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Sudden Response (EMS #1)(4)
Author: R.L. Mathewson

"You betraying bitch!" he hissed.

She winked at him. "You got that right." There were really only a few things in this world that Eric really loved and lived for and deep sea fishing was one of them. His Uncle Brian and grandfather used to take them out several times a year when they were kids and they both loved it. Still did.

"Echo seventeen?" dispatch called.

Eric leveled a glare on her as he brought the portable radio up to his mouth. "I'm going," he announced.

"Nope," she said, loving the power she held over him. Ah, it looked like she was finally going to get some help painting her garage. There wasn't much Eric wouldn't do for a weekend of deep sea fishing.

"Watch me," he said, before he keyed in. "Echo seventeen."

"What's your location, echo seventeen?" dispatch asked.

"East side," Eric answered.

"Echo seventeen, take a priority one call at 258 Lawson for an assault. Police are already in route."

"Echo seventeen received, 258 Lawson."

"Oh my god!" Greg said, shaking. "Oh my god!" He dropped the candy bar, ran for the door, tripped over his own feet, stumbled, but didn't let that stop him from sprinting towards the ambulance and diving in.

With a pained sigh, Joe put her candy bar back and walked to the door. Eric held it open for her. As they walked towards the ambulance Eric asked, "Where are you going?"

"Cape Cod."

"That's a six hour drive," he pointed out.

"Yup, I'm leaving around four in the morning Friday. I won't be back until late Sunday night, but don't worry I'm sure you'll have fun without me," she said, smiling.

"Bullshit, I'm going and we both know it," he said, climbing into the passenger seat.

"Oh my god, oh my god," Greg mumbled from the back.

Joe climbed in behind the wheel and started the rig. She flicked on the emergency lights and pulled out. She kept one hand on the wheel and the other on the emergency switchboard, switching the sirens from the fog horn to the wailing sound.

Eric pulled out an emergency run sheet and attached it to his clipboard, ignoring Greg's "oh my gods," which had now turned to pure excitement. The kid was about to start operating on pure adrenaline. No doubt it would make the call more interesting.

"I'm going," he stated as he filled in the date and their names.

She maneuvered in and out of traffic with the grace of a pro. "Nope, you're really not."

"Why not?" he asked.

"Probably because I didn't invite you?" she said. She really enjoyed messing with him.

He snorted. "And you think that means something to me? I'm going. End of story."

"We'll see," she said.

"Yeah, we will, won't we?" he said confidently as they pulled in behind two police cruisers in front a small yellow house that had seen better days.

"Echo seventeen on scene," he informed dispatch.

They stepped out of the ambulance the same time the front door flew open and a na**d man wielding a knife ran out. "Fuck you, pigs!" the man yelled as he ran towards them.

"I'm so going," Eric said before he launched himself at the guy. He grabbed the man's hand and twisted it behind his back, making him drop the knife.

Joe ignored the man's screams and threats of violence as she kicked the knife away and helped Eric take the guy to the ground. She held the man's legs down while Eric restrained him to the ground.

Two cops came running towards them from behind the house as older officer came out of the house, leading two cuffed, bleeding men towards them. The cops spotted them and grinned.

"Oh look, Eric and Joe brought us a present," Bret, a cop ten years their senior, said as he shoved the two men in front of him. "Don't worry we brought you something, too," he said, gesturing to the two men under arrest.

"Oh, Bret, you are just the sweetest man alive," Joe said, giving him a sweet smile that made the older man chuckle.

"I do what I can. Do you want to look these two over for us?" Bret asked.

"Sure thing," Eric said. "Just as soon as you take tiny here off our hands."

The two officers quickly took over. Eric helped Joe to her feet. She pulled out a small bottle of hand sanitizer and squirted some in Eric's waiting hand before taking some for herself.

"Hey, isn't that your third rider puking?" Jeff, one of the younger cops asked.

Joe and Eric stilled. Slowly, they turned around and sure enough there was Greg vomiting all over a dead bush.

Joe sighed heavily as Eric asked on a drawn out sigh, "Why must you embarrass us? At least aim for the perp on the ground."

Chapter 3

"How's your stomach?" Joe asked. Eric didn't miss the slight twitch of her lips.

Greg' face reddened. "It's fine. Just something I ate I think," he said quickly.

"Uh huh," Eric said, trying not to laugh. The guy puked at all six calls they had. Five hours on the job and the kid still hadn't said one word to a patient. He ended up vomiting every single time they arrived on scene. Then he'd sit up front for the drive to the hospital and remain there sipping a water or ginger ale.

It would suck for Greg, but there was no way Eric or Joe could sign off on this ride along. The kid wouldn't be getting any credit for this. No doubt Greg would try and argue it to death, but Eric wasn't budging. Yeah it sucked to have to do more ride alongs, but it couldn't be helped. Eric wasn't about to put some patient's life on the line for anything.

"Alright, gentlemen," she looked at Eric, "and I use that term loosely. I'm going to catch a few winks." She stepped around them and headed into the fire house.

"I think I should lie down, too," Greg said. Eric didn't miss the look the guy was sending Joe's ass. It also hadn't escaped his notice that Greg swore up and down that he wasn't tired and was going to hang out with the guys until he found out that the three of them shared a bunk room. Once he knew he'd be sleeping in the same room with Joe the guy started up with the fake yawns.

Joe might be one of the toughest woman he'd ever known, but that didn't mean he stood by and left her to handle shit like this. He never had and never would. As much as it got Joe's panties in a bunch when he stepped in and played her protector, he wouldn't stop.

She might think of herself as one of the guys, but she wasn't. Joe was a beautiful woman with beautiful hair, killer eyes, and a sexy little smile that drove men nuts. It didn't hurt that she had a killer body, not that she thought so. It really killed him that she didn't know how hot she was. If you tried to tell her she'd laugh her ass off. She was the most down to earth woman he'd ever known. If she wasn't his best friend......

There really was no point in finishing that thought. She was and it was his job as the man in her life to kick the living shit out of any ass**le that hurt her. With that in mind he followed the overeager puppy as he drooled after Joe to the back rooms.

"There are only two beds, Greg. You'll have to throw some blankets on the floor between the beds or go see if there's a spot on the couch," Joe explained apologetically as she unlaced her black boots.

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