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Author: Chance Carter

You know what I’d like to see? My cum dripping out of your pussy. Just a little. Most of it stays inside you. But just a little drips out, running down the inside of your thigh. That really makes me hard.

When I look at your mouth, I imagine you moaning. I imagine you screaming my name. I imagine you gasping for breath as you ride up and down on my hard shaft like a cowgirl at a rodeo. I imagine those lips covering every part of my body.

Just by looking at you I can tell you’re a good kisser. You’d kiss my mouth like your life depended on it. You’d press those lips against mine and take my tongue in your mouth. You’d breathe into my mouth so we’re practically sharing the same breath.

What would that mouth feel like on my neck? On my chest, teasing my nipples? On my cock?

Because you know that’s what all this is about. The moment you set eyes on me across the bar, you know that the one thing I want most in the world is for your mouth to touch my cock. I want your lips on my tip, kissing me, teasing me, toying with my head. I want you to open your lips, just a little, so your tongue can wet my tip. The moment your saliva wets my cock, I know this is for real. I know we’re going all the way.

And I know you want it. You’ve wanted it since the moment you stepped in here.

What kind of woman steps into a bar alone and doesn’t want cock? You want me right in your mouth, right in the back of your throat. You want to own my pleasure. You want to be the one and only girl who can make me feel this good.

Picture it. Picture me. I’m hard. My shaft is rigid. I’m bigger than any cock you’ve ever seen before. And I’m right in front of your face.

You reach up and grab my butt so you can pull me closer. You give me a nudge and my tip is pressed against your lips. You kiss it and pull me forward again. Again my tip touches your lips. You let it touch your cheek. You let it roll around on your face, because you know your sweet face drives me wild. It drives me wild because of how pretty you are, and because of the nasty, naughty, dirty part of my mind that’s looking at your face now and my big cock right in front of it.

You know what I’m imagining. You know exactly how to tease me. You know I want to cum on your face. What if my cum was all over those delicious lips? What if I was pouring myself all over that beautiful mouth? What if I was cumming inside her mouth?

You know that’s what I’m thinking, and you’re purposefully playing with that thought in my mind, making me imagine it. And only when I’ve already thought about pouring my entire load into your mouth, do you finally open your mouth and let me inside. Only then do you finally let my shaft slide into your wet, warm, delectable mouth.

I slide in and out, and expertly your tongue plays with the underside of my shaft. You know that’s where I’m most sensitive. You know that’s the part that will make me cum fastest. And that’s what you want. You want me to explode in your mouth before I’ve even had a chance to think about what’s going on.

You want to overwhelm me. You want to own my body, own my pleasure, own my cock. And you want to own my mind too. I know you do. I can see it in your eyes. The sly look you give me across the bar. The way you cross and recross your legs. The way you lean forward, giving me just a tiny peek at your cleavage.

Are you even wearing a bra?

Oh you naughty girl.

I want to feel your tongue sliding back and forth on my shaft faster and faster. Toying with me. Playing with my tip. Coaxing me to climax, so that when I finally explode, you know I’ll never forget this moment. I’ll never forget the feeling of orgasming in your mouth. I’ll never forget the pleasure you’re giving me right this second. The pleasure you own completely. The pleasure you control completely.

Because, by owning my pleasure, by controlling my orgasm, by making this exquisite thing happen right in your mouth, you know you own me too.

As you swallow me, you’re not just swallowing my juices. You’re making me yours. You’re making my body and soul belong to you.

And just like that, my cock is pouring it’s cum, pouring every drop, into your sweet mouth. Before I’m finished, I pull out. It’s not enough for me to feel my cum pouring into your mouth, I have to see it on your face too. I’m bad. I know it. But you knew it when you got mixed up with me.

I pull out and I cum on your pretty lips. You form the shape of a kiss with your lips and I cum right on them. The white contrasts perfectly with the red. The white of innocence, even though you’re anything but innocent, and the red of naughtiness, which is a perfect color on you.

I’m yours now. You lick my cum off your lips and swallow it, and with that simple motion, that simple swallow, I’m all yours. And you’re all mine.



Chapter Six






The guys were rowdier than usual. I shut the diary I was scribbling in and looked around.

They were all happy because we’d had a perfect day riding waves. The fact that we’d been at the brewery since we got off the water and were six beers in probably helped.

I sat quietly and watched them joke and laugh.

“What are you writing there, Kane?”

I didn’t answer.

I kept to myself and for the most part they respected my space. I didn’t want to be there and they all knew it.

A year earlier they’d had an intervention. They were worried about me. I was depressed, keeping to myself too much, staying in the house alone too much, drinking alone too much. They were more comfortable with me drinking with them so I agreed. It was easier than trying to argue.

Hell, as long as I got to drink, it didn’t make much difference to me where I did it. I appreciated their concern. They were solid friends and I could count on them. I knew the value of that.

I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of going out each night, but I did it for them.

They were having such a good time they didn’t notice I was four beers ahead of them. It’s easier to drink when you’re not busy talking and laughing.

I watched them laugh with an empty blankness.

Truth be told, I couldn’t remember the last time I laughed. There were times that I’d smile, I’m not completely dead inside, but it had been a long time since I really laughed.

I could tell Paul, the bartender, was avoiding making eye contact with me. He was a buddy too, and I guess he was getting concerned about how many beers I’d had.

I was fine. I didn’t need him babysitting me. I’m a grown man and I know my own limits.

I kept my eye on him until we made eye contact and gestured that I was ready for another beer.

I took one last sip and as I put the glass down, I felt as though I was being watched.

I glanced up and noticed a beautiful woman sitting at the other end of the bar. She was like something out of a fantasy, curvy with ample breasts, beautiful shiny hair, and a face that made me want to walk right over and make out with her. I’d never seen her before, which was odd because usually the place is nothing but locals. I shrugged it off and pulled out my phone to check for texts.

“You know that’s number eleven, right Kane?” Paul said as he put another pint in front of me.

“Glad to see you can count higher than ten,” I said without looking up.

I was annoyed he was keeping track. I mean, I know it’s his job and all, but I just wished he’d mind his own business. It’s not like I was causing a scene.

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