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Bent to His Will A Dark Billionaire Romance
Author: Piper Stone

Chapter One



No one entered into my club with a nefarious purpose. If they did, they faced my wrath.

And she’d made the mistake of doing just that.

Now I was going to punish her—severely.

Then I’d decide the rest of her fate.

As she’d slipped into the bowels of the club, I’d watched her, cognizant that she’d been sent here to spy on my world, to try to destroy everything that had been created.

That wasn’t going to happen.

The darkness she would face would teach her a lesson.

One way or the other.

I shifted through the crowd, catching a glimpse of her as she prepared to take the stage. I was darkness to her light. Soon, her bright shining star would fade. My mouth watered at the thought. I had zero tolerance for gameplayers. That alone had brought me significant power and I planned on keeping it.


Some would say the concept is built from hard work and sacrifice. In my world, success was built on secrets and lies. Everyone had them, some worse than others. However, usually those who kept the darkest, most vile secrets were also the ones who would pay handsomely in order to keep their proclivities padlocked.

Within the walls of this club, secrets had been revealed for decades, all of them captured in various forms of media. The majority of people believed the power within the city revolved around politicians, pompous assholes who truly believed the sins they committed hadn’t been documented.

Not only were they wrong, they also had no true understanding of the fact that my brothers and I were the most powerful men in DC.

Perhaps in the entire United States.

While we were considered the most eligible billionaire bachelors on the East Coast, our wealth wasn’t simply made from the inheritance provided by our parents’ substantial estate. We’d successfully taken the club to a significantly higher profit level as well as parlayed our fortunes by making solid investments.

I was also a purveyor of opportunities for the darkest of behaviors to be enjoyed, while still keeping both identities as well as skeletons intact.

Unless the assholes crossed me.

Very few had been that stupid, idiots who’d learned that crossing the line wasn’t in their best interests. I was the enforcer, the one who made certain our world remained exactly the way we wanted. Some called me dangerous, others merely ruthless. They had no idea how merciless I could be when necessary.

While eliminating the enemy was only done as a last resort, I’d been forced to admit there’d been times I’d enjoyed the process.




Perhaps it was in my blood, my family’s power and influence kept under the radar even though there were few up and down the East Coast who didn’t know of my father’s reputation. Given the secrets we kept, our power was limitless, our methods of eradicating our enemies brutal yet necessary. Now I was in charge of my father’s legacy, a corporation that had made him rich, allowing him access to the finer things in life. He’d died keeping certain secrets involving the upper echelon of Washington DC society, although the majority of my father’s ‘friends’ had no idea whether their dark and disgusting proclivities would surface at a later time. I snickered at the thought. Information equated to power and I reveled in utter domination.

Club Darkness.

Admittance was highly sought after, invitations to join few, and the secrets just as dark and dangerous as when my father had been alive. DC was a town ripe with treachery.

My two brothers and I had spared no expense to make the experiences for our clients memorable, the greatest joy allowed within certain confines of the law. However, the opportunity came at a hefty price, a concept that hundreds of powerful and influential people were willing to spend in order to achieve their particular thrill.

We weren’t merely a kink club. In fact, many of our guests never participated in acts of BDSM. Some believed this was the perfect club to entertain clients as well as obtain business. I’d heard of many a seven-figure deal made within our hallowed walls. Five floors—including private suites and conference rooms, several bars, the main floor holding one exquisite dance area and a floor of offices—were housed in a glorious renovated brownstone in the heart of DC.

Of course, we had our share of enemies because of my father’s business tactics.

And I had no problem dealing with them when necessary. Tonight was all about a single woman—an undercover agent.

“A huge crowd tonight,” my brother said quietly as he flanked my side. Michael was the business manager, a man who reveled in numbers, making certain our wealth continued to grow. His business degree from Harvard had certainly parlayed our subtle beginnings into multimillion dollars’ worth of security. He was also the most cautious of the trio, preferring not to enter into the darker side of sin.

Perhaps that’s because he was significantly older than either Christopher or me, even taking on the patriarch role while we were younger.

“Yes. I’m surprised to see the various senators here tonight.”

Michael patted me on the back, chuckling under his breath. He’d often told me I needed to pay more attention to the type of clients we’d acquired. “Congress is in session. After the daily bullshit of politics, they need a place to unwind. We have everything they need. The best music, the finest liquor, and the most beautiful women on the planet. Where else should they go?”

“You’re in a good mood tonight.” I huffed after issuing the words. My brother was usually the brooding type.

Grinning, he eased in front of me, rubbing his fingers together. “I see hefty profits for the end of the quarter. What’s not to like? You should relax more, brother. We are doing well.”

Shaking my head, I watched as he walked away before moving toward the bar, ordering my favorite scotch. Maybe he was right. I could celebrate our good fortune, even though a nagging series of ugly thoughts had remained in my gut for the last few days. Getting wind of a possible raid didn’t sit well on any level. We ran a clean operation, but our prosperity hinged on our reputation. Police storming into our establishment wouldn’t bode well for our clients or our bank accounts.

“Here you are, Mr. Dunmore.” The bartender slid the drink across the mahogany bar, her smile genuine. Kitty had worked here long enough to realize the benefits of becoming a top-level employee as well as keeping her mouth shut.

I lifted the glass in appreciation while turning my attention toward the floor. Another show was about to start. Not only did Club Darkness provide the most expensive and unique BDSM apparatuses, we also offered the finest erotic dancing on the East Coast. Our talent was incredible, the dancers trained by experts. Ballet. Ballroom. Country line dancing. Every type of dance had its place on our stage.

But all under the guise of seduction.

“We need to talk, Gregory.” In contrast to Michael, Christopher was high-strung, a relentless watchdog who trusted no one. He often rubbed the customers the wrong way, leaving me to smooth out the kinks.

“What is it this time, brother?” I asked as the first dancer moved onto the stage, the lights dimming. Some of our clients came here for the dancing alone and nothing else, although they still paid a hefty price for doing so. Even our questionnaires were harsh reminders that what we sold was akin to pure sin, filthy in every manner.

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