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Nights with Him (Seductive Nights #4)(9)
Author: Lauren Blakely

“Please tell me you have a condom,” she said.

He nodded, grinned at her as she worked the final buttons. “I do, and it’s kind of a funny story because I didn’t have one when I walked into this hotel,” he said, reciprocating with her shirt, stripping it off. “When I got the room, I asked the desk clerk if he happened to have a condom. He winked at me, slapped one in my palm, and said ‘Always happy to help a dude out.’”

She laughed, the sound like a wind chime, and it dropped down in his heart for the briefest of moments. What the hell? This was a one-night stand. He wasn’t supposed to feel anything anywhere except in his groin, so he focused on that, ignoring the fact that he’d had a fantastic time with her at the bar, and that one of the reasons he wanted her so badly was that he liked her mind as much as her body.

But her body . . . here before him . . . that’s what he needed right now, and he had a mission—make her come once, twice, then a third time. A night like this, a woman like her, one time would never satisfy him.

He took the condom from his pocket. He guided her hand back to his briefs, and pressed her palm against his erection. She drew a sharp breath as she touched him for the first time, and her reaction sent a shiver down his spine. “I like,” she whispered.

“Good,” he said softly, moving her hands to the waistband. “Take them off.”

She pushed his unzipped pants and his briefs down to his knees, then stared at his cock. She ran the tip of her tongue across her teeth and swallowed hard.

“I like it very, very much,” she said, sounding mesmerized as she gazed at his hard length. She took him in her hand and stroked him several times, and he nearly growled from the pleasure that ricocheted through his body as she touched him. Quickly, he stilled her hand. “You made me stop, so now I’m going to make you stop.”

He pressed the condom into her palm, and buzzed his lips along her neck up to her ear. “Put it on me,” he said in a firm voice, giving her a command.

She opened the wrapper, tossing it to the floor, then slid it on him. She tugged his body closer, rubbing the head of his cock across her slippery wetness. A wave of heat licked his veins, scorching him. He welcomed it. Fucking gladly.

“Were you worried you couldn’t come twice if I finished going down on you?”


“You know that only makes me want to prove you wrong,” he said, then reached for her leg, gripped her thigh, and wrapped it around him. “Hold on tight, beautiful. I’m going to take you for a ride.”


She’d be making an offering tomorrow to the Patron Saint of Endowment because Jack did not have a textbook cock. Not even close. He was long, thick, wide, and absolutely fucking perfect. But more than that, he knew what to do with this beautiful gift he’d been given. He entered her, and she moaned instantly as he filled her, stretching her in ways she hadn’t been stretched in God only knew how long. He paused for a moment, letting her adjust to his size.

“I can handle it,” she murmured.

He raised an eyebrow. “Good. Because I’m not going to take it easy. Not after you teased me when I was on my knees for you,” he said, thrusting deeper into her. She grasped his shoulders, holding on tight. She wanted to run her hands all over his beautiful body, to explore his chest, to grab his hard ass, and run her fingers across it.

But all she could do was hold on as he pumped into her, giving her the fucking he’d promised. Taking her deep, and hard, and up against the wall. The room was dark, only a faint glow from the bathroom light illuminated them, but they would have made quite a picture. A silhouette of unbridled lust. His shirt open, his pants down to his knees, shoes still on. Half-undressed too, only her panties had made it off. Her shirt was undone, her bra still on, her skirt hiked up to her waist. He gripped her leg tight, his hands strong and unyielding as if he would never let go of her as he rolled his hips, sending his cock deeper into her, his hard length hitting her with just the perfect amount of friction.

“You tasted so good, Michelle. I don’t like that you denied me,” he said in a hot growl against her throat. “But it only makes me want you more.”

“I just wanted you inside me. You feel so good inside me.”

“Fucking you is perfection,” he groaned, then reached his other hand to her ass, squeezing the cheek hard, unleashing a blast of pure heat through her body. She felt as if she were on fire, as if her body had become an inferno of pleasure as he drove into her. Words were no longer needed, not even their naughty back and forth, because they were reduced to pants and moans. His steely length filled her so completely that she was sure nothing else existed in the whole wide world. But this—the pure and absolute bliss of his glorious cock sliding in and out, harder, deeper, faster. His fingers playing against the soft flesh of her rear. Squeezing her cheeks.

The world around her was white with bright, hot stars exploding as he took her deeper.

He bent his head to her neck, all while gripping her, never letting go. Her belly clenched, and she felt the first surge of sensations, like a rocket engine starting to burn, rattling as it began to take off. He pressed his lips to her shoulder as he pumped into her. He bit down, his teeth sharp against her skin, sending a rush of fresh and sweet pain into her body. It was the key turned in the ignition, and in an instant there was liftoff. She shot into the sky, engulfed in pleasure that spread in a fury from her center all the way through to her fingertips.

Her moans escalated. Her words became a frenzied chorus of I’m going to come, I’m going to come. Then, finally, his name.

“Oh God, Jack,” she called out, not even recognizing her own voice anymore. Not even sure where it was coming from. She wasn’t even here. She was in an opium den of bliss, a pleasure palace of his making as he thrust so deep and so hard that she swore her first orgasm rolled right into a second one. The next wave hit her unexpectedly, a shattering burst of bright light and gorgeous heat that pulsed through her in aftershocks. She didn’t think she ever wanted to stop coming, even as he raced to join her on the other side, another bite into her shoulder setting him off.

He groaned, holding her tight as his brows scrunched, his groans turned primal, and he came too.


They lay tangled up in each other, clothes still half-on, having fallen into bed.

“If my calculations are correct, that was twice,” he said, as he ran his fingers through her hair. He loved the feel of her hair against his skin.

“That has never happened to me before,” she said, still dazed, and he wanted her to look like that again and again with him. As soon as he thought that, he realized he didn’t want a one-night stand with her. He wanted two nights, three nights, more and more. To make her come again and again. To bring out that response.

“We can do it again,” he said, offering in a tone that was both playful but truly sincere. He wanted her to know he meant it. He turned on his side, propping his head on his hand, running his fingers down her hipbone. “Michelle with two Ls, what would you think about another time?”

“Well, I should hope you’re planning on another time in about, say,” she stopped to look at her watch, “fifteen minutes.”

He laughed lightly. “Yes, obviously this room is for multiples of multiple orgasms, and I fully intend on fucking you again in, say, ten minutes.” Then he turned more serious, because he wanted her to know that this could be more than one night. Funny, how he hadn’t expected that, and had figured a quick romp and then goodbye would be all that was needed. But even though he had no intention of anything serious happening, because he was no good at those type of relationships, he could go for dinner, and another night like this. Or just skip the meal and have her come over to his penthouse apartment, drink wine, and then enjoy some window sex in front of the full-length glass in his living room that overlooked the park. Yeah, he could go for either, both, any combo. “But I also would love to see you again. What are you doing this weekend?”

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