a living, but to find a woman this gorgeous who was so clearly in touch with her own need to come made his blood turn hotter than hell.

“Oh God, please stop,” she called out.

He looked up at her, but didn’t cease the attention he lavished on her swollen clit. He lapped her up, flicking his tongue against her, causing her to buck against his mouth. The thought of being covered in her juices stiffened his cock even further, straining against his zipper.

“Stop, you have to stop, you have to stop,” she said, like a plea.

He relented, pulling back. “You okay?”

“Yes. I’m just going to come so soon, and I want to do it with you inside me.”

As much as he wanted to press his hands on the inside of her thighs, spread her wider and ignore her request, he was also a gentleman, and if the lady wanted something different far be it from him to deny her wishes.

He rose, starting to unzip his pants. “I’m only stopping because you asked. But since you denied me the pleasure of tasting you come, I want to warn you that I fully intend to tease the ever-loving fuck out of your pussy the next time I’m down there.”

His eyes were fixed on her, and he watched as she shivered, her shoulders shaking briefly as if his words had sent a wave of pleasure through her body. “I can live with that,” she said, and in seconds she was unknotting his tie and unbuttoning his shirt in a flurry. She pressed her hands against his chest, and he hissed in a breath at the feel of her touch on his bare skin for the first time.

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