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On A Tuesday(8)
Author: Whitney G.

“No.” He laughed. “It’s regarding something else happening.”

I brought my coffee to my lips, taking a slow sip. “I’m confused.”

“This is like our tenth date, Charlotte.”

“It’s only our sixth.”

“Well, it feels like our eighth because we went out a few times this summer,” he said. “I’ve spent like sixty dollars on you so far—not including today’s coffee and the bonfire tickets, and I feel like I’m not seeing any type of return on my investment. Most girls let me hit it on at least date four or five, and you’re holding out past the rule.”

What the fuck? “I’m sorry. What did you just say?”

“That came out the wrong way.” He reached across the table and clasped my hand, but I jerked back. “I do really like you, Charlotte, that’s a fact. But if I’m going to spend my entire senior year dating one person, I need to make sure it’s more than worth my while. There are tons of other girls on this campus who won’t hold out past the rule.”

I downed the rest of my coffee in one gulp and stood to my feet.

“Wait,” he said, grabbing my hand again. “I mean, maybe we can go on a few more dates, but we’ll have to fuck at some point. It’s not like either of us is a virgin or something, so I just don’t get why it’s too much to ask. I did say that I really liked you.”

“Go fuck yourself, Peter.” I snatched the bonfire tickets off the table and left the café, heading straight for the Engineering Building. Straight for Nadira’s work-study office.

“You know my supervisor hates you, right?” She looked up at me as soon as I shut the door. “She claims you’re a bad influence on my work.”

“No, that’s what my supervisor says about you.”

“Same thing.” She laughed. “Did Peter cancel on you or something?”

“No, he revealed that he’s a douchebag, just like every other guy I’ve dated here.” I slumped into a chair. “Maybe I should start all my introductions with something different next time. How about, ‘Hey, my name is Charlotte. I grew up in a small town with strict parents who refused to let me date until my last semester of high school. I haven’t found anyone worthy of losing my virginity to, and it probably won’t be you’.”

“I think that’s a great idea.” Eric’s voice suddenly came over her phone’s speakers. “It would save a lot of these guys some time!”

“You’re being dramatic,” Nadira said. “Being a virgin isn’t that big of a deal, but we’ve already told you that not too many guys are looking for long-term relationships in college. Especially without sex. So, just focus on yourself and make it clear that you’re not interested in being more than friends.”

“I walked all the way across campus for some advice and this is what you’re giving me?” I pouted like a child.

“Would you prefer if I said, Oh my god! Run after him right now and promise to sleep with him ASAP before he leaves your life forever?” She shook her head. “If you want to have meaningless sex, which we both know you don’t, I’m sure Eric would love to give you a hand.”

“I will happily give you a hand, Charlotte.” His voice came over the speakers again. “I’ll even throw in some of my best dirty talk for free. Do you prefer the word cunt, warm-box, or pussy?”

Nadira immediately hung up on him and we both laughed.

“Peter was going to take me to the illegal bonfire tonight, but—” I pulled the tickets out of my pocket. “Being the good friend that I am, I figured that you and I should go in his place. I also figured that I should be drunk out of my mind so I can quickly forget all about him.”

“I’m in!” She smiled. “But don’t you dare think that this gets you out of going bar-crawling with me this weekend.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking.” I held the tickets up high. “What’s it going to be?”

“Ugh. You’re the worst.” She laughed and grabbed one from me. “I’ll finish my reports and I’ll pick you up in front of Lothrop at eight.”

“I thought it was my turn to drive.”

“No offense,” she said, looking as if she couldn’t believe I offered. “I’m never getting in a car with you behind the wheel again. Not until you go one full year without getting a speeding ticket.”

“I can’t remember the last time I got a speeding ticket.”

“You got two last week, Charlotte. Last. Week.”

“Fine.” I laughed and headed toward the door.

“Wait,” Nadira called before I stepped out. “For what it’s worth, I meant what I said about you just being friends with guys this year. The last few guys you’ve dated honestly didn’t deserve you, Peter included.”

“Thank you.”

“Now, if your current tutor-boy ever offers to go out with you, I personally think you should make an exception for the hell of it. You’ll be doing it more-so for me than for yourself.”

“Goodbye, Nadira.” I stepped out and shut the door. “See you at eight!”





Seven years ago




SUBJECT: NEXT TIME You Jackasses Throw an ‘Unofficial’ Bonfire ...

How about making sure that you won’t burn down the grounds in the process?! How about ASKING your neighbors if they’ll mind having five hundred students in their streets until three in the morning?

I know damn well that this was not a “team” idea and whenever KYLE and GRAYSON want to own up to this shit, I’ll reduce the extra five daily miles you all now owe me, to three miles.

I’m waiting.

—Coach Whitten



SUBJECT: RE: NEXT TIME You Jackasses Throw an ‘Unofficial’ Bonfire ...

It was me, Coach.

Grayson had nothing to do with it this time. He didn’t even show up. Speaking of which—

Dude, where were you? I fucked like three girls from this bonfire. You probably could’ve hooked up with at least five. I don’t think I’ll need another blowjob for a month after how amazing these were.

PS—Are you back at our apartment yet? I need to tell you these stories in person when Coach isn’t acting like this shit is a big deal.




SUBJECT: RE: RE: NEXT Time You Jackasses Throw an ‘Unofficial’ Bonfire ...


Meet me in my office at the complex NOW.

—Coach Whitten



SUBJECT: RE: RE: RE: Next Time You Jackasses Throw an ‘Unofficial’ Bonfire ...

I meant to send that last part to just Grayson. Not to you, Coach. Can I come in a few hours? I mean, now that you’ve read what I said, surely you understand how exhausted I am. Three girls, Coach. THREE.




SUBJECT: RE: RE: RE: Re: Next Time You Jackasses Throw an ‘Unofficial’ Bonfire ...

Right. Fucking. NOW.

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