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Deep Kiss Of Winter (Immortals After Dark #8)
Author: Kresley Cole


The French Quarter, New Orleans

Present day


“SHE’S . . . near. ”

At his brother’s weak and broken words, Murdoch Wroth’s

eyes narrowed in anger toward the one who’d brought the

proud Nikolai so low.

Myst the Coveted, a female immortal with a vicious heart.

And Nikolai’s fated Bride.

“How can you tell?” Murdoch asked.

“Because I can feel her,” Nikolai said.


Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (novapdf) Murdoch adjusted Nikolai’s arm, which he’d slung across

his shoulders to help his brother walk as they searched. The

humans milling all around them merely assumed Nikolai

was another drunk.

Proud Nikolai. He was exhausted from consuming too little

blood, his body racked with never-ending need for a mad

Valkyrie who delighted in his pain. Nikolai had lost weight,

his face turning gaunt, his muscles flagging.

“Murdoch, when I find her . . . I want you to trace from


He shook his head. “I’ll stay until you’ve secured her—”

“No. Don’t want you to . . . see me.” Nikolai’s weary gaze

darted away from Murdoch’s. “I will lose control.”

Which would shame his stalwart older brother as little else


Murdoch couldn’t imagine how Nikolai would react when

he found Myst. Five years ago, she had blooded Nikolai, as

only a Bride could, bringing to life his dead vampire’s

body. She’d made him breathe, made his heart beat, and

stoked his newly reawakened lust with no intention of

slaking it.

That same night, another Valkyrie had shot him through

with arrows and still another had mocked his desires. Myst

had fled with the two, dooming Nikolai.

A blooded vampire could only take release for the first time

while touching his Bride in some way. If she wasn’t

available, then he would remain in a state of constant

sexual readiness, aching indefinitely.

Which she well knew.

“Promise me you’ll leave,” Nikolai grated.


Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (novapdf) At length, Murdoch said, “I will.” If Myst was indeed here

tonight, it would make sense that there’d be more Valkyrie

out on these very streets. More of their deceiving,

manipulative, violent kind. “But only to find another one,”

he added.

He could capture one and interrogate her about the Lore,

the world of not-so-mythical beings he and his brother were

now a part of.

Murdoch’s knowledge of the Lore was as limited as that of

any of the vampires in their warrior order of Forbearers.

Their army consisted mostly of turned humans, and the

Lore creatures kept their secrets well guarded from them.

“Don’t underestimate the Valkyrie as I did,” Nikolai rasped.

“Else suffer as I have.”

He suffered because fate had forced this blooding on

Nikolai. As if Nikolai needed another burden.

The blooding process was what Murdoch detested most

about being a vampire, even more than never seeing the sun


Though he’d once been a rake, bedding a new woman each

night, Murdoch hoped it never happened to him. To be

mystically tied to a single woman sounded hellish,

especially to a woman he didn’t choose, and one who could

spurn him, as Myst had Nikolai.

The pain had rendered his brother nearly mindless in his

pursuit of her. Nikolai wanted retribution, but Murdoch

suspected he also simply wanted her. Even after all that

she’d done to him.

“Where will you take her this night?” Murdoch asked. “The

mill?” They’d secured an old renovated sugar mill outside


Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (novapdf) the city, staying there instead of the Forbearer castle while

they’d scoured these streets.

Nikolai shook his head.

“Then back to the castle?”

When Nikolai didn’t answer, Murdoch said, “You wouldn’t

take her to Blachmount?” The ancient Wroth estate—where

most of their family had died in a single night of sickness

and murder. “Why?”

“Because that’s where my Bride belongs.”

Before Murdoch could question his meaning, Nikolai went

still, his eyes briefly sliding shut. Then his head swung up

toward a rooftop. “It’s her.”

Above them, a redhead stood frozen, her lips parting in


Murdoch had only briefly seen her all those years before,

and now he studied the details of her Valkyrie appearance.

She had delicate fey features—pointed ears and high

cheekbones—but he also spied the tell-tale claws and small


At the sight of her, Nikolai stood fully, no longer needing

Murdoch’s aid. “My Myst. ”

Her face paled, no doubt at the sight of Nikolai, who now

looked like the monster she’d sought to make him. His

irises had turned completely black, his fangs descending in

his mouth, dripping from thirst.

Her horrified expression almost made Murdoch pity her,

but she deserved no mercy. Which was good, because

Nikolai would show her none this night.

Their pursuit of half a decade was . . . over. At last.

Just as Nikolai tensed to trace to her, Murdoch slapped him


Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (novapdf) on the back, then teleported away as he’d promised,

disappearing so quickly he went unnoticed in the morass of

drunken tourists. Even if they had seen him vanish, the

humans would think they’d imagined it.

Murdoch materialized in a back alley several blocks away,

then walked to the Quarter’s main thoroughfare, Bourbon

street. As he moved among the crowds, a warm breeze

tripped down the street, dissipating the swampy haze and

the fumes from food vendor stands.

Warm. In February. Good hunting weather.

Yes, Nikolai would be merciless tonight, as would

Murdoch. Now all he needed was to find his prey.

The hunt is on.


I’m being followed.

Daniela the Ice Maiden furtively glanced over her shoulder

once more. Again she spied nothing out of the ordinary—

tourists milling, witches catcalling to human males—but

Danii couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being stalked.

Which begged the question: what creature would be stupid

enough to court a Valkyrie’s wrath?

Maybe she was just spooked by Nïx’s cryptic remarks

tonight. Nucking Futs Nïx, her half sister and the Valkyrie

soothsayer, often made off-the-wall predictions. But this

one continued to replay in Danii’s mind.

“Sad, sad Daniela, the broken doll who wants to be fixed.

Tonight she might. ”

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