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His Erotic Obsession (The Jamison Sisters #1)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Chapter 1

Marcus stared at the red haired beauty lying in the hospital bed. Delilah James, born Lila Jamison, the superstar recording artist was out. Exhaustion. Her body just couldn’t keep going with her normal, brutal schedule any longer.

Rubbing a hand over his face, Marcus paced the end of the bed, trying to think of what to do. His mind instantly started listing all the things he would have to cancel. No way would he let her continue at this breakneck pace.

“Where is she?”

Marcus heard the nurses outside of the room and immediately knew what was happening. “It’s okay,” he said, his voice commanding obedience. “It’s her sister.”

Kara Jamison nodded her thanks and Marcus held the door open for the woman who was just as stunning as her sister, although her hair was a darker red versus Lila’s copper locks, pale skin, green eyes, and a body that would put the pinup models to shame. Where Lila was thin and frail looking, Kara was curvy and sensuous with every movement.

Both women were gorgeous, strong, intelligent and ambitious but there was a hidden layer to both of them. In both women, there was a kindness, a gentleness of spirit, which came through in everything they did. It was one of the reasons Lila, also known as Delilah James on stage, and Kara, her sister, were resounding successes in their chosen fields. Both women had come from nothing and had clawed their way to success. He respected them both intensely and knew they were good people.

But their beauty left him cold.

Thinking of the woman who made him burn, he pulled his cell phone out and typed a quick message. “I need you here, Becca. I’ll send the plane.”

Glancing at the clock, he realized that it was only three o’clock in the morning in Los Angeles where Becca was…

“I have a seat booked that leaves for Michigan at seven, fifty-two this morning. I’ll be there as soon as the plane lands.”

Marcus muttered a curse under his breath. Becca should be sleeping! What was she doing awake at three in the morning?! “Cancel that ticket and go to sleep, honey. My pilot will be there to pick you up.”

“Already purchased ticket,” came the reply, and Marcus could picture her moving about her tiny house, gathering things up and grabbing the bag that she always kept packed because situations like this occurred regularly. And vacuuming. He chuckled because he knew that Becca liked to come home to a clean house. She was adorable! And hot, sexy, efficient, drove him nuts with her body and…yeah. All of the above, but double.

“Becca,” he groaned, and walked out of the hospital room. Texting her back, he replied, “Very soon, we’re going to have a serious discussion about you following orders.”

The sassy response almost instantly appeared on his phone. “Yeah, not very good at that, am I?”

Marcus once again ran a hand over his face, but more to stop the laughter this time. No one could ease his stress like Becca. He had a client who was more of a friend, lying in a hospital bed, and he was worried sick about her despite the doctor’s assurance that Lila would be okay.

And yet Becca, his saucy minx of an assistant, made him laugh. Okay, she also made him hot. Made him ache! Her soft brown hair and those gorgeous amber eyes…so innocent and yet filled with mischief most of the time. He loved talking with her, working with her…hell, he loved just being with her, even as his body ached to make love to her. There had been many weekend afternoons he’d shown up at her place, just to be with her, talk with her, and watch her garden. Working in her tiny backyard was her way of blowing off steam, of balancing her world. When things got too crazy, his Becca retreated to her yard and dug in the dirt. He had no idea why, but for some reason, gardening made her feel better.

She’d started off as a receptionist for his company. From the moment he’d walked into the building and saw her sweetness, those glowing, amber eyes, he’d been hooked. Completely and irrevocably. He’d tried to diminish the power she had over him, but she was such a breath of fresh air, such a staggering combination of innocence and intelligence, that his efforts had been pointless. When the majority of the women in Los Angeles wore as little clothing as possible, thinking that showing skin would get them that music contract, or just the next free drink at a bar, his Becca wore cardigans and long pants, shirts buttoned almost all the way up to her neck. It was as if she were the antithesis of everyone else walking around the city that thrived on sex and sensuality.

And it made him crazy trying to guess what she wore underneath those clothes!

He knew that his Becca had a knockout figure. That much he could determine just because he had eyes and she was…well, gorgeous. But the way she dressed along with those flashing eyes…damn, he could go from bored to rock hard just watching her walk into his office. Especially when he saw that special look in her eyes that warned him she was going to say something to make him laugh. Or groan and then laugh.

She’d advanced from the receptionist desk to an administrative positon quickly, and then had continued to take on more and more responsibility. She was outstanding with the clients, firm with the vendors, and delicious when she was with him. So now she was his personal assistant, helping him in just about every aspect of his business.

And yet, as much as he loved talking with her, laughing with her and working with her, he knew that she was holding something back. His beautiful Becca was reserved and nervous about…? It was almost as if she were hiding something from him. But she was so open and fascinating. They worked long hours together and nothing was taboo during their conversations. She teased him about the women he dated and he teased her because she didn’t date. Not at all.

Damn! He wanted that woman! In so many ways!

He was trying to be respectful of her ‘stay away’ signals, but it was getting harder and harder.


Rebecca hurried through her house, grabbing work, her computer, her already-packed ‘go’ bag as Marcus referred to the small suitcase that was filled with everything she might need for the next couple of days, and finished a tepid cup of coffee just as a cab pulled up to the curb outside of her tiny house. Hoping she had everything she might need, she hurried out, locking up as she went.

Once at the airport, she rushed through security and stood in line at her gate. The whole time, she tried very hard to ignore that silly, excited thrill that had filled her body when she’d seen the message from Marcus. Just four little words and her whole day was brighter, happier. She’d abandoned the song she was working on and got herself ready to fly.

Trying to pay no heed to that trembling excitement, she focused on work, on what Marcus might need. He was in Michigan, she knew that much. But why? Oh yeah! Delilah Jamison! Ugh!

Rebecca really disliked that woman.

Oh, she tried not to. She knew it was wrong to hate someone but…It was Delilah James, singer extraordinaire, woman that every man in the country desired…including Marcus. The woman was so stunningly gorgeous and everyone loved her! Not only that, but Delilah was NICE! It was one thing to be beautiful and talented, Rebecca thought. But those people shouldn’t be NICE. It was harder to hate them.

Of course, Rebecca had no trouble hating Delilah Jamison. It was wrong, but the jealousy just ate her up inside. It was all because Marcus jumped whenever Delilah called him.

Of course, he was her producer. It was his job to do that for his clients. And Marcus Benton hadn’t created his powerhouse music empire by ignoring his clients. If anyone wanted to get into the music industry, they had to go through Benton Industries. Yes, there were other music producing companies, but none were as good, as powerful, as Marcus’.

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