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Blaze (Dark in You #2)(6)
Author: Suzanne Wright



Bray growled and Roan spat a curse.



“He dragged her out of the house. I wanted to help her, but I was too weak to get up.”



Confused that she’d been weak, Harper asked, “What is he?”



“A psi-demon,” replied Knox.



Well, that explained a lot. Crow’s breed fed from emotion like psychic vampires, draining them of energy. It also meant bad things for Carla.



“He’ll kill her,” Roan snapped out. His eyes slammed on Harper, hard and scornful. She’d seen that look on Carla’s face in the past. Though he was tall like Bray, he looked a lot like Carla with his dark hair, brown almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones, and golden skin “He’ll kill her, and it’ll be your fault.”



Harper blinked. Her fault?



Roan made a beeline for her, but Levi stepped in his way. “Hold on there,” he said, voice deadly. “You want to think hard before you try to harm Harper.”



“It’s her fault,” Roan spat.



“How?” rumbled Knox, tone lethal. “Harper didn’t take her. Harper didn’t cause Crow’s delusions. Harper doesn’t even know him, and she has minimal contact with your mother. So explain to me how this could possibly be her fault.”



“There’s no saying he intends to kill your mom,” Bray told Roan. “If that was what he wanted, he could have done that right here.”



“But if he’s hovering on the edge, it won’t take much to drive him to do it,” said Roan. Glaring at Harper, he stalked out of the house with Bray behind him. Kellen’s eyes met hers, conflicted. But then he looked away with a frown and followed his father and brother. Ouch.



Knox put a supportive hand on Harper’s lower back as he spoke to Delia. “If Lawrence comes into contact with you, call me. Don’t try to lure him back here. Don’t agree to meet him anywhere. Call me and tell me where he is. He’s your partner and he cares for you, but he’s also not himself right now.”



Delia nodded miserably. “If he contacts me, I’ll call you.”






The black, heavy-metal gates swung open, and Levi steered the Bentley along the lengthy, circular drive toward the expansive, luxurious mansion. Harper loved the place. The contemporary piece of architecture was as spectacular as the guy who owned it. It was the kind of house you saw in magazines about the rich and famous, but there was nothing pretentious about it. The mansion had charm and a warm elegance. One of her favorite features was the bulletproof, blue-tinted windows that gave it a really modern look.



Ivy trailed along the high brick walls that framed the estate. Sprinklers were spraying the extensive lawn while landscapers were trimming the hedges that framed the security gatehouse. Levi dropped Harper and Knox off at the wide steps before heading to the garage that she knew stored several expensive cars.



Before she and Knox had even reached the top step, a tall male with graying hair opened the door and gave them a polite smile. “Mr. Thorne, Miss Wallis, welcome home.”



“Hey, Dan,” she said as she stepped into the marble foyer, where freshly cut flowers sat on a circular table.



Knox threaded his fingers through hers. “Come on.”



He didn’t lead her into the living area as she’d expected. Instead, he tugged her along the wide hallway and up the curved staircase. “You intend to have your wicked way with me already? We’ve only just walked through the door.”



Mouth curving, he said, “That will come later.”



He urged her into the lavish bedroom and along what she’d learned was rare, imported flooring. The room always seemed to smell of clean linen, Knox’s cologne, and fragrant oils. It was as lush as the rest of the house with its quality wooden furnishings, super-soft bedding, electronic shades, and balcony. Well, Harper didn’t really think “balcony” was the right word for what was more like a grand patio, complete with a small pool.



He led her into the private steamy bathroom. Her jasmine-scented candles had been lit and a glass of wine was waiting near the large circular, black-granite bath. And she knew he’d sent Meg, the housekeeper, a telepathic request to run her a bath. He did stuff like that a lot; took care of her in whatever ways he could. Since Harper was a self-sufficient person who had mostly raised herself, she didn’t quite know what to do with that yet.



“You need to get out of those damp clothes and warm your bones.” Knox kissed her. “I’ll be back soon. I have some work to do.” In truth, it was something that could wait, but Knox sensed she needed some time alone to assimilate everything. If he thought she’d talk to him, he’d ask her what was bothering her fascinating mind, but he’d quickly learned that his mate took time to think things through before she confided in anyone. “Relax and I’ll see you in a while.”



Harper hugged him. “Thank you for this,” she said a little awkwardly, still finding it difficult to accept… well, anything from anyone. “And thank you for getting me.” Being alone was her default zone, but it couldn’t be easy for someone as pushy and hyper-protective as Knox to not be all up in her business while she was stressing.



Hugging her just as tight, he pressed a light kiss to her neck. “I’ll always give you what you need.” She made him want to cosset her, spoil her, and surround her with whatever she wanted. Knox pulled back and squeezed her shoulders. “Enjoy.” He closed the bathroom door and left the bedroom, heading to his office.



Knox, meet me in the living area, said Levi. You should see this.



Changing directions, Knox made his way downstairs and into the spacious, high-ceiling room. Levi was sat on one of the beige half-moon sofas, fingers tapping his touch-screen cell phone. The spotlights in the walls and mahogany ceiling illuminated the reaper’s face; it was set into a mask of sheer exasperation.



“What do I need to see?” Knox asked, sitting on the other sofa.



Levi slid his cell phone across the coffee table positioned between them. “This.”



Picking up the cell, Knox tapped the play button on the screen. What appeared to be outdoor CCTV footage coming from a house opposite Crow’s showed him frantically dragging a yelling, kicking, squirming Carla to a red Toyota Corolla. He smacked her head hard on the window, knocking her unconscious, and then shoved her in the trunk. Raking a shaking hand through his hair, Crow looked in all directions, as if expecting someone to pounce at him. He then slung a suitcase onto the rear passenger seat before hopping inside the car and driving off.

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