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The Prince's Intimate Abduction (The Samara Royal Family #2)(5)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Swallowing once again, she closed her eyes and turned back to the cabinets. “You need pain medicine,” she told him and reached for a bottle filled with pills.

“No pain meds,” he said and reached around her, gently closing the cabinet.

She would have turned, but his chest was almost pressing against her back so she couldn’t move. And with his arm around her like that, putting the bottle of pills down on the countertop, it was almost as if he was wrapped around her and she was hyper aware of him as a man. Her doctor persona went out the window with this man wrapped around her like this.

“What’s your name?” he asked softly, his mouth dangerously close to the overly sensitive shell of her ear.

“Um…” Raven was stumped. Not a difficult question, she told herself as she tried very hard to ignore the heat of this man. What was her name? Should be an easy question but with his chest warming her back, she wasn’t even sure what day it was. Name? Oh goodness, a name. Raven!

“My name is Raven!” she gasped. “Um…Raven Bishop.” She closed her eyes and struggled for professionalism. “Doctor Bishop.”

“Ah, so you’re the one who saved my life, eh?” he asked, his hand coming down and resting against the countertop. “I guess I owe you my thanks.”

She shook her head, but at that precise moment, she wasn’t sure if she was denying the awareness of him as a man, or telling him that he didn’t need to thank her. “You’re my patient,” she said and moved out of his arms, grateful when he didn’t trap her there against the countertop. “I’m your doctor.”

He leaned back and stared down at her. “I’m guessing that’s significant.”

She shook her head. “No significance,” she lied. “But I’m guessing that you need food. You’re probably starving.” Once again, her eyes traveled down his body, her eyes devouring his muscular form. “Soup!”

She walked out of the room, taking deep breaths and trying to get herself back under control. She was a doctor, she reminded herself. She was supposed to be professional and aloof! This man, he wasn’t here for her visual delectation, she reminded herself as she opened two cans of soup and poured both into a pot. Her fingers shook as she turned the heat on under the pot then looked around, trying to figure out what to do next.

She heard him mumbling and suspected that he was using her phone again. That was fine. If he had someone who could come here in the middle of the night to get him out of here, all the better. She wouldn’t interfere in any way.

In fact, if he could just sneak out, that would probably be better for everyone.

Then her thoughts hit her and she was ashamed. He was her patient and he obviously wasn’t healed enough to be traveling. He had just suffered a major wound and his side was most likely throbbing. Not to mention, his head probably felt like it was splitting in two. That bump on his head looked like it could take a few days to ease up.

The soup started to boil and she hurriedly stirred the contents, then popped some bread into the toaster. She added some fruit and vegetables to the tray, wondering why she was trying so hard to make everything look nice.

Good grief, she thought with impatience.

When the soup was hot, she poured it into two bowls, adding more to his than to hers. Then she lifted the tray and carried it back into the other room.

She found him sitting down on the small cot with his back propped up against the wall behind him. He was reading one of her old medical journals and she wondered if he understood any of it.

“I know you’re hungry,” she said and handed him a bowl.

“This looks great. Thank you, Raven.”

She picked up her own bowl. “I’ll just...”

“Don’t go,” he urged when she was about to walk out and leave him alone.

“You don’t…”

“But I do,” he countered before she could even finish whatever she was going to say. “The company of a beautiful woman always makes the food taste better,” he told her.

Goodness, handsome and charming! A lethal combination.

She’d lifted her spoon halfway up to her mouth when she stopped and looked over at him. “I don’t even know your name,” she told him, shocked that she hadn’t gotten that information from him immediately.

He almost laughed, thinking she was kidding but the look in her silver eyes told him that she was completely serious. She didn’t recognize him! Even that was a surprise. “I’m Turk,” he said, leaving off his last name and title. “And what are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?”

She shrugged and took a sip of soup. “I love working in rural areas.”

“Why not a big city?”

She smiled slightly. “I could have worked stateside,” she told him, “but I love general medicine. I love surgery as well, but practicing out here, I get to diagnose ear infections one moment, then sew up a wound from a tractor accident the next. I never know what my next patient will need of me. This kind of medicine keeps me on my toes.”

They talked about the village and the area, the environment and the articles he’d been reading in her medical journals. It was late when she realized that he needed to get some sleep. He didn’t look tired at all, but he was recovering from a bullet wound. He needed sleep.

“I’d better let you get some rest,” she said and started gathering up the dishes. She was surprised at how easy he was to talk to. And she really needed to find a shirt to cover all of that skin, she thought to herself.

“You look tired as well,” he commented. He started to try and get up to help her, but the air hissed through his teeth as soon as he bent over.

“Don’t worry about this,” she said, pressing a cool hand against his chest, helping him to lean back and relax his abdominal muscles. “I’ve got it. Your job is to heal and do it as quickly and quietly as possible.”

He nodded his head since he wasn’t able to do much more than that at the moment. As the pain slowly receded and the throbbing in his head slowed, he looked up at her. “I’ll get right on that,” he teased.

Raven couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m sure you will,” and she walked out, leaving the small flashlight for him.



Chapter 3


Just one more patient, she told herself as she moved into the next examining room. Just one more and she could go check on…her patient. Turk was just a patient. He was only a patient and she would talk to him about his pain, check his wound and get him some dinner. That was all that was going to happen tonight.

But when she locked the doors after everyone had gone home, she detoured through the lobby to the small bathroom. Pinching her cheeks to add a bit more color to her features, running her fingers through her hair and straightened her clothes slightly. Unfortunately, the image in the mirror didn’t change much. She was still the same woman with dark circles under her eyes because it was hard to sleep with a man that gorgeous with only a thin wall separating her from all of those incredible muscles.

It didn’t matter anyway, she reminded herself. Because she was the man’s doctor. She wasn’t his girlfriend. She wasn’t the adorable, smiling cheerleader on the sidelines even though she mentally was cheering him on to get better.

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