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How To Wife Your Nanny A Billionaire Single Dad Romantic Comedy
Author: Melinda Minx







I sat in the library with a nice hot cup of coffee. Frankie, one of the full-time librarians, pushed a cart of books up to me and smiled. He was wearing goofy suspenders with bright-red pops of color, which matched his bright-red socks.

“Happy Tuesday, Lacey,” he said.

I held my cup of coffee up to him and smiled. “Any word on a full-time position?”

“I heard Sandra matched with someone on Tinder.” He looked down at his watch and furrowed his brows. “So if things go really well, she might go on maternity leave in...nine months. Give or take a few days?”

I worked as a librarian on Tuesday and Thursday only. These were my favorite days of the week. I worked two other jobs to fill the rest of the week and to make ends meet. I didn’t like those other jobs.

I faked a sobbing sound, but Franke just put a hand on my shoulder and squeezed. “Just hang in there.”

“How long did you have to hang in there?”

“Three years,” he said, wincing.

I looked at the full-time librarians like some kind of mythical figures. These were the men and women who got to come in here every single morning. To touch and talk about books all day and get paid for it. Their customers weren’t self-entitled assholes who set out to make their lives miserable, they were people who liked the library. People who wanted to read, or people who wanted their kids to learn.

And speaking of kids, I saw the first of the Reading Hour kids trickling in, so I drained my coffee with a big gulp and threw away the cup.

I smiled wide and waved to the kids with both hands.

“Miss Lacey!” they shouted.

I loved kids, not that I was ever going to have any at this rate. I spent every day working three jobs to barely be able to pay my bills. It’s not like I had time to do things like date, and even if I did have time, it’s not like I was any good at getting men to ever so much as look at me.

Logan, Toya, and Dmitri were the three kids already here. They ran up and hugged me. These three were here every single Tuesday.

Toya smiled up at me. “Can we do the animal song?”

“Of course we can.”

I didn’t just read books for these kids. I had entire song and dance routines, complete with costumes and cheesy jokes. The good thing about kids is that the only thing they love more than cheesy jokes are the same cheesy jokes over and over, week after week.

After about ten minutes, I had a full group of kids. The youngest was a toddler who could barely walk without falling down on her butt every few steps. The oldest was a seven- or eight-year old girl who was there with her younger sister.

Some of the parents hung back and drank coffee, some sat right behind the group of kids and participated with us, while others just completely wandered off and used the Reading Hour to get some much-needed relaxation time.

“Good morning, everyone!”

“Good morning, Miss Lacey!” about half of them said back. Some of the younger toddlers weren’t even looking at me.

I put a hand to my ear in an exaggerated motion. “You sound sooo tired. You can be louder than that!”


“Shh!” I hissed, grinning at them so that they knew I was just joking. “This is a library!”

They laughed. Logan pointed a finger at me. “You tricked us, Miss Lacey!”

I winked at him. “What do we want to start with—”

“Animal song! Animal song!” Logan and Toya said together.

I opened my backpack up and pulled out the big bag full of the costumes. To call them “costumes” was a bit of a stretch. They were cheap little masks with elastic bands that I bought for a few cents each at one of those party supply stores, but the kids’ imaginations made them work.

“Who wants to be the…” I reached into the bag and made a big dramatic pause. I pulled out the first mask, “the chicken!”

“Me! Me!” Logan shouted.

“You got to be the chicken last time!” Dmitri said. “It’s my turn!”

It took me a good two or three minutes to calm everyone down and get everyone more or less satisfied with their animal mask.

“Hmm,” I said, “now I need a costume—”

“Pig! Pig!” Dmitri said, laughing.

“Hmmm,” I reached into the bag. There were several masks left, but the kids didn’t know that. “Oh no! It looks like there’s only one mask left. I’m going to have to be…”

“The pig! The pig!” Toya said.

I smiled and pulled out the pig mask.

I held my mask up. “Okay, everyone, it’s time to put on your mask!”

I put my mask on. It had little eye holes and a big pig nose. I knew I looked ridiculous with it, but the kids loved it.

I walked around the group, helping the younger ones put the masks on.

“Does everyone know what sound your animal makes?” I asked. “Let’s go one at a time.”

I gave each kid a chance to do their animal sound. Some of the kids got really into it, others were shy and just quietly made the noise while looking straight at the floor. When it was my turn, I really hammed it up.

“Oink!” I said. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled around like a pig. I really started snorting in through my nose. Not just saying “oink,” but imitating a pig as best as I possibly could.

The kids were all laughing, and some started crawling around on the carpet with me, making their own sounds with me.

“Are you hungry, Miss Piggy?” Toya asked. She mimicked throwing food to me. I pretended to snarf it up, snorting and making big exaggerated chewing sounds.

When I finally looked up, my blood froze in my veins. A man was towering over me. His face looked like it was carved from marble, but when his cool blue eyes met mine, that statuesque face cracked into a smirk. His hair was medium-length and slicked back, but just the right amount of strands fell forward haphazardly, just above his high cheekbones.

He was wearing a full suit. His tie was a light blue with black patterns and gold trim. I did most of my shopping at thrift stores and Target, so I didn’t know for sure, but the suit looked expensive. It smelled expensive. He smelled expensive.

It wasn’t uncommon to see strikingly attractive people of either gender in New York City. This man was far beyond that though. If I saw him on the other side of the street in Manhattan, even in a crowd of people, I’d stop walking and stare. And then when he passed by me, I’d probably turn around just to gawk as he walked away. I’d probably hold my breath the whole time too, only able to breathe again once he had walked fully out of sight.

I was on my knees in front of him. Bent over. Wearing a skirt with pantyhose...and a pig mask.

Toya held her hand up to my face, shoved it over my mouth, and giggled. “Miss Piggy is still hungry! Oink oink oink!”

I oinked back. Just one time, because my whole face was burning red. In fact, I was pretty sure that every pint of blood in my entire body had somehow moved to my face. That’s how hot it felt. It was a perfect mix of the most embarrassed and most aroused I’d ever felt.

I stood up, and only then did I notice this perfect specimen of a man was holding a little girl’s hand.

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