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Author: Chance Carter

Dear reader,

before you dive into my story, I want to take this moment to thank you for what you have done. You have chosen to read my book, to offer me your trust, and to open your heart to my words.

It is an honor that I cherish.

Few things in life are as intimate or as powerful as the bond between reader and writer. It is something magical, unlike anything else on earth. It defies time and space. Through the power of words, we are creating a connection that will bring us as close together as two people can possibly become.

We will go to a place of extreme intimacy, intense beauty, and excruciating pleasure. Together, we will journey to the very essence of the relationship between man and woman, the moment of orgasm.

This book is about that spark, that moment, when a man and woman share climax. It is mystical, it is spiritual, and it is the one thing in the world that leads to new life. People call it sex, but those three letters fail to do it justice. It is so much more than that, and I am proud to spend the time we are connected exploring its meaning.

I dedicate this book to you, my reader. You have chosen to enter that moment with me, to explore its magic, and to experience its pleasure. It is something that will link us forever.

Chance Carter



Chapter One






Diary Entry

I want to make you wet.

The best way to make you wet is with my mouth. Specifically, my lips and tongue.

I’d lay you back on my bed, strip you naked, and slide my hands slowly up your legs. The sensation of my fingers lightly grazing your bare skin would cause a tingle. Instinctively, you’d open your legs. You’d close your eyes, arch your back, and let out a long sigh as you felt the warmth of my breath on your pussy.

Very softly, I’d blow on it, just enough to let you know I was there. I’d reach up and put my hands on your breasts, squeezing your nipples in my fingers, and softly kiss the lips of your pussy. A woman has two places on her body where you can make out with her, the lips of her mouth and the lips of her pussy. I love making out with both.

I’d touch my lips against yours, gently kissing your pussy, squeezing your nipples, before finally letting you feel the wet, soft, warmth of my tongue. My tongue would slide between your lips, entering you, and slide as far in as I could reach. Your moan would tell me I’m on the right track. Your legs rising up, your ankles resting on my shoulders, would tell me you wanted more.

I’d let my tongue curl and twist inside you, before sliding it up over your clit.

God, I love your clit. Your clit is like the tongue, and I’d let my tongue dance with it as I embraced you. I’d play with your folds, suck on them, softly massage them with my lips and tongue. I’d make you moan my name.

Do it now.

You know my name.

You know I want to hear it.

Moan my name as you imagine my mouth making out with your hot, delicious, beautiful, soaking wet pussy. It’s working, isn’t it? Admit it. You’re wet already. I’m not even there. I’m a million miles away, and already the thought of my warm, pink tongue is making you wet.

I’m sliding in and out of you. I’m sucking up your juices, relishing your secret, precious taste. I’m swallowing.

Your legs clench, your thighs tighten around my head, and you reach down to the back of my head and push me in deeper. You want me in there. A place you hold so sacred. So private. The place you guard more closely than any other. You want my mouth in there, drinking you, relishing you, sliding in and out of you.

You squirm and writhe on the bed as the pleasure builds. You feel my mouth move from your clit, my tongue sliding deep into your pussy, and then sliding down beneath you to your ass. I slide my tongue over the muscle of your anus and make you blush with embarrassment. You can’t believe I’m there. You can’t believe I’m doing this to you.

I lift your butt off the bed to get better access, and push my tongue into your butt.

You moan my name.

Then I slide my finger into your butt as my tongue slides back into your pussy.

“Oh, God,” you moan. “I’m cumming.”

You’re soaking wet now. My face is covered with saliva and your juice. I slide my entire face against your clit and feel a spasm of pleasure rush through your body, starting at the core of your being and flowing through your muscles like an electric pulse.

“I’m cumming,” you cry again, and I smile.

I know if I make you cum, if I make you cum on my face, that you’ll be mine forever. My property. My woman.

And you’ll never be able to say no to me.

I feel your orgasm on my face, the pulsing of your muscles, the contractions in your body, and when you finally cry out my name, I know you’re in a state of pleasure that will leave you completely powerless against me.

You’re defenseless now.

You’re all mine.

And I can do whatever I want to you.

I can cum in you.

I could cum in your mouth and you’d swallow me.

I could cum on your breasts and you’d beg for more.

I could rub lube over your asshole, slide my finger in and out of you, and when you were finally ready to take me, I could push my hard, firm, cock into your ass and make you scream with pleasure.

But that’s not what I want.

What I want is to cum in your pussy. I want to cum without a condom, not knowing whether my orgasm will make you pregnant with my child or not.

I want to pour my cum inside you, all the way deep inside you, to a place where no man’s cum has ever reached before. I want you to feel me flowing inside you. And I want you to wonder if maybe I made you pregnant. Because then, you’ll really be mine.

As soon as I feel your orgasm subside, I get up and strip off all my clothes. Your beautiful eyes look up at me and take in my full, naked body for the first time. You take in my chest, my abs, the patch of hair that leads down toward my cock.

When you see my cock, your eyes grow wide. I know you’ve never seen anything so big, so dangerous, so dominating. I’m fully erect, practically throbbing with anticipation for what I know is coming.

I look down at your pussy, warm, and soft and soaking wet.

“You ready?” I ask.

You nod but don’t say a word.

I climb onto the bed and grab your legs, pulling you up against me and putting your ankles on my shoulders. I look down at you. You’re begging me with your eyes to slide in.

I touch the lips of your pussy with the hard, swollen head of my cock. Your eyes beg me to fill you.

As I thrust forward, I pull you into me, sliding myself into your pussy, all the way to the shaft. You gasp in pleasure and delight, never having felt anything so big inside you before.

I grab you by the hips and hold you in place while I slide out, then pull you against me again as I ram back into you. I do this over and over, each thrust getting me deeper inside you, each forceful movement bringing me closer to the point of climax.

I look into your eyes.

“I’m going to cum in you,” I say.

You’re shocked. You have no idea what to say. You didn’t expect that.

But you’re eyes tell me you want it as badly as I do.

With every ounce of my strength, I thrust all the way to the core of your body, and my cock explodes in pleasure. My cum pours out of me and into you, linking us, body and soul, for eternity.

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