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Avenging Us (Rocker #3)
Author: Whitney G.

To you dear readers…always to you.
It has been said that all love begins and ends with she who gave us life. For all the poems of unrequited love, there are so few on the pain of being the object of affection. The truth is, it’s not love on which the strongest foundations are built. It’s the decency of merciful lies…Abel Gunner.

A blaze of white buildings under a diamond star-studded sky was the last view I had of Mykonos. The plane’s engines thrust to life and I drew in a deep, anxious breath. A bead of sweat made its way steadily down my neck. Fuck it’s hot, I thought. I reached above and put the air on high. Anxiety crept along my palms like a slow moving fire, causing a twitching sensation through to the tips of my fingers. I managed one last soothing look at the crescent shaped harbor swelling with party-goers, and released a loud sigh past my tense lips as I rubbed the ache in my chest.

Now, back to the pressure.

I felt the need to pace for the first time in six weeks. Yes, this holiday was exactly what we needed, and my cock agreed. One throb and my eyes followed my beauty’s barely covered thighs. She was curled up like a sweet kitten on my lap with her head resting over my chest—a direct line to my heart. Her knees bent, and hair in a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck. Soft breaths fluttered over my chest as my finger pulled a soft curl around her ear and my lips grazed her temple. I whispered, “I love you” into her ear and felt the intensity of those three simple words down to my toes. Goose bumps flanked her legs and arms, and the mere sight of them made my cock roar to life. She was so responsive, and that in itself pumped blood through the veins of my cock. My heart beat quicker, harder, because I was the luckiest son of a bitch.

I carefully lifted her to adjust my cock from painfully rubbing against the zipper of my jeans. No way would I make it through this flight without coming. Even if my beauty’s ass hadn’t been resting against my hard-on, just being in the vicinity of her was enough to explode. The taste for her clung to my tongue. Too potent to deny, and let’s face it…I wasn’t one to deny myself the pleasure of her hot mouth or snug cunt. The weight of her fully rested against my painful hard-on. I held her steady with an arm around her, and thrust upward. Jesus fuck…you are one sick fuck, I thought.

The whoosh of the cabin door reminded me we weren’t alone as the flight attendant pushed the noisy refreshment cart down the aisle. She was a slim, tall brunette with a cheeky, wide smile and entirely too perky for this early of a flight. She looked official in her uniform. However, the ribbon around her neck in lieu of a scarf caught my attention. Call me crazy, but I knew a wannabe sub if ever I saw one. I chose to ignore my inclinations and cradled Beauty closer to my chest…stroking her face with the back of my hand. She burrowed deeper, exhaling a sigh. I smiled and a spark of contentment ran through me. I never imagined that the word “contentment” would ever pass my lips. But there wasn’t another word to explain the calmness that’d settled over me.

“Good morning, Mr. Gunner. I’m Emmy,” she cheerfully announced.

I put my finger to my lips, pointing to the sleeping Gia curled up against me.

She nodded in understanding. In a whispered tone, she asked, “Can I offer you any refreshments? Perhaps breakfast… We have fruit, eggs, scones…you name it, we have it.” Her eyes roamed from mine to Gia, slumbering in my lap, taking it all in.

I mouthed, “water for now.” Again, she nodded and made a show of bending over in her tight skirt a little too long to be considered an accident. I shook my head, holding a laugh back. And they say guys think with their cocks.

She produced two chilled bottles of water, wiped off the condensation, and bent over Gia to hand them to me. I’m sure the flash of her cleavage at eye level was intentional as well. “Just ask and I will do my best to fulfill anything else you might need.” She winked and gave her best seductive smile. Her singsong voice ran right through me just as Gia stirred in my arms. I knew well enough what would come next—possessive Beauty claiming her man. I wouldn’t wish her sass mouth or Italian temper on anyone. However, watching her in action thrilled me to no end.

A hiss left Gia’s lips and she straightened instantly in my lap. “Oh, is that right…” Her eye zeroed in on her name tag. “Emmeee.” Venom dripped from her voice like a snake moments before it devours its prey. Oh, fuck. Gia’s body leaned toward Emmy, and if I didn’t calm her down now, we’d have an emergency landing in the middle of the ocean just to keep this wannabe alive.

I gently squeezed her hips, letting her know it was fine. We were fine.

She nudged me away. “I don’t think so, doll. I’m the one who fulfills his requests. And I don’t have to try…I’m always at my best.” She tapped her finger against her chin. “What’s that saying… ‘When you’ve had the best you forget the rest’?” she spat out sarcastically. And then mumbled under her breath, “Fucking fan girls…gonna cut a bitch. I swear to fuck I will.”

Stock-still, mouth gaped open in shock, Emmy uttered, “I…umm…I didn’t mean it like that. I was just offering you your complimentary meal and refreshments.” She lied, but tried her best to reassure Gia. Little did she know, that would never happen. Our past still lurked in the crevices of her mind like a night stalker. The task of building her confidence fell solely on me. It was the business. Girls were always throwing themselves at musicians. It was deeply rooted in the industry, and the more famous you were…the more obsessive and desperate the fans became.

Engagement and marriage be damned.

Gia’s head tilted to the side as she considered what the girl said and laughed. “Please, don’t insult me. Do I have ‘dumb bitch’ in a bubble above my head?” she asked and waited as Emmy shook her head. “You bitches say the same thing and live by the same code of ethics. Which are non-existent in your little, pathetic, slutty worlds. See this?” Gia held up the rock that sparkled on her finger. “Taken.” Then placed her hand on her swollen baby bump. “And really taken—hard.”

I pulled Beauty closer to me when she tried to stand up. Jesus, the fucking hormones made her beyond irrational.

Emmy’s face paled and her cheeks pinked all at once. Gia managed to scare and embarrass her in one sitting. She feigned a wary smile. “I’m sorry if I’ve offended you. Again, not my intention. Let’s try this again. Can I offer you both anything from the breakfast cart this morning?” Gia’s point made; there wasn’t another word between them. Emmy simply started to remove our trays from the upright position to place food in front of us…mainly Gia.

Without another word, she uncovered the tray of eggs benedict and offered it to Gia. Sure as shit that would satisfy Gia and this whole fiasco would blow over—hopefully.

Gia grabbed it from her and tried to slide over to her seat to enjoy the meal before her. However, I held her in place and ground my cock into her ass. Her little display of dominance had a hardening effect on me.

She turned and rolled her eyes at me…typical Beauty. However, she redirected her attention to Emmy. “That is all. And leave that cart of heaven right where it is.”

Emmy just nodded and walked back to the galley up front, closing the curtain behind her. There were some definite perks to flying private as opposed to commercial. Privacy and comfort for sure. But, being able to fuck my girl on a whim was priceless to me and high on my priority list right now.

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