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Twisted Perfection (Rosemary Beach #5)(4)
Author: Abbi Glines

“What if someone sees us?” she asked, still breathless from her very vocal reaction to her orgasm.

I laughed. She was just now thinking about that. “These windows are tinted, it’s dark, and there is no light around us. We’re also pretty damn high up in this thing. No one’s going to see us.”

She gave me a sexy smile and let her hands fall back over her head, causing those tits to jiggle. This wasn’t gonna last long. I was too damn close.

I pressed the head of my cock to her opening and slowly began pushing in. She was tight. Too fucking tight. God, no, please don’t let her be a virgin. Girls that looked like her were not virgins at her age. She was meant to be fucked. “You’re tight,” I bit out.

She nodded and moaned, opening her legs wider. “I’m not a virgin,” she reminded me.

Right. Why was it I kept wanting to slow down and ease her into this? She was hot and ready. The worry that she was innocent was screwing with my head. I slammed into her and we both cried out. She was incredibly fucking tight but she hadn’t been lying; there was no barrier. She wasn’t a virgin; she just had a pussy from heaven. Damn, this was incredible.

I slid back out of her and she reached up and grabbed the handle on the door, bracing herself for me to pound back into her. “Hard . . . please . . . again,” she panted.

I didn’t have to be told twice.

I managed to hit it even harder this time, and those tits of hers bounced beautifully. I was pretty sure I’d never get over them. I was gonna come. This was too much.

I slipped my hand down between us and ran my finger over her clit several times until she was panting and pleading. “You like that? Such a naughty girl. Asking me to fuck you harder,” I whispered against her ear as I used the wetness pouring out of her to lubricate her swollen clit.

“Ohgod, Woods. Ohgod, I’m gonna come again,” she cried, and I pulled her nipple into my mouth and sucked while playing with her clit.

She exploded beneath my touch, and I grabbed the back of the seat and the dashboard for support as I slammed into her only two times before I followed her into release.




I slowly peeled my eyes open and stared up at the ceiling. The hotel room was silent. I was alone. I was also relieved. I wasn’t sure how I could face Woods after last night. I was a lot of things, but a whore wasn’t one of them. Thinking back to last night’s events, I felt very much like a whore. I wasn’t sure what had possessed me . . . unless it was the tequila. Maybe my courage to take what I wanted had come from a little too much to drink, but I hadn’t been drunk. I’d known exactly what I was doing.

Woods was hot, dripping with charisma, and did I mention hot? And I didn’t even know his last name.

I covered my face with both my hands and started to laugh. I’d had wild monkey sex with a man I’d just met. How crazy was that? At least he’d used a condom each time we’d done it: in the truck, in the shower, against the table, and then finally in the bed. After which I’d promptly passed out. I’d wanted to know what good sex was. Now I knew what earth-shattering sex was. Mission accomplished. One thing was for sure. I’d never forget Woods. This was a trip to experience life, and with Woods I had managed to experience one of the finer things in life.

Stretching, I stood up and glanced around the room for my clothes. Wait . . . my car. I needed my car. My luggage was in my . . . Uh, my luggage was sitting at the foot of the bed. What? I had left it in my car. I pulled the sheet from the bed and wrapped it around me. Then I walked over to the window and pushed back the curtain. It didn’t take me but a minute to find Braden’s red car parked out front. Woods had gone and gotten it for me and brought my luggage inside.

My heart warmed at his thoughtfulness. If I was going to have sex with a random stranger, at least I’d chosen one who didn’t leave a girl completely stranded.



Present Day

I sat in the office of Jeffery Odom, my current boss, waiting on him. He’d texted me this morning and asked me to come into work early and meet him here. I wasn’t sure what was wrong. A couple of weeks ago, he had started flirting with me and then it had become something more. I had worried this would be a problem. I was a waitress in his bar. I was also only here for a short time.

On this trip to find myself I was having to stop and get jobs until I had enough for another couple of weeks of traveling the road. I liked Dallas. It was fun. Jeffery was sexy and older. He made me feel special. At least when he was in town.

In the beginning he’d been around only once a week, but after a few flirty moments between us, he started showing up more and more. Mostly at closing time. He would wait in his car and text me to meet him outside. This secret romance was starting to get annoying, though. It wasn’t as if I was taking it seriously. I needed another five hundred in tips and I was back on the road. Next stop, Las Vegas.

The door to his office finally opened, and the frown on his face alerted me that this wasn’t a fun visit. I might be heading for Vegas sooner than I thought.

“I’m sorry I called you in here so early, Della,” he said, walking to the other side of his desk and sitting down. This was all very proper and cold considering I’d been taking a shower with him only three nights ago before finally giving in and having sex with him.

I didn’t respond to him. I wasn’t sure what to say.

Jeffery ran a hand through his hair. “I think it’s best if you moved on earlier rather than later. This thing with us has gotten too serious and we both know it isn’t going to last.”

Okay. So he got what he wanted and now he wasn’t even going to let me make my last five hundred before I headed out. He knew I was close to leaving. Bastard.

“Fine,” I replied, and stood up. I didn’t need this. I could stop short of Vegas and get another job.

“Della,” he said, standing up with me. “I’m sorry.”

I just laughed. He was sorry. Not nearly as sorry as I was. I thought we’d become friends.

I headed for the door and realized this was another one of those experiences I was on the road to find. I’d been used. I was living life. It wasn’t such a hit to my ego if I thought of it like that.

Before I could reach the door it swung open, and a tall, elegant redhead stepped inside with an angry snarl . . . directed at me.

“Is this her? Is this your whore? Figures, she looks like a fucking slut. Did you find this one at one of those disgusting strip joints you go to? She looks like a stripper. God, Jeff, how low could you stoop?”

I listened to her words, but I wasn’t sure I understood what she was saying. I was confused. The only thing I was positive of was that this woman hated me. Something fierce. I wasn’t sure why, but she did.

“That’s enough, Frances. I’ve fired her like you requested. Let her leave. This is between you and me,” Jeffery said to the angry redhead. He glanced my way and I could see the apology in his eyes.

I looked back at her and the temper that was boiling out of control as she glared at him. “You fired her and that makes it okay?” She swung her hateful gaze back to me. “Do you even care that you were fucking the father of my unborn child? Does it bother you at all that he’s not only married but going to be a daddy soon?”

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