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The Prince's Intimate Abduction (The Samara Royal Family #2)(4)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

She watched the man, trying desperately hard to keep her eyes on his face but…that body! His chest and those arms! She’d never seen anything like him!

She left the room, giving the man some privacy as she went to the front of the clinic and locked the doors. She glanced through each of the windows as she turned off the lights, trying to see if anyone might be coming to check on her patient again. She didn’t like those men, but she suspected that the man in her “recovery room” was pretty important to them.

She didn’t care. The man was her patient first and foremost and she’d do whatever it took to make sure that he healed properly.

The banging on the front door five minutes later was her first indication that she had been right. With a sigh, she glanced at the room where her patient was hopefully lying back down, then back at the front doors. The disgusting man looking through the doors of her clinic was holding a gun, pointed right at her so she swallowed, pretending that she wasn’t terrified out of her mind, and went to the doors to unlock them once more.

“Wise choice, Lady Doctor,” the man said and chuckled maliciously. “We’re taking him tonight.”

The men moved to the back where her patient was laying and panic welled up inside of her. “He’s not awake yet,” she announced, lying through her teeth.

The man stopped and turned around. “Why not?”

Raven refused to cringe in fear. Not in front of these men!

She shrugged as casually as possible. “I don’t know exactly,” she sighed, pushing her hair out of her eyes. “He should have woken by now, but I’m going to have to investigate. The bullet wound isn’t infected but perhaps the bump on his head caused a concussion. He might need to be flown to the capital city for a brain scan.”

“No!” the man snapped, lifting his gun higher. “He will stay here and you will fix him! Do you understand?”

Raven pulled back, shocked by the force of the man’s words. “I’m a doctor,” she told him. “Not a miracle worker. And if you’re not going to allow me to figure out what’s wrong with him, then we’ll just have to wait and see if he comes through this alive by crossing our fingers. Not the most scientific method,” she told him with unveiled sarcasm.

She glared as much as she could, trying to hide the fear she was feeling. The man had a gun. He could easily shoot her and drag her patient off into the night. No one would even know.

The second man nudged the gunman. “We’ll watch. We’ll make sure he stays here.”

The first man glared, obviously trying to decide if he should allow her patient to stay or to be dragged out regardless of his health status. The moment seemed pregnant with anger and distrust but Raven kept her face still, not giving away anything.

She breathed a sigh of relief when he nodded his head. Looking at Raven, his eyes narrowed with malice. “If that man dies, it won’t just be me you will have to answer to,” he warned.

A moment later, all that was left of them was the lingering body odor and Raven breathed a sigh of relief.

When she walked back through the doors, she was startled to find her patient not only awake and listening, but standing on his own power. Close!

“You lied for me,” he said softly, that deep voice sending shivers throughout her whole body.

Raven pressed back against the doors, trying to hide her reaction to his enormous body so close to her own. And that chest! Goodness, she could just lean closer and…

Lying! Criminals! Focus! She couldn’t be having these feelings for her patient!

Blinking, she looked down at the toes of her beaten up sneakers. “Yes. Well, they didn’t seem to have your best interests in mind. So I lied.” She walked over to the counter and lifted his chart. She was going to write something but her fingers were shaking so badly she had to drop the pen again.

“Thank you,” he told her, his hand barely touching her arm.

Raven spun around, once again startled by how close he really was. “Dinner!” she said, trying to come up with something, anything, to distract her from how fascinating she found her patient. “Soup!” She nodded and closed her eyes. “You should have some soup.”

Something just occurred to her. “You took out your IV?” she asked, shocked that he’d done something so crazy. “You shouldn’t have done that!”

She lifted his arm and stared at the small line of blood where the IV had previously been inserted into his arm. That’s when she realized that he was holding one of her scalpels in his hand as well. She looked up at him, trying to figure out what was going on. “You were going to fight six men, all of them holding guns, with only a knife?” she asked in a horrified whisper.

Turk looked down at the woman and all thoughts of fighting flew from his mind, taken over by the idea of kissing this beauty. “If I needed to, yes.”

She took a breath, startled by his easy confidence. Another thought hit her and she pulled back warily. “You’re not a bad guy, are you?”

He shook his head, the silence growing thick with tension. Awareness. “Not a bad guy,” he promised her. “Although my mother might have disagreed.”

Somehow, the realization that this was some woman’s son made him less…scary. More human. “Your mother?”

He smiled slightly. “Growing up, she’d been pretty exasperated with me and my brothers.”

Raven couldn’t help but be soothed by the mention of parents and family. Not that bad guys were loners. But knowing that he had a mother and father, brothers, made him more human. “Where are your parents?”

“They died several years ago,” he explained, leaving out that he’d taken over representing Kilar as Minister of Defense so that Ramzi, Turk’s older brother, could take over as sheik. Nor did he bring up his other brother or two younger sisters.

He wasn’t trying to hide his position from her so much as hide his position from her knowledge to keep her safe. If she knew who he was, his title and his role, she might be in more danger.

“You said something about dinner?” he interjected, trying to distract her. “I’m starving.”

“And clothes,” she sighed. Raven hadn’t meant to say that out loud and her startled eyes snapped up to his darker ones. “I mean…you must be…cold,” she finished off lamely, trying very hard not to stare at his broad, muscular, very delicious and oh-so-tempting bare chest and shoulders. It was a stupid comment since the afternoon temperatures had hovered in the triple digits and the night might have cooled things off, but coming down from triple digits to something even approaching cool took a bit more time. Right now, the air conditioning in the clinic was working, but that meant that the temperatures were only in the mid-eighties.

“You need me to wear clothes?” he asked, moving closer with a slight smile on those handsome lips.

She looked up into his eyes, sensing something in his voice. “Clothes would be helpful,” she whispered back, pressing the small of her back against the countertop, trying to maintain a bit of space between herself and all of those delicious muscles.

“Helpful how?”

Raven wanted to give him a very sound medical reason to wear clothes, just so that he would cover up that magnificent chest. And those arms with the bulging biceps. And his shoulders. Her eyes wandered down to his abdominals before she realized what she was doing and forced her eyes back up to his.

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