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The Heartbreaker Society The Liar (The Heartbreaker Society #1)
Author: Jessica Sorensen

Chapter 1

My life is officially over. The end of existence is coming to take me out. I can already picture my lifeless body sprawled out on the gross, stained linoleum floor of my high school, my own tears and my fellow peers’ continuous laughter surrounding me. What a way to go. Seriously. It’s like the most disgusting place to die ever.

Okay, okay. I may be overdramatizing. Technically, my life isn’t over, and I’m not going to die; just my social life. And that end of existence coming to take me has arrived via text message, which doesn’t seem scary, but the sender is.

Tears sting my eyes as I stand in the middle of the busy hallway, re-reading the text message from my best friend—or ex-best friend, I guess I should say—Queeny Harlington sent me this morning.

Queeny: Ash, after what happened on Friday, we all agreed that it’d be better if you spent a little time away from us. XoXo

By “we” and “us” she means herself, Reina, and Janie, my other ex-friends as of five minutes ago. They might not have declared the end of our friendship yet, but I’m not even going to pretend anyone will side with me, although I’m innocent of Queeny’s accusations.

If I were in their shoes and given a choice to side with Queeny or me, I’d for sure side with Queeny, too. How could I not after I’ve spent years watching her, and sometimes shamefully aiding, in singlehandedly destroying the lives of anyone who got on her bad side.

Like it or not, Queeny rules Fareland High. She has since freshman year when she stole Alise’s, the former most popular girl in high school, boyfriend.

Colt was a senior at the time and the most popular guy in school, and Queeny stole him from Alise without so much as blinking an eye. When Alise came after her, Queeny dug up some very dirty secrets about her and told the whole school. Within minutes, Alise went from the homecoming queen to the girl no one would associate with. Queeny’s relationship with Colt lasted a total of a week before she dumped him in front of the school.

Sometimes, I wonder if the main reason she went after Colt was to prove that, even as a freshman, she was still Queen Bitchton—a self-proclaimed nickname.

A guy slams into my shoulder, wrenching me from my thoughts.

“Loser,” he coughs then erupts into a fit of laughter.

I don’t even know his name, yet he decides to hate me because of a rumor?

“Nice one.” I roll my eyes, playing cool despite the sting of his remark.

My eyes go back to the message Queeny sent me during the awful bus ride to school this morning. One single sentence that carries countless warnings. I have a feeling being shunned from the group is the start of days—even months—of Queen Bitchton hell. She’s going to try to drive me mad until I break into tiny, crushable pieces that she can squash between her perfectly manicured fingernails.

On the smallest bright side ever, I won’t have to endure the torment all by my little old lonesome since one person in this school will side with me. I just know it.

I stuff my phone into the back pocket of my pants and weave through the crowded hallway, making my way toward my boyfriend’s locker. As I pass by the cliques filling up the hallway, heads turn in my direction. Some people snicker. Some stare. One girl offers me a sympathetic look, and I feel like the biggest bitch for not being able to remember her name.

While I like to believe I’m fairly tough, the more people gawk at me, the more squirrely I get. Has Queeny told the entire school about what she thinks I did? What else has she told them about me? By the number of snide looks blasted in my direction, I’m guessing she’s done some quality Queeny damage already. All because some a-hole lied and told her that I made out with Zane, a guy she’s had a crush on for the past week, at Friday’s party.

After being friends with Queeny since middle school, she should know better than to think I’d betray her like that. Plus, I’d never cheat on Knox, my boyfriend of almost one year. Then again, after knowing Queeny for that long, perhaps I should’ve seen this coming.

Le sigh. I am stupid to think she’d never come after me when she’s gone after practically everyone.

By the time I reach the end of the hallway, the staring and whispering have taken over the hallways. My shoulders slump, causing my long, brown hair to curtain my face, and my legs are a bit shaky, putting into question any alleged strength I’ve ever claimed to have. Some of my worry alleviates, though, when I spot Knox leaning against his locker, chatting with a few of his friends.

He’s wearing his football jersey for tonight’s game, his blond hair is styled perfectly, and his muscular arms are crossed over his broad chest. He’s absolutely gorgeous, if you like that blond hair, blue-eyed, rock hard body kind of guy, which I do. Or, at least I don’t not like it. Although, before Knox asked me out at the beginning of my junior year, I’d never given too much thought about him. Sure, I knew who he was—the star quarterback who almost every single girl in school had a crush on. But, even though our friends hung out together at parties and at lunch, I hadn’t talked to him very much. So, when he asked me out on a date, I was completely blindsided and confused, not knowing if I should go.

I confessed my confusion to Queeny because, bitch or not, she was my best friend.

“You’re seriously thinking about going on a date?” She gaped at me like I just declared I secretly wore studded bracelets, listened to 80s punk rock, and spent Saturdays practicing my tarot card readings.

And yes, I did all those things sometimes—still do—but I’ve never told her that. Well, at least the first two. The last she found out on her own after my cards fell out of my bag. She pinkie swore she’d never tell anyone. Luckily, she never discovered I’m also into palm reading, séances, and that I spend weekends helping my mom go through her stash of crystal and herb supplies for what is supposed to be her natural healing store that seems to draw in a ton of weirdoes looking for Wiccan and magic potion supplies.

“So, you think I shouldn’t go out on a date with him?” I asked Queeny, kind of hoping she’d say yes.

Sure, Knox was hot, but what would we talk about? Sports? Ha! Yeah, right! We had nothing in common.

She dramatically rolled her eyes. “Don’t be an idiot, Ash. That’s not what I’m saying.”

“Then what are you saying?” Because I was lost, which may have been what she wanted—Queeny loved toying with people’s minds.

She huffed a dramatic sigh. “I’m saying you shouldn’t even be thinking about going out with him at all. You should’ve told him yes without thinking. Any normal person would’ve, which makes me wonder if you’re normal.” She smiled sweetly at me when I frowned. “Don’t worry; you can fix this.”

“How?” I tried not to let my disappointment show.

She crossed her legs and thrummed her finger against her glossy lips, deeply pondering the answer, though she probably had this entire conversation planned before it even started. “Well, for starters, you can tell Knox you’d love to go out on a date with him. Then you can break up Judd and Clarissa.”

I went rigid. “Why would I do that?”

She raveled a strand of her silky blonde hair around her finger. “Because I want to go out with Judd.”

“But I think he’s in love with Clarissa.” I treaded carefully, not wanting to piss her off, yet not wanting to agree to her request, either.

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