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Julia and Clay Plus One (Seductive Nights #3.4)
Author: Lauren Blakely


Silky hot.

Wet. Warm. Home.


As Clay buried himself deep inside his wife’s beautiful body with her bent over the bed, writhing and panting and urging him on with her moans— as if he needed any encouragement to fuck her good — his dirty mind briefly flashed back to their first time.

This position. In her bar. Bent over a chaise longue in San Francisco.

Here tonight, she was just as alluring to him. She’d parked her hands on the edge of their king-size bed and offered up herself, beautiful and lush, sexy and captivating, and nine months pregnant with their baby.

He wasn’t entirely sure if she wanted him to fuck her hard because she was horny, or because she was hoping it would bring on the labor she’d been begging to visit her for the last seven days of her pregnancy, since she was a week past due.

But the reason she wanted it didn’t matter to him. When the woman he adored demanded he give it to her good, he heeded that call. Gripping her hips, and rubbing her sweet, swollen clit with his finger, he drove into her.

As she bowed her back she cried out. “Even harder. I’m so close, so close,” she moaned.

“There’s always more hardness for you, gorgeous,” he growled in her ear. “I bet you want me to pull your hair too.”

“I do, I do,” she said on a pant.

He grabbed those gorgeous red strands, and twisted them around his fist as he sank deeper into his wife, taking her the way she wanted, even with that big, beautiful belly. He fucking loved this woman so much. Loved her sprit, loved her heart, loved her mind, and loved her dirty soul that wanted sex in abundance, just like he did.

Getting pregnant hadn’t slowed them down at all. Quite possibly, it had amped up her already sky-high sex drive. Fine with him. He’d happily take her whenever she wanted it. Clay Nichols had never been interested in turning down sex with the love of his life.

Or in missing a chance to spank her. “And how about this? You want this too?” he asked, smacking her lovely ass. Perhaps a touch lighter than he would if she weren’t on the cusp of motherhood.

“I love that,” she said, gasping.

“I know you do. You always love it rough,” he said, landing another whack on the gorgeous flesh in front of him, then soothing it out with his palm.

“So much,” she said, her breathing wildly erratic, signaling she was ready to fly off the cliff into ecstasy.

“So much it makes you come right now?” he said on a perfectly coordinated thrust and spank.

She clenched around his dick and screamed his name.

Fucking bliss.

She was one hundred percent bliss to him, and he joined her in the land of ecstasy. After they came down from their high, he scooped her up onto the bed, wrapped her in his arms, and spooned her, his arm wedged between her full breasts and her bigger-than-a-basketball belly.




Eight inches.

You’d think eight inches — well, let’s be honest, Clay was more than eight inches — would be enough to rattle her body into labor.

Julia laughed to herself as she brushed her teeth a little later.

If that were the case, every day of her pregnancy would have sent her into labor. Call her a horny pregnant woman, or just called her married to the sexiest man alive. Either way, they hadn’t slowed down during her pregnancy.

Their all-over-each-other-ness had surprised her, but it also hadn’t. Her love with Clay Nichols had been borne from the physical. It had started in a ravaging, intense, out-of-this-world, one-night stand. Their chemistry had staggered them both, and they’d simply had to explore the bounds of their connection. They’d explored it so far and deep they fell into mad, forever love. And they’d never been able to keep their hands to themselves.

Still, she couldn’t deny that she’d hoped a good hard fucking would wake this sleeping baby and start the earthquakes in her body. Past forty weeks, she felt like an elephant. Not to mention, she was so ready to meet her baby.

They still didn’t know the gender, nor had they agreed on a name for a girl. They had tossed around a myriad of options for boys, from Alex to Ethan to Daniel, and even to simple and straightforward names like Tom and Jake. Finally, they had settled on Ben for a boy, as they both liked the simplicity and classiness of that name. But when it came to girls’ names? They were oil and water. Julia preferred names with a certain elegance to them, like Elizabeth or Charlotte, while her husband favored a more modern flare, like Hayley or Bailey or Phoebe.

As she spat out her toothpaste, she tested the names again in her head.

Then she doubled over as Baby Nichols administered a whopping kick to her massive midsection.

She raced back into the bedroom.


Make that waddled. “I think it might be happening,” she said, her eyes wider than saucers, hope blossoming like a massive balloon, as she clasped both hands on her belly.

Dropping the book he’d been reading, Clay sat up straight in bed. Placed a hand on her belly. “Should we go to the hospital right now?” he asked, a touch of nerves in his voice, but also that calm reassurance that she was used to from her strong, sturdy man.

“Let’s just give it a few minutes to make sure these are real contractions,” she said, perching on the edge of the bed. She was wearing only a flowy tank top and underwear.

“I’ll get ready as you time them.” Clay jumped out of bed, pulled on boxer briefs, jeans and a T-shirt, and grabbed the bag for the hospital.

But ten minutes later, her belly was quiet as a library. Baby Nichols appeared to be snoozing soundly.

Julia sighed heavily. “Didn’t work,” she said and she settled into bed in the dark of the night. A breeze drifted into their Greenwich Village apartment, the same one she’d moved into a few years ago when she showed up and surprised him, accepting his invitation to move all the way across the country and start a life with him. It was the best decision she’d ever made. Well, besides the decision to spend an evening with him after closing time in her bar — that fateful night ignited this passionate and everlasting love.

“Can you blame the baby?” Clay asked softly, as he rubbed a hand on her stomach. “Must be nice inside there.”

She swatted him playfully, then fell asleep in his arms.




Julia had started maternity leave from Speakeasy two weeks ago, but the sluggish pace of the final days of her pregnancy sent her back to the bar she partially owned for an evening to visit with some of her coworkers. She nursed an ice tea and chatted with her friend Danya, who served up a Long Distance Lover, one of Julia’s popular drinks, to a new customer.

Julia checked her watch, and saw that it was near ten. Since Clay had a late dinner with a client, he’d said he’d stop by on his way home so they could share a cab downtown. As she looked to the door, eager for the familiar sight of her husband, Danya motioned for her to come closer. “Can you cover for me for two minutes? The other gal is in the stockroom, and I have to run to the ladies room,” she said.

“Absolutely. Shoo,” Julia said, grateful to be busy. After hustling behind the bar, she served a few quick drinks to the remaining customers, loving being in her element. As she poured a vodka over ice, she heard a voice this still sent shivers up her spine.

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