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Billionaire's Second Chance (Billionaires #16)
Author: Jennifer Hartley










Have you ever made a split-second decision that determined the fate of your life to come? Well, little did I know that my decision would not only change that but the dynamic of my entire family.

DeShawn’s body wasn’t just muscular; it was powerful. For years, I had hidden the fact that I had been crushing on him simply because he was my brother’s best friend. But hiding it and denying it were two very different things. Now, five years after the death of my parents, I was tired of being good and denying the longing I had kept inside for what seemed like my whole life. In one reckless moment, I had thrown caution to the wind and finally gave in. And it was every bit as satiating as I had could have imagined.

I wrapped my legs around his hips as DeShawn laid me back against the soft blankets that were piled on top of the farmhouse bed. The cool breeze that rushed in through the open windows met against our warm bodies and made my skin prickle. There was nothing between us now, not clothes, not my brother’s overprotective prodding, and not even an inkling of hesitation. I looked up into his familiar dark-brown eyes with the flakes of amber that sparkled in the late afternoon sunlight, and I felt his heavy, swollen cock that pulsed against my thighs. I knew that we shouldn’t be doing this—and I just didn’t care.

DeShawn leaned his face down to kiss me, and when he put his mouth on mine, I squirmed with anticipation beneath his body. His tongue circled around mine as I ran my hands down his chest, tracing the defined lines of his muscles with my fingertips as if I were trying to sculpt his body into my memory. I could tell by the way that he was taking his time that he wanted to relish every moment. I hadn’t been the only one trying to keep this smoldering yearning from turning into a wildfire all these years. He had wanted it, too.

I rolled my hips and urged my body against him, parting my thighs and reaching a hand around to the back of his broad shoulder to pull him even closer. My eyes silently pleaded for him not to make me wait any longer, and with one swift and steady motion, he pushed inside of me. I gasped with pleasure as he filled me, and moved within me, and touched places that I didn’t even know existed before. Our bodies fit together so perfectly that it seemed almost cruel that we hadn’t enjoyed each other before now.

But then I reminded myself that this was only a frivolous one-night-stand. It couldn’t be anything more than that, no matter what either of us wanted to make of it. I would have him now, and then I could finally get him out of my system and move on with my life because that’s what had to be done. But none of that had to be thought about at this moment. Right now, the only thing I was thinking about was how to make this delight last for as long as we could possibly hold on to it.

Our chests heaved against each other, and our undulating bodies became slick with sweat as we lingered at the precipice of the climbing sensation. If I could have lingered at the torturously delicious moment, I would have, but there was no holding on to it. DeShawn moaned, and his eyes rolled upward as I felt our bodies erupt into a fit of trembling convulsions. When it was over, he gently kissed my damp forehead and slowly rolled to my side, pulling me along with him so that I could lay my head against his chest. Even lying inside the crook of his shoulder and weaving my legs between his, we fit perfectly. I listened to his heart pounding against my ear and wondered how I was ever going to be able to look at him the same now.

Before, it had been difficult to look at him without my brother, Scott, noticing the way my gaze sometimes lingered a bit too long. Now it would be nearly impossible.

“Please don’t tell me that we’re going to pretend like this never happened,” DeShawn said as he let his fingers drag down the side of my ribcage.

His touch felt so good. I just wanted to stay right here and let him touch me all day. But Scott would be home soon, and finding his best friend in bed with his sister was not going to bode well. I got ready to open my mouth and respond to what he had said, but DeShawn put his finger on my lips before I could make a sound.

“Don’t say it,” he said. “Just let me pretend like this is going to be something.”

I didn’t understand how that could possibly be a good idea. We both knew that it wasn’t. In a few minutes, we would both get up out of this bed and put on our clothes. He would have to leave town and get back to running his companies. I would have to get back to helping my brother run our parents’ farm while pretending that I hadn’t just had the most mind-blowing sex that I had ever experienced. That was just the way things had to be. We were lucky to have gotten this moment together. It was only by chance that Scott had to run into town to get a replacement part for the tractor that had broken down for the third time in the past week.

Don’t ask it. It doesn’t matter, so just keep your mouth shut.

“When do you think you’ll be by again?” I asked.

Dammit, I just couldn’t stop myself from saying something stupid.

DeShawn smiled, and I felt his grip tighten around me.

“Just so I can let Scott know,” I said as I tried to backpedal my intention. “I’m sure he’ll be sorry he missed you this time.”

“I’ll be back next month to check on some of the smaller companies,” he said.

I could hear the growing hope in his voice and realized that I shouldn’t have led him on.

“But that’s not really why you asked that question, is it?” he said.

I lay there for a few more moments in silence as I closed my eyes and thought about how much I loved the scent of his skin. Then, like ripping off a bandage, I got up.

I could feel him watching me as I got dressed, and admittedly, I stole a few glances myself. I wondered how many other billionaires were as built as he was. I couldn’t imagine that too many men in the business of owning cybersecurity companies had the time and dedication to be lifting weights and sculpting a body of such massive proportion. Then again, DeShawn had always been driven. His father might have established the business, but DeShawn had turned his parents’ wealth into a holding company of sorts. Now, he was able to flip smaller companies just for shits and giggles. I could relate to how much hard work went into running a business, but I couldn’t relate to the wealth part—not even a little.

Ever since our parents had passed away in a freak farming accident, Scott and I had been working our asses off to keep the farm afloat. I didn’t mind it. In fact, I loved the farm and had a passion for farm life. Scott, on the other hand, felt trapped by it. He had never said so, but I could just tell that he would rather be off doing other things with his life.

He was frustrated with the lack of money coming in and how hard the physical work was. I knew that he was just staying here for me because he thought I couldn’t do it on my own. I thought he secretly was paranoid that I would end up hurting myself or getting myself killed like our parents had. I tried to tell him that at twenty-seven, I was pretty sure he could trust me not to do anything too foolish. But he liked to remind me that being seven years older than me made him more of an expert on most things. I thought that was just an excuse for his bossy behavior because DeShawn was a year older than him, and he never acted that way toward me. I let it slide because I knew Scott was just being a protective big brother and that he meant well. I just wished that he felt like he could be honest with me about how he felt about the farm.

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