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The Prince's Intimate Abduction (The Samara Royal Family #2)(2)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Lifting his phone out of his pocket, he called it in, giving his direction and the approximate location of the light.

He was just sliding his phone back into his pocket when the sound of gunshot reached his ear. The sound came from out of nowhere. He felt a stab of pain in his side, but didn’t think anything of it. Ducking down low, using his motorcycle for cover, he called in the shot.

He was just about to pull his own weapon out of his holster when he felt the pain sear through his brain. And then…nothing. Darkness overwhelmed him and he fell to the desert ground.



Chapter 1


Raven heard the commotion out in her lobby area and grabbed the gun she kept hidden under her pillow. Her clinic on the edge of a village was quiet, normally just dealing with the regular childhood illnesses along with the accidents from farming equipment and cars. Unfortunately, because she was in such a remote area, she also had to deal with the annoying rebels that sometimes came in to harass the villagers. Only a fool would be without protection out here in the desert. But her clinic was peaceful and she wouldn’t actually shoot anyone. She used it only for protection and self-defense.

“Doc!” someone shouted.

More banging and stumbling.

“He’s been shot, Doc. We need your help!”

Raven stuffed the gun back under her pillow and jumped out of bed. She was already dressed, knowing from experience not to sleep in anything other than a full set of clothes. In this part of the world, emergencies often happened at night, she’d quickly learned. It was better to be prepared. Her first week here in the village she’d been caught off-guard wearing pajamas. That had been a one-time learning experience.

She only had to stuff her feet into the beaten-up sneakers before she was racing out of the small room she’d allocated as her bedroom. Pulling on the heavy lock, she opened the clinic’s door only to quickly step back when an enormous man was hauled into her clinic. Six filthy men appeared, one under the each of the larger man’s arms and several more trying to carry the wounded man’s legs and feet.

“What happened?” she demanded even as she directed the men to bring the giant into one of the examining rooms. But the men hauling the dark-haired giant were mumbling gibberish, so she pushed their words out of her consciousness. She heard something about them being in trouble for wounding this particular man, that they should dump him here and get out of the area. Another man was arguing against that plan, saying they could use the soldier to benefit their cause.

Raven had no idea who the huge man was, but he was wounded and she had to work fast to stem the bleeding. He had a gunshot wound to his side and she suspected a concussion because of the way he was passed out, although she wasn’t going to ask how the man had received either of the wounds. She doubted she’d get an honest answer anyway.

Working quickly, she evaluated the gunshot wound, her hands already gloved and exploring the edges to assess the damaged flesh. The man was unconscious and she grabbed her stethoscope, searching for a heartbeat. The man’s black shirt was drenched in blood, which was already starting to soak into his black cargo pants. It had taken six men to carry the giant man into the clinic and she changed her mind about where the man should go. “Take him into surgery,” she ordered. “Through the doors to the left.”

The six men changed directions, hauling the man through the surgery doors and laying him on the steel table. The man was so huge, his boots and ankles were dangling off the end of her surgery table.

Raven noticed all of this at a glance even while she was moving around the filthy men who smelled worse than her garbage cans. “What happened to him?” she demanded again. She was using scissors to cut the black material away while the filthy men backed away quickly. Some were nervous, terrified actually, while others actually seemed proud.

There were several shouts, as if everyone were trying to explain and defend at once. “Never mind,” she told them and focused on the wounded man. “Just get out of here. You’re all carrying germs and I can’t have this man die on my table.”

Five of them left but one, the meanest looking of the group, stayed behind. “You will save this man,” he told her.

Raven barely took the time to glance up. “I’m going to try. You’re not helping. Get out.”

The man didn’t move. “You will save him. He is our prisoner. Nothing will happen to him. You understand?”

The menace in his tone startled her enough to get her attention. “Um…” She wasn’t sure what to say. “All of my patients are important. I don’t care if this man is your prisoner or your guest. I will do my best to save him. But he’s lost a lot of blood. If I don’t get started trying to save him, he will die. So, how about if you get out of here so I can do my work?”

The man continued to stare at Raven for a long, tense moment. Finally, he nodded his head and walked out. “I will leave men here to ensure that this man recovers and can serve my purpose,” he told Raven.

She ignored him, continuing to clean the wound. All of her attention was focused on her patient, on saving him, and relieving his pain as quickly as possible.

When the doors were closed to her surgery room, she breathed a sigh of relief. Her hands were quickly cleaning the wound, trying to assess the damage to this man’s abdomen. However, there was no way she could ignore the magnificence of this man’s physique. As a doctor, she took a moment to appreciate the amazing muscles on this man’s body.

He was literally packed with muscles as if he might be some kind of a body builder although he wore the clothes of a soldier. He was enormous! Not to mention, there was something about him, a tension even in his unconscious state that made her…she was being ridiculous, she thought and clamped another blood vessel to stem the blood flow.

Focus! She had to focus. Even now, the man was losing more blood. She wanted to take a moment to call her assistant because she was going to need help with this surgery, but she couldn’t take the time. Clamping the blood vessels as quickly as she could, she was able to stop the bleeding. When she’d finally done that, she cleaned the wound again and started to repair the damage the bullet had done. It seemed like an insane waste to have a bullet damage anything on this man’s magnificent body! It was criminal!

Raven almost laughed at that crazy thought. Of course it was criminal! Shooting anyone was a crime.

Her assistant came in a few hours later, realized what was happening and quickly scrubbed up, diving into the surgery and helping. Raven filled him in on all that she knew, which was very little, and the two continued to work for several more hours. Finally, the wound was fixed, all the tiny vessels sealed up and she was stitching up the wound.

“I’ll finish up,” her assistant told her, reaching out to take the needle. He could see her fatigue and knew that she needed a break.

Raven shook her head even though the muscles in her shoulders were sore and starting to cramp up. She wasn’t sure why, but something about this man called to her, made her almost possessive of him. Of course, he was big enough to take care of himself. But if that were the case, he wouldn’t be here, unconscious and laying on her surgical table with a bullet hole in his side.

“I’ll do it,” she told him. Raven wanted to make sure that the scar from this trauma was as minimal as possible. When she pulled the last stitch through, she took a long moment to survey the man’s body one more time.

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