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Rogue Cowboy (Billionaire Bad Boy Romance #2)
Author: Linzi Basset

Chapter One


“The only interest I have in a Texas cowboy is to ride his horses, Anna.”

“You’re beyond boring! You know the saying: Save a horse, ride a cowboy? Well, here’s your chance. And it’s a twofer.”

“A twofer?” Rachel Davis stomped her feet into her riding boots. She studied the scuffed tips and noticed how worn they were. Maybe it was time to invest in a new pair, but she loved these because they were so comfortable. She wasn’t one who adapted to change easily. New riding boots was one thing she wasn’t too keen on.

“All the proceeds of the auction go to a charity of your choice. It’s an annual event that draws an enormous amount of publicity and the perfect opportunity to promote the Lilly Davis children’s fund.” Anna flopped onto her back on Rachel’s bed in total disregard to the chic and crisp business suit she was wearing. “I’m already drooling over those hunks and their muscled chests as they parade on stage.”

“You’re incorrigible, Anna. I’m starting to think you have nympho tendencies.”

“What’s wrong with that? I’m a young woman with a healthy sexual appetite.” Anna scissored her legs in the air.

Rachel shook her head at her antics as she quickly tied her hair in a ponytail. “Your sexual appetite is going to get you into trouble one of these days.”

“As long as it’s the kind of trouble that ends with a hard dick in my—”

“Good lord, stop!” Rachel laughed and headed to the door. “I’m seriously worried about you, my friend.”

“No need to be.” Anna trailed down the stairs after Rachel. “At least I’m comfortable with my sexuality.”

“Are you implying I’m not?”

Anna glanced at her as she reached for the large white cowgirl hat on the stand in the entrance hall. “Well, I wouldn’t be wrong, would I? Don’t give me that look. Be honest, Rachel. When was the last time you had sex? Not the quickies that fumbling fool, Will Jones, who you sometimes invite to your bed, offers but a good hard fuck that melts your brain.”

Rachel walked out onto the wraparound porch of the large ranch house and breathed in deeply. She loved the fresh morning air. It always reminded her of the gift of nature and how privileged she was to live so close to it.


Rachel clipped an indulgent glance at her best friend. Her parents were neighbors and they had been friends since they were toddlers. No one knew Rachel better than Anna Miller.

“Can’t say that sex has ever had that effect on me.” She shrugged. “I sincerely doubt it’s at all possible.”

Rachel preferred her sexual partners to be mellow, non-demanding and caring, which was why she avoided the ranchers that made the modern-day Texas cowboy tabloids like the plague. The small equestrian ranch she inherited from her parents in Van Zandt County on the banks of Lake Tawakoni wasn’t that far from the city and the places they frequented, but it was secluded enough to keep her safe from their undesired attention.

“Oh, my lord! I need to find you a proper man and fast.”

“Don’t be melodramatic, Anna. Sex is a tool for sexual relief and I’m quite happy with mine.”

Rachel descended the porch stairs two at a time and headed toward the infancy stable, so christened as it housed just born foals and their mothers. Currently, there were two recently born and one thoroughbred Arabian awaiting birth. Breeding wasn’t what she concentrated on at Wolf Creek Equestrian Vista, so named as the ranch house was situated adjacent to Wolf Cove, but she mated five specific breeds in her stable to produce specifically desired characteristics for dressage and showjumping.

“You might think you do but it’s only because you’ve never had a man who rocked your world riding between your legs.” Anna sped up to keep up with Rachel. It amazed Rachel how she managed to walk with such confidence on the rough terrain with high heels. “Come on, what do you say? It’s a wonderful chance to showcase the good that has been done with the trust your mother left in her will.”

“You’re not going to stop until I say yes, are you?”

“See, you know me so well.” Anna dimpled as they neared the stable. “I’m also going to participate, so you won’t be there on your own.”

“Oh no, that’s where I draw the line. Fine, Anna, I’ll bid on a date with a cowboy, but you can do it on my behalf. You know I hate those formal affairs and I have no intention of making an ass of myself. There’s no chance that I’ll become involved in a bidding war with a bunch of sex starved women.”

Anna smiled broadly. “No problem. You don’t need to worry; I’ll make sure your date is the pick of the crop.”

“That’s exactly what worries me.” She stabbed a stiff finger in the center of Anna’s chest. “You will bid on a cowboy fitting my specifications. I don’t want to be saddled for a night with a caveman.”

“Your word is my command.” Anna hugged her briefly. “I gotta get going. I have a nine o’clock litigation in the city.” She winked at her. “I’ll register us online for the auction. Just pop me a text message with the maximum bidding amount when you have time. If I recall correctly, it’s one of the qualifying criteria.” She briskly walked toward her sporty SUV that was parked in front of the two-story gable roof house. “Toodles, Rach, see you later.” Her throaty farewell floated toward Rachel as she walked inside the cool interior of the modernized stable.

“Morning, Boss lady.”

Rachel smiled at the young stable hand who eagerly approached her. He had only been working on the ranch for a couple of months and was eager to please.

“Morning, Steven. I told you to call me Rachel. There’s no need for formalities and Boss lady makes me think of a stiff corporate chick.”

Steven flashed a toothy grin but didn’t respond. He gestured to the first large box stall. “I guess you’ve come to check up on little Margarete?”

“You should stop calling her that. One of these days it’ll be the only name she’ll respond to and believe me; Margarete is not befitting of a thoroughbred Arabian mare.”

“She looks like a Margarete, you know, one of those pretty German ladies tiptoeing about dressed in quirky outfits, high socks, ribbons, and bows. Their dancing is so graceful … just like our little Margarete.”

Rachel groaned as the little foal’s head lifted. She immediately struggled to her feet and hobbled towards Steven to bury her snout in his throat. It was evident the two had already formed a bond.

“I see what you mean about graceful,” she said with a smile as she quickly examined the gorgeous chestnut colored foal that sported four white socks, tail, and mane. She was truly a delight. “But no more Margarete.” She cast a strict look at the young man. “I mean it, Steven. I’ll choose their names in line with their lineage before the end of the week.”

“Of course, I understand.”

Rachel cooed at the mother of the foal and spent the following hour examining and bonding with the new additions of the Wolf Creek Equestrian Vista family.

As she exited the stable, her eyes drifted over the surrounding landscape. Though Rachel hated crowds, here in the countryside was the one place she always felt at home. It wasn't that she sought isolation, but in the quiet song of the birds and the susurration of the green grass in the fields, she found peace. The paths of hard ground and the stiles she traversed daily were a hymn sung straight to her soul; the trees, the grass, the ducks that wandered the coppice on the banks of the lake, were all part of the music. The more the wind blustered, tousled her auburn hair, and cooled her fingers, the calmer her mind became. She was at her happiest here, far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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