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The Sheik’s Sensuous Trap
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Sensuous Trap Elizabeth Lennox

“Come on, Alea!” Leslie Morgan said to her best friend and college roommate. “We’re going to be late.”


Alea Al-Basiri looked at her reflection in the mirror and sighed. “I really should be studying. Finals are next week and…”


“Stop right there,” Leslie interrupted. “You and I both know that you’ve been studying so hard for your finals that you’ve probably memorized the entire book so you can’t use that as an excuse to avoid tonight. Besides, you almost never come out dancing with us and grad school is almost over. You’re heading home after finals to a country none of us will ever understand, so you must come out with us tonight and have a little fun.”

Alea laughed and shook her head. “My country isn’t that far from here and everyone can come and visit me whenever they want. You know you’re always welcome.”


Leslie fluffed her blond hair and touched up her makeup, shaking her head at Alea’s invitation. “Sorry, girlfriend but that’s still not getting you out of tonight. We’re taking you out and showing you a good time before you head home and have all those horrible royal duties.”


“They aren’t horrible,” she said weakly, but even she wasn’t looking forward to the end of school. That meant home and her family, which she missed desperately, but it also probably meant a wedding, which she wouldn’t put it past her father to have already arranged and not told her about it. Her father knew how much she wanted to contribute, and not simply as the wife of some sheik for a political alliance. She wanted to make a difference! She wanted to do something with her life that was more than being a baby making machine for another man’s dynasty.


Leslie poked her gently in the ribs. “You’re getting that melancholy look about you once again. What are you thinking about?” she asked.


Alea shook off her depressing thoughts and smiled. “I’m thinking about finals but you’re right. Tonight is going to be fun. We’ll go dancing, have some laughs and….”


“And maybe get enough alcohol in you to relax and find a wonderful man to fall in love with…” Leslie teased, a mischievous look on her pixie-like face.


Alea chuckled, thinking of the reaction of her father if she came home asking to marry someone he hadn’t hand picked out for her and for his own political benefit. “That’s definitely not going to happen,” shuddering at the fury she’d face if her father even knew she was going out dancing tonight.


“We’ll see,” Leslie said hopefully. “Come on, the others are already waiting for us. We’re going to be late.”



Chapter 2


Rashid Bin Faisar glanced up impatiently from the document he’d been reading and looked out the window of the limousine in an attempt to determine how much longer until they reached his penthouse. He had a dinner meeting in thirty minutes but wanted to shower and change but at the rate traffic was moving, he was going to be pressed for time.


His eyes skimmed the late evening car traffic and pedestrians milling about the sidewalk, glancing at the masses of people going about their business. The woman with long, black hair caught his eye and his interest instantly responded to the long, sexy legs and slim figure. Besides her stunning black hair which came down almost to her waist, her legs and tiny waist were all he could see from behind but his eyes were captured. When the limousine inched forward, he was able to see her face and his stomach muscles tightened. She was absolutely spectacular, he thought to himself. The woman’s high cheekbones were highlighted by beautiful, almond shaped eyes. Her lips were full and sensuous and, at the moment, smiling at something one of her friends said.


Briefly, he considered pulling over and offering to take the woman out to dinner. Perhaps a little conversation would be needed, but not many women turned him down. In fact, it rarely happened, he thought.


Pulling his eyes away, he forced his attention back down to the report he’d been reading. There was no time for pleasure on this trip. It was all business. Perhaps another time, he considered. His mind was reading the report but a part of his brain kept moving back to the woman on the street. Something about her kept intruding on his concentration. That in itself was notable since Rashid never allowed anything to intrude on his work. As ruler of Ibel, a country noted for its massive oil reserves as well as a powerful force within the Middle East, it was his duty to guide his people. And he did so with a relentless pursuit of his country’s interests, something his predecessor had not had as his main concern.


Rashid’s uncle had put his own interest at the top of his list of priorities and Ibel had suffered, to the point where, even today, there were almost constant border battles, with loss of life a part of many villagers’ daily routines. It was an ongoing tragedy Rashid was determined to fix as soon as possible. No one should die such senseless deaths when there was no cause behind the violence besides greed, misunderstanding and lies propagated by his late uncle.


Some people, both inside and outside of Ibel, considered Rashid ruthless. And worse, in some cases. Regardless, they never doubted his loyalty to Ibel. His people followed his lead without question now, trusting him on all matters.


He glanced up again and noted that the limousine was stopped at a stop light so he could only see the back of his mystery woman now. She had a very nice derriere, he thought.


As the car moved forward slightly in the thick traffic, the street lights caught the woman’s profile and Rashid tensed. He was startled by something in her face, her eyes. There was a resemblance that nagged at him. He searched through his mind’s memory, trying to figure out where he knew the woman. Initially, he rejected political possibilities. No woman of consequence or political significance would be out on the street alone without body guards. His eyes lifted back to the woman and something about the way she lifted her hand jogged his memory. He suddenly remembered a similar action in several news reports. Could it be? His eyes sharpened on the stunning beauty walking with her friends. She was the right age, he supposed.


He didn’t hesitate. If there was a possibility that the woman was who he thought she was, he would have to act without delay. He quickly picked up his cell phone and dialed a number. “Get me a picture of Al-Basiri’s daughter immediately,” he snapped into the receiver. “I want it on my computer in five seconds,” he said, then snapped the cell phone closed.


“Pull over,” he said in Arabic to his driver. The two body guards that were sitting in the front seat turned around, looking at their employer inquiringly.


Rashid didn’t respond, but simply counted to five while he watched the woman stop and get in line for a dance club. When he looked down at his computer, which was already open on the seat in front of him, an e-mail popped up with an attachment. He pressed several buttons and looked at the image staring back at him from the screen. Looking out the window again, a smile formed on his face.

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