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Twice Bitten (Cascadia Wolves #6)(9)
Author: Lauren Dane

    “What the fuck? You want to tell me what the hell did that to him?” She pulled out her phone and called her dispatcher to report the body and have that relayed to Portland PD.

    “I don’t know what you mean.”

    She stared at him for so long he began to move from one foot to the other. “You got yourself a little hobby, Charlie? Hm? Playing all serial killer? It puts the lotion in the basket?” She quoted Silence of the Lambs.

    “I didn’t do that! You can’t hang it on me, no how. I didn’t do that.”

    “Who did, then, Charlie?”

    He clamped his lips together and shook his head. But then he whispered, “Listen, lady, you don’t want anything to do with them.” And said nothing else.



           Chapter Four

    Pam, the wolf cop, cop wolf, whatever, showed up with two others, also wolves. Michelle hadn’t needed to be told because using her othersight she found it rather easy to detect such things by that point.

    If she hadn’t been searching for her missing best friend and dealing with a dead body that had been torn to bits, she might have had the time to be excited and amazed by all the things she was learning. As it was, she barely held herself together. She’d questioned Charlie again thoroughly and had given Pam a sketch of what had been said. Fortunately, Pam would be her liaison in the police department so that was one less thing to worry about. Sadly there wasn’t much to tell. He’d made that creepy comment about not wanting to have anything to do with them but had remained silent about anything else. He stuck to his story about running because he was in violation of his parole.

    “Let’s head down to the rest stops, just so I can see if the scents here are the ones there.”

    “None of this will be admissible,” she mumbled as she headed back to Josh’s car.

    “Probably not. But we take care of our own problems. It won’t need to be admissible. Charlie there is human, as was Bobby. But Allie isn’t. I don’t care about the mages, as far as I’m concerned they’re not human either.” Josh paused. “I need to talk to Damon and GiGi. They have the scent from the SUV here. I want them fanning out north and in the area. There’s already an alert on the car so we’ve got that covered. I want to see if the scent is the same down south, but we can split up some labor now.”

    How far she’d come in less than two days.

    Two days ago she’d never have allowed all this non-police interference in a case. Two days ago she’d never have been silent when someone hinted at vigilante justice. Two days ago she believed in the system and maybe she still did, but her hands were tied by the way things were and she couldn’t let Allie get killed by real-life monsters because of the system.

    What she would do when this was all said and done she honestly didn’t know. For the first time in a really long time, she just didn’t know. She was alone and drifting, and she had to let that be okay until she found Allie. Then she could go soul searching.

    * * *

    “Is she going to be all right?” Damon tipped his chin toward the car. “Gotta be a lot to take in for her.” He did grin for a moment though. “I will say she’s a little bad ass. The way she handled Charlie was a sight to behold.”

    “She’s a nice girl from a small town who has just had her entire world turned upside down. So yeah, I think she’s a little overwhelmed. She’ll deal. She’s got a spine of steel to go with her badassery. She made a tackle I’d have admired back in the day.”

    “I forget you played football. She was a cheerleader I hear.”

    “Better not let Gina hear you talk like that. Your witch will cut you.” GiGi smirked as she referred to Damon’s mate, a witch like Michelle, but one who’d grown up within the Clan system and was far more versed in the world of the Others.

    “Depending on how long she’s in town, you guys should come over for dinner or something. Gina would like Michelle, and Michelle could use some allies, people like her.”

    “One step at a time. Let’s just find her friend first. I know this girl, Allie. Grew up with her too. You and GiGi track here in town. Work with Pam on any other sightings of that SUV. We’re headed south to those other rest stops. I want to be sure they’re the same mages.”

    He checked in briefly with Pam, but the coroner had shown up and she was far too busy to say much, which was fine. His mind was already on Michelle.

    That was a lie.

    His mind had never left Michelle. His skin still burned at the small of his back where she’d touched him. Her scent had pushed even the pervasive and horrifying stench of death from his nose.

    He wanted her. So much he had to force the need from his mind with other things. He remembered that body in the convenience store. He hoped like hell that wasn’t Allie’s fate. He’d die before he let it be Michelle’s fate.

    “Ready?” he asked, sliding into his seat and fastening his seatbelt.

    “Yes. I checked in but there’s nothing new. Kathy, that’s Allie’s mom, she’s got her sister staying with her and the coven is in touch with Owen. No one else has gone missing, though I find it hard to believe they just stopped off in Roseburg, kidnapped a witch like a cup of coffee on a road trip. This seems far more organized than junkies grabbing a fix.”

    “Yes. The fact that they’re working together with turned witches and have started targeting Weres points in that direction.” There was silence for a while and he wanted to fill it with her. Wanted her voice.

    “So, since your cop boyfriend moved away, has there been anyone else?”

    “I’ve been on nights for the last few months. My turn I guess. It’s hard enough to date when you’re a cop. Your schedule is already sort of wonky as it is, and then once you add night shift, it sort of kills your social life. I work, come home, go to bed, get up, eat, work out, go to work. What about you?”

    “I go out here and there, but nothing serious.”

    “Wolves mate for life right? I mean, that would have to be weird when it comes to dating.”

    “It’s complicated, but yeah. I tend to date only other wolves. It’s hard to explain to humans, hey look, I already know up front this won’t be permanent and I could meet that forever person at any point so hey let’s keep things light.”

    “All I know is what I hear about in the news or whatever. And it’s always so sensationalized it’s hard to know what’s true and what isn’t.”

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